This Isn't Happening

I have had a troubled life. I have lived in care all of my life.... until now. A family who haven't even met me, swept me off my feet and took me away. How do they know me? Why me? It was only then I realised my new foster brother would be Louis Tomlinson...


1. Amy P.O.V

 " Amy," Mike hissed through the door,"get out of your room now!" I tremble with fear, petrified that he will hit me again. I have to get up. It hurts to heave myself up, what with all of my bruises. They have all punished me because i'm bad.... aren't i?  I push my tangled hair out of my eyes and slowly open the door. Mike grabs me and yanks me to the 'Meeting Room'. hey have had one in every carehome I have ever been in(quite a few). i still can't understand who these people are. I don't know anyone apart from my father and Mike and the endless amounts of care workers I have met. As soon as i enter the room, Mike changes his character completely. His is smiling and greeting these people as if they are old friends and hugging me. But as they enter the room, he whispers to me, "don't f**k this up Amy, this is for my promotion." He takes me in. I am greeted by  a middle aged couple and a boy about my age (15). This Isn't Happening.    

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