This Isn't Happening

I have had a troubled life. I have lived in care all of my life.... until now. A family who haven't even met me, swept me off my feet and took me away. How do they know me? Why me? It was only then I realised my new foster brother would be Louis Tomlinson...


6. Amy P.O.V- They Hate Me

Dinner was very awkward. I was desperate for Louis to start a conversation but he seemed almost as scared of his parents as I am. Then they asked me why I was in care. I think both Louis and I were expecting it. I will tell them when I feel less awkward around them. But as I left the room, I heard shouting. Its about me. The first thing I heard was 'she doesnt try' which made me feel like I had been stabbed in the stomach. But then came the worst bit. 'She doesn't appreciate it.' No, this is too much. Only Louis knew how much I appreciated this. This was the best thing that could everhappen to me. I cant cope with this pressure. I ran into the main bedroom and grabbed a razor from the cabinet and took it back into Louis' room. This is it. I plunged the razor into my wrist and cut deeply. The pain made all the mental pain go away. Suddenly I felt very dizzy, my vision was very blurry. I fell to the floor. The last thing I remember was someone kissing my fore head hundred and holding me tightly.
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