Through The Portal

It is about three ordinary children who extra-ordinary things happen to.


2. Tanya

Chapter 2

  “Tanya! Tan!” She was being shaken. She opened her eyes a fraction.

   “Ugg,” was the only sound that came out of her mouth. She sat up groggily.

    “Hey Abi! She’s up!” Jonathan shouted over his shoulder.

     “You really are a lazybones Tan! You’ve been out about an hour!” Said Abi sounding cheerful although Tanya thought it was plain to see she was putting it on.

      “Soooo… Any idea where we are?” She asked looking around.

      “Erm… On a beach, in a cave, sheltering from a storm?” Jonathan replied, then added, “and there’s no use asking me to scout ahead! Because I’m not doing it and that’s final!”

       “I guess we’re stuck in here until the rains stopped then,” Tanya said sighing. Suddenly there was a scratching sound which seemed to be coming from the back of the cave. And just as abruptly as it had started it stopped.

         “Please tell me that was one of you messing around,” Tanya said getting worried.

         “No, it was not us. It’s been going on for hours now but there isn’t anything or anyone else in the cave but us!”  Abi replied frowning.

         “Oh well, how about we all get some rest and when we wake up the rain will hopefully have stopped,” with that Jonathan lay down and pulled his coat over him. Abi and Tanya followed his example. In a few minutes Jonathan and Abi were asleep but for some reason Tanya just couldn’t relax. Maybe it was because she had already slept or because of the rain and the banging that had started up again. Whatever it was it meant she couldn’t get to sleep. She decided to go and explore the cave. She got up and started walking in the direction of the back. As she got nearer she thought she saw a light. She walked quicker as she got near it she realized it wasn’t sunlight or a light from a nearby lamp but it was in fact firelight. At first Tanya was scared and thought the cave was on fire but then noticed that it was coming out of a slit in a rock. She put her eye to the crack and saw a big room with a massive fire at one end and gathered around it were the most horrible creatures you could think of, and still they were worse. They had gnarled hands and their voices sounded like nails down a black-board. They were about five foot tall and all of them had long straggly beards. They had short stubby feet and wore no shoes. Each of them carried a sword. Each of them carried a sword and wore either a crimson or purple cape. Other than that their clothes varied. As you can imagine Tanya was feeling quite scared as these were incredibly ugly creatures. As soon as she saw them Tanya knew they were goblins. Tanya turned round slowly the hairs on the back of her neck sticking up. She felt slightly awed at what she’d just seen. But she was also extremely terrified .As she turned she notice3d she had been surrounded by goblins. Suddenly all the goblins jumped on her. She felt her mouth being gagged and her hands being bound behind her back. Just as abruptly as they had started, they stopped and Tanya was left standing there all wrapped up like a Christmas present.


    Tanya was starting to hate goblins a lot. At the moment her, Abi and Jonathan were being pushed along many tunnels. They had been going for about two hours now without any rests or breaks. Abi had started humming a really annoying tune and was getting on everyone’s nerves. Tanya was sure they were, at any minute, going to push Abi over to make her stop. Unfortunately because she was gagged she couldn’t tell her to stop so Abi kept on doing it. Suddenly a goblin shot out his hand and Abi sprawled on the floor even though the goblin didn’t actually touch her.

     “Stop that racket!” The goblin said in a horrible grating voice.

     “Great!” Tanya thought, “Now they can do magical shoving as well!” as she was thinking this they turned a corner and walked into a vast chamber. It was the same room that Tanya had seen through the crack in the rock. She must have stopped walking because she felt a push and the next minute she was on her knees.

      “What you stopping for?” She heard a goblin say in her ear. It’s breath smelt horrible. Tanya didn’t want any more trouble so she stumbled to her feet. She looked and noticed that the goblins sitting around the fire weren’t talking anymore they were staring at her.


        Tanya didn’t like rats at the best of times. But she especially hated them when she was locked in a dungeon and all she could hear, apart from Abi snoring in the cell next to her, was rats skittering around the floor looking for any crumbs left over from her dinner of stale bread and murky water. She heard a movement coming from the cell next to her on her right. “It’s probably just my imagination,” she thought, although she wasn’t sure. Then she heard Jonathan’s say, “Hey! Tan!” She realised it must be Jonathan’s cell so she replied by whispering, “Yeah? What’s the matter?”

         “Nothing. Just wondered if you were ok,” was his response, “Is Abi alright?”

          “Yeah she’s fine! In fact she’s snoring away in the cell next to me!”

          “Not anymore!” Abi said grumpily from the depths of her cell. Just then a door opened flooding the dungeon with light. A goblin came in rattling a chain of keys, “Up you get! You ‘orrible lazy lot!” He said whilst unlocking the doors to Tanya, Abi and Jonathan’s cells, “The King and Queen have summoned you and they don’t like to be kept WAITING!” Tanya rubbed her eyes and stood up. “I guess this is it.” Tanya muttered to herself. She gritted her teeth and walked out the cell. When she was safely out she turned round and faced Jonathan and Abi trying not to show how scared she was. She did it nonetheless and said, “Are you coming? Or do you want to spend the rest of your lives rotting in a dungeon?” Soon the trio were walking through tunnels again. Tanya wondered if she would ever see sunshine or mum again. She was lost in thought when they walked into a great cavern. This room was even more impressive than the first room they had been in. It’s ceiling was about 30 feet high and had massive majestic marbles holding it up. On one wall was a massive fireplace lit with a great roaring fire. With their backs to it were two magnificent thrones. They were on a raised platform in the middle of the room. One was made of gold, carefully woven to look as if it were made of golden branches. The other was silver and just like the other looked as if it were made from thousands of tiny silver shells, each perfectly smooth. Sitting on these thrones were two goblins. The King and the Queen. The king sat on the gold thrown. He was wearing a scarlet cape and chainmail. Whereas the Queen sat on the silver throne and wore the most breathtaking deep crimson dress ever made. Tanya felt very out of place in this majestic room as she was wearing a very grubby school uniform and her hair must have looked terrible.

         The trio were pushed to their knees in front of the thrones.

          “Are these the mortals that you said you found spying on us?” The Queen said lazily waving a hand at them.

          “Yes your majesty,” One of the goblins replied bowing.

           “What do you have to say for yourselves?” The Queen asked turning on them.

             “We honestly don’t know how we got here your highness! One minute we were eating our lunch at school. The next thing we knew we were sucked through a big swirling black thing and ended up in a cave in the middle of a thunderstorm!” Abi told the Queen barely stopping for breath. Tanya shuddered remembering the portal and how they had got there.


              “It’s true your majesty!” Jonathan blurted out. Tanya nodded her head in agreement.


               “Well they don’t seem particularly bright, so I suggest we sell them to Mowwa. You know how much they give to save people’s lives!” The King said, entering the conversation for the first time.


                “Ok dear. That settles it.” Then turning to the goblins standing guard over the trio, “Take them back to their cells and then tomorrow at dawn take them to Mowwa. You know what to do. Strike a good bargain. You’ve done it plenty of times before. Now go. They will need all the rest they can get for tomorrow’s journey.” With that the goblins forced Tanya, Abi and Jonathan to their feet, out the room and round the corner in a matter of seconds but not before Tanya heard the Queen say in a hushed tone to the King, “I have a feeling they are the mortals of the prophecy. The sooner we get them of our hands the better. Although I have a feeling that we shall see them again.” If she said anymore Tanya didn’t hear it as in a matter of minutes they were back in their cells.


               “I suggest we get some sleep. It seems we have a long walk ahead of us!” Jonathan said lying down on the cold, damp dusty floor.

                 “Ok ‘O wise one.” Tanya whispered back although she was already drifting off. Soon all of them were asleep although not all of them had sweet dreams. That night the dream returned.

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