The Lost Prince

The story are going into four Kingdoms. Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Slytherin. The King and Queen from Gryffindor wanted a son so badly and have tried in many years to get on. A stranger got past their Kingdom and give them a thing where they got a son. What Will happened? Read and find out.

Warning: Slash. MalexMale pairings. Smut chapters. Don't like Don't read. This is a story for people there is over 16 years old.

Beta Reader/Edit: Gurren-on-Kyoto.


4. Travelling.

Harry had grabbed his backpack and held a few of his belongs into it. His note pad and tools. Some clothes and a few books that Lucius had given to him. Tom was the one there just stood and waited for Harry while he watch the tower a moment. Looking around he could see how good Lucius had been to keep Harry away from the out world. It was very rare and special magic that he had done now he saw it and had made a scan around the room. “I’m ready Tom “Harry said as he smiled at Tom when he had got out again from his small room.

Tom turned where he looked at Harry. He was into some clothes there not was so long again. Short pants there was right under his knees. A T-shirt with a jacket over it “I think we need to get you dressed well to Harry” Tom said as he held his hand out for Harry right after “Take my Hand” He told almost like an order. Harry got over to Tom right after where he held his hand into his. He felt like his stomach was turned upside down after a moment but the next moment they was at the ground “How did you do that?!” Harry asked right after when he looked at Tom “It’s called Apparating. We can do it out here but not into the kingdoms. “He explained where he held Harry over to his horse. “He is cute” Harry said as he looked at the pure white horse. “What is his name?” Harry asked as he patted the horse right after while he looked at Tom there sat Harry’s back on the horse “He don’t have a name” Tom said as he got settle onto the horse the next moment.

“Why don’t you name him?” Harry asked “Her Harry” Tom said and held his hand down to Harry where he help him up at the horse. Harry sat at the front while Tom was sitting behind him “Hold on we will take it slow” He said and started to jogging with the horse out from the place. Harry made a last look back at the tower where he look it just were gone the next moment. He looked forward him again when they got out from the cliff and into a forest. “Wow “Harry said as he looked around him “Here is more beautiful “He told as Tom just chuckle a bit “You are funny “he told.

“I’m curious “Harry said back when he looked around him and saw the flowers around the place. “How long is there to the kingdom Tom?” He asked as Tom took a deep breath “To Slytherin’s kingdom there is about three days riding or a week’s walking. To Gryffindors there is double so much” He said where he looked at Harry for a moment. He notice that Harry bend his head a bit this time “hey don’t be down. We will be there in time Harry. If you have waited for years I think two weeks won’t be that bad for you” He explained “How are we going to sleep and that?” Harry asked when he turned his head and looked into the blue eyes “Tell this. You sleep like his on the horse. You may leans back against me if you need while I write at night to. But at times we set a tent up so we can both sleep and eat till then” Tom explained.

Harry had nodded a bit when he rest his head back against Tom’s shoulder so he could look up at the blue sky with the clouds there slowly passed by. “I think that could be alright then” Harry said as he slowly close his eyes right after “If you are tired Harry be free to have a nap” Tom said as he held a arm around Harry’s middle “I have you on the horse so don’t fear to fall off” He told “Thanks” Harry answer when he rest his head a bit to the side this time and slowly doze off into asleep. That arm of Tom…It was so lovely to be into. To be so close to him. Why did he feel this?
Those thoughts was that there was running into Harry’s head the whole time. He had slowly doze off to a sleep.

Tom keep Harry at place on the horse while he had a look around him when they slowly had keep going for a few hours. The night had got over the forest where they got out to a field. Tom stopped the horse for a moment as he watch over the empty field for a time. “We might be able to set the tent up here” Tom said low when he held the horse a bit more into the forest again behind some high bushes. He slide down from the horse and slowly held Harry down into his arms. He whispers something where a small tent was sat up. But when he got inside it were huge enough like a hut.

Tom had went to some stairs where he got up to a bed. He held Harry into it where he place a blanket over him. He saw how Harry nuzzled his head into the blanket and pillow. “Cute “Tom whispers as he went out from the place again and got down stairs. He had made a spell around them so no one would discover them.

After a time Tom had went outside into the night where he would hunt after something to eat. He had got his wand out along with his sword when he hid him into a tree. For a half hour there haven’t been luck with any animals yet. But then…a Rabbit had come across the tree where Tom was sitting into. He waited till it were right underneath him. One….two…THRRE! He counts where he jumped down on the rabbit with his sword. It spike the rabbit and it died right the way. Tom held it up for a moment where he made sure it was dead. He took the rabbit into a bag right after where he searched for some berries he could add to it.

It were two and a half hour later where Tom got into the tent again. He held the bag at the table where he wave his wand over it. The rabbit was ready to be made over the fire. And the berries was just for a small dessert this time. “Have you hunt that?” Harry asked from the bed as he watch Tom for a time. Tom had been surprise over that Harry had been awake when he looked over at him “Yeah…Fresh hunted.” He told as he had made the rabbit into the fireplace to let it have its time “Never eaten rabbit before” Harry admit when he held the blanket around him and got down to Tom right after as he sat down at the table. “Well then you will taste it tonight” Tom said with a small smile “You need to eat so you shall taste the things “ He told as he made the berries into a small bowl as he had wash them with a bit of water he had got from a river for a few days ago.

Harry mostly just sat and stared a bit at the fireplace when he could smell the rabbit. He had close his eyes for a time when he love the smell of the rabbit “Smells delicious” Harry said as Tom smiled a bit this time when he looked at Harry” I hope that it does “ He said as he looked on a map right after. “If I’m correct we can get to the Slytherin Kingdom first. I need to show that I’m still alive you know” He told as he made a few X’s and lines around the map.

Harry looked curious at the map right after when he stood as he got beside Tom.”I never really have seeing a map before Tom” He said “Where is the Gryffindor Kingdom?” He asked where Tom smiled a bit right after and showed Harry it. He point on a Red and Yellow flag there was over a castle “There…that is Gryffindor kingdom.” He explained where he point a few centimes away to another castle with Yellow and Black flag on. “Huffelpuff Kingdom” He told and held his hand over to a Silver and Blue flag “Ravenclaw kingdom “ He told and in the end he point at the Green and Silver flag on the last castle nearby them but was the most far away one from kingdom Gryffindor. “And there is my kingdom. Slytherin Kingdom” he explained.

Harry nodded a bit right after when he looked at each of the kingdoms with the different flags on “Where are we then?” Harry asked as he had leans a bit more into Tom to see it “Here “ Tom said as he point at the forest where the words ‘Mindfroze Forset’ was over it. “We are in the end of the forest. And see this” He said and held his finger along the map and to the Slytherin Kingdom. There was a bit long over to the spot but not that long distand like to Gryffindor. “It will take a week to reach to the Slytherin Kingdom….and almost three weeks to get to Gryffindor kingdom…between each of the kingdom is there small towns…were you can rest and sleep at “ He explained “I see “ harry said as he looked closer at the map.


“For now Harry” Tom said after a time when he rolled the map together again “Lets get something to eat and get some rest.” He told as he held the map into a bag right after and got over to the rabbit at the fireplace. “Right” Harry said and took a seat again at the table.

Tom had held the Rabbit out from the fireplace and got it on a plate. He held a dagger out right after and cut it so the meat could be eaten. “Here have a taste Harry” Tom said as he held a smaller plate over to Harry with the rabbit meat and a few berries on along with a piece of bread.

Harry nodded a bit right after when he looked at the meat. “Go on” Tom said right after where he held a glass of water over to Harry. Harry nodded a bit right after where he took the bread and held the rabbit meat on it right after. “Here it goes” harry said and took a bite of the rabbit meat and bread.

Harry right the way had a smile on as he taste the rabbit. It was actually good! So tasty and delicious. “Oh Merlin!” Harry said as he had swallowed it right after “It’s good! I can’t believe how good it tastes!” He said as he ate a bit more of it this time. Tom smiled a bit at Harry when he had taken a bit to himself right after “Told you” He said. Harry just smiled as he ate as much of it that he was allowed to.

As they had eaten finish Tom told Harry to get to bed again so they would get early up I the morning. Harry soon did. He went to the bed again and lied down when he slowly fell asleep with his stomach full of the Rabbit he had taste for the first time. Tom had soon after go into his bed nearby Harry’s. He had watch Harry for a time before he had fell asleep as well.

In the middle at the night Harry woke up with a shock. He heard bushes nearby there sounded like someone was getting near “Tom...” harry called softly when he looked over at Tom’s bed. It were empty “Tom!?” Harry called again a bit louder when he got out from the bed and run over to the opening at the tent and looked out “TO-!” He got cut off when a hand grabbed onto his mouth and held him back “Shhh” Tom whispers into his ear “Be quiet harry….i think someone is near” He whispers as Harry made a small node this time and stay quiet as Tom held his sword out and let Harry get behind him.

The bushes nearby still made the sound like someone were into it. Tom holds his sword ready as soon he saw two people get out from the bush. He was ready to swing the sword till a female voice called “NO DON’T!”

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