The Lost Prince

The story are going into four Kingdoms. Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Slytherin. The King and Queen from Gryffindor wanted a son so badly and have tried in many years to get on. A stranger got past their Kingdom and give them a thing where they got a son. What Will happened? Read and find out.

Warning: Slash. MalexMale pairings. Smut chapters. Don't like Don't read. This is a story for people there is over 16 years old.

Beta Reader/Edit: Gurren-on-Kyoto.


9. Tom's room and Drain's visit

Tom had lead Harry downstairs towards the dungeon but unexpectedly turned left, halting to a stop by a huge oak door. Above it, Tom's full name was written cursively. Thomas.

As they entered the Slytherin prince's room, Harry scanned the room with wandering eyes. The room was in fact quiet handsome. It had a king size bed against the left wall with two nightstands between it; the overall aura of the room was dark though. The only light was coming from the crackling fire of the fireplace. Glancing to the other side of the room, Harry noted the stack of parchments and many piled books all over what seemed to be a study table.

"Make yourself comfortable, Harry." Tom's voice sounded and a hand mussed his tousled black hair. Harry looked up at the taller wizard, seeming at a loss for words. "I like your room, Tom. It's so…" he trailed off.

"Beautiful?" supplied Tom and Harry nodded with a smile.

"Yeah…" he said.

Examining the room closely even more, Harry realized he was surrounded by things of green and silver. He moved closer to the bed and felt the soft sheet, running his palm on it. Tom chuckled deeply from behind him, closing the still ajar door.

"Sometimes, I just find it entertaining how especially curious you seem to be."

"You really couldn't blame me for being one, could you?" asked Harry to which Tom shook his head in amusement as a response.

Harry sat down on the bed, the mattress shifting under his weight. It took him only seconds to feel the urge to lie down in it and as he did, he couldn't help but to nuzzle his head against the comfortable softness that was Tom's bed.

"And now, you look like a… cat." commented Tom.

"Meow," purred Harry jokingly, raising his head slightly to shoot Tom a grin. Tom practically snorted softly as he removed his heavy suit that was his armor. With a quick swish of his wand, Tom assembled his clothing's back to their proper place; the wardrobe.

"Tom?" called Harry, slipping off the bed. "I'd like to use the bathroom – where is it?"

Tom, who was busy tidying his things up, glanced to Harry's way briefly before turning his attention back to his desk. "It's just here," he answered, beckoning towards another door, "Though I'd have to go with you, if you wouldn't mind, Harry."

Harry looked at Tom uncertainly for a moment; he wasn't used to having with him in the bathroom, even if it was another bloke like him. No, he wasn't accustomed at all. Especially since it was Tom. Before he knew it, he felt his cheeks flaming.

"It's for protection, Harry," Tom said, his tone booking no room for argument, as though it was only wise to do so. He was now looking again at Harry when the boy didn't respond automatically. "The castle's a trap in itself. My father and I were the only ones who know it well enough not to get into any… misfortunes," he cleared his throat. "like some of my father's crews."

It was all Harry needed to agree and he followed Tom obligingly, suddenly aware of even the slightest noise or any conspicuous small things on their way. When they came in the bathroom, Harry was once again mesmerized.

"Wow, it's…" he breathed out to which Tom filled in on autopilot, with a smile, "…amazing, I know."

Harry averted his eyes from the very large bath tub he was goggling to glance at Tom. "How come you always-"

"…seem to know what you'll say?" chortled Tom.

"You did it again," pouted Harry.

"You're very… transparent, in my opinion. Easy to read," Tom shrugged softly, "like a book."

"I am?"

"You are." stated Tom simply.

Harry's back came contact with the wall behind him and as he bumped against it, Tom drew close, slowly bringing a hand up to Harry's cheek. His own heart began a rhythmic series of loud thumps against his chest, as he remembered the last time he was this close to the other boy; in the tent.



Harry sighed softly, releasing the breathe he hadn't realized he was holding. Tom's finger began stroking small circles on the side of his face and the blue eyes intently staring at it. He drew the other's attention once again to him as he continued, "The time when we were… in the tent," he gulped, "before Hermione got in my room-"

"You want to know what it was." intoned Tom, certainly, directing his deep blue eyes on him. The only response the smaller boy gave was an inclination of the head, a nod of agreement. Tom trailed his hand towards Harry's chin and tilted it back so he was wholly looking up at him. Harry was sure Tom was taking his time in answering his question for the alternative reason behind the Slytherin prince's silence was just unbelievable for him; that Tom was afraid of voicing out his thoughts.

"The thing I was about to say was that…" Tom paused briefly before attempting again, "I think I-"

But he was once distracted by an attention-catching noise from the floor below them. A stone was moved aside to reveal a blonde friendly creature; Drain. Both Tom and Harry instinctively parted as Drain grinned proudly, but because of his accomplishment upon finding something and not because he had just caught the two princes were both flushed against each other. Or at least, Harry was the one blushing and Tom looked for all the world like a very calm and composed man.

"So, this is where the tunnel leads to." Drain smugly said to himself, with a triumphant look. His eyes that were busy roaming about the bathroom finally settled upon the two occupants. "Oh, it's you two!" he exclaimed.

Drain completely hopped out of the hole and the stone which formed the hole once again moved to close the gap. The blonde turned his attention back on the two. "I found a tunnel and wondered where it will lead me, so here I am." he explained himself. At the lack of response from the two, he asked, obliviously of the tension around him, "Was it bad timing?"

"No, obviously not." Tom said, convincingly sounding not sarcastic despite himself. "Good thing you didn't appear when we were already having bath," Tom easily filled the tub with fresh and warm water with just his simple command.

Drain rubbed his forearm uneasily, looking from Harry to Tom and back again. "I do apologize for my interruption." He said sensitively, "Did you know of another secret way – a rather longer one – that either leads to a river, or to the other kingdoms?" he asked.

"Also, it reminds me of a secret tunnel from that particular tree." he said nostalgically, "it led right to the Underworld." Drain's hand clamped quickly over his mouth, "I shouldn't have told that, I really shouldn't have!" Then, he quickly made his exit through the same moving stone. Harry could only look after Drain's exiting figure and suppressed a chuckle himself.

"Farvel!" Tom called after the blonde as he saw it climbing down the tunnel again and vanished out of sight.

"Sometimes, he just acts too… can I say cute?" asked Harry to no one in particular, still having some quiet laughs. Tom shot him a calculating look but Harry looked unfazed.

"You can't possibly mean that," said Tom, disbelievingly, taking pairs of towels from a cabinet.

"Yeah, like a cute cat." Harry said to himself, answering his own question from earlier. He was on his way on unbuttoning his shirt when it hit him. He couldn't possibly do it in front of the other boy. "Err – Tom?" he turned towards the said boy. "Could you please turn around?"

Tom cocked an eyebrow, head tilted and standing in the middle of the room. "I could although…" he let his eyes rake over the other's body teasingly, "it's not as though I haven't seen what's underneath that."

Harry's face turned bright red to the roots of his charcoal hair and looked defiant. "Still – privacy," But as though saying, screw it, he clumsily and hastily removed his shirt and slacks off. He immediately plunged himself underwater in the tub and sighed a long breath of relief. "How lovely…"

Tom turned to face Harry again, he had obeyed and given the other boy some privacy to remove his clothes earlier, and as he glanced at the peacefully sitting Grffindor prince, his thoughts ran wildly. Catching himself just in time to attempt any misdeeds, he diverted his eyes from where they had been staring at the exposed half of Harry. "A long good bath, not a hurried rushed one, once in a while really gives some livening refreshment." He said casually.

Harry only nodded and rested the back of his head against the wall behind. Minutes passed and the two remained silent, but lost in their own thoughts. Harry's senses came back to present when he felt a hand cupping his cheek. His eyes fluttered open to see Tom crouched by the side of the tub and looking at him with adoring soft blue eyes. "Tom?"

Tom breathed out a pair of words but Harry couldn't make them out. His breathing became labored and his head felt fuzzy. "I don't want to get hurt again, Tom…" he voiced out unknowingly.

Next thing he knew was a pair of strong arms around him, heaving him upward and then a comfortable warm towel surrounding him. He had just been able to discern words coming from Tom, genially reassuring words.

"…I couldn't make myself do such a thing."

He was touched by his words and the gentleness of his actions. Harry was once again guided by Tom to his own bedroom. Still clinging tightly to the Slytherin prince, Harry let the other take care of him. A few moments later, they were both in different sets of clothes; silky green and silver ones, and they were both lying in Tom's bed beside each other with a mutually maintained distance. Tom pulled the bed sheet over the both of them and automatically, both assumed a snuggling position. Harry's back against Tom's front and with his arm under the Gryffindor's head. "Do tell if you're uncomfortable, Harry."

The only assurance Tom got was the change in Harry's breathing which was a series of rhythmic deep ones and it was enough. Besides that, he heard another noise, almost resembling… a purr. Tom's lips curled up into a warm smile and soon after, he himself slumbered on.

Days flew by with the same activities as before. Tom made sure Harry won't be in trouble in his care for the lost prince was likely prone to them. They met up with the others in the dining hall or in the libraries. Hermione was a huge bookworm to which Tom sympathizes with. Ron on the other hand, kept Harry playing chess games with him whenever they were in company of each other. Opposed to Harry's successful start, Ron was the one who always wins.

Little did anyone know, during the times when Harry was alone, someone was watching him. Even the Gryffindor prince himself was oblivious to this.

It was a rather lonely afternoon for Harry for once. He can't seem to find the others and the Gryffindor prince wandered about the castle though his steps seemed calculated and certain as though his feet were dragging him towards a definite place, a fixed location.

Harry looked up as he halted. He was standing in front of a huge double elm door which budged open slightly as he pushed it open. "Wonder who occupies this one…" he murmured idly to himself. Harry first peeked inside by poking his head in and then as curiosity got the better of him, he admitted himself in fully. The room was, expectedly, darkly lit. There were lit torches lined up on both sidewalls. In the middle of the room was an enormous, even unusually larger than the one in Tom's room, and in it was a mighty serpentine.

The serpentine's golden piercing eyes glanced his way all of a sudden threateningly and the snake hissed, "What are you doing here, such a kid like you – in my Lord's chambers?!"

Startled, Harry nearly jumped out of his skin. He instinctively took a step backward, to reach the door handle and get out of there before the snake's'Lord' find him there. He didn't mean to just barge into the room without permission which ironically was what he did exactly. But as he backwardly retreated, his back hit a firm but inexplicably soft post. "Oof!"

"Ah, it's you, Harry." A voice said in a tone full of wonder. Harry realized that it wasn't a post he had bumped into, it was person. He had only heard His voice a few times but the uniqueness of it made Harry certain it was Him. A sound of a screeching closing door was heard as Voldemort shut it slowly behind him.

Harry then immediately straightened up and whirled around to face the Slytherin King. He bowed his head low, unable to meet the serpentine scarlet eyes and apologized profusely. "I-I'm sorry," he blurted out, "I'm sorry, sir."

The room was eerily and almost deafeningly quiet for seconds which felt hours. There was a hissing noise heard which broke the silence as Nagini, the mighty snake, slithered off the bed. Then, Voldemort sauntered forward towards Harry. Harry dragged his feet backwards on his own accord till he reached the edge of thebed. "Please, sir-" he pleaded but was cut off by a harsh, "Quiet!" from Voldemort. Harry sat in fear, frozen and staring up into the Slytherin King's cold eyes, wanting nothing but to get out of there but finding himself in a hopeless situation. He never knew what the tall, almost monstrous, dark wizard would have as a punishment.

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