The Lost Prince

The story are going into four Kingdoms. Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Slytherin. The King and Queen from Gryffindor wanted a son so badly and have tried in many years to get on. A stranger got past their Kingdom and give them a thing where they got a son. What Will happened? Read and find out.

Warning: Slash. MalexMale pairings. Smut chapters. Don't like Don't read. This is a story for people there is over 16 years old.

Beta Reader/Edit: Gurren-on-Kyoto.


14. The Promise

Alright Readers, back again with Chapter 14! (^_^)/ I know I still need some more grammar training, but I hope people won't judge me too much. Anyway hope you all enjoy.

Chapter 14. The promise.

It took time for Tom to figure out, how in merlin's name he should get past Cedric and get the Diadem too. He stared at the other prince for a while, the diadem waving around as if it was some sort of toy for Cedric.

"I just want to leave Cedric, so give me the diadem and let me go along with the others. I... I will promise you if you let us go, I do anything you want as soon I have gotten Harry to his father. "The Slytherin prince said, as he let out a small breath.

"How can I be sure, that you do keep that promise Thomas?" Cedric asked him, while he slowly lower his hand with the diadem. "Your last promise is still a promise Thomas, however… maybe one day…" Cedric said, as he smirk a bit for a moment. "maybe I seek out for you, and take what you promise me. " The Huffelpuff prince said, while he smiled for a time.

"Just let me go Cedric, then I will return back to you again one day and do as I promised long time ago. " Tom said in a defeated voice, while he closed his eyes.

"I will be watching you Riddle, I will make sure you will get back to me when the time comes. You have my word." Cedric said, before he stepped aside and handed the diadem toward Tom.

The Slytherin prince looked up again, as his hand became a fist. "Remember Diggory, one day you won't be able to do this. Before you even get your hands on me again, you will be a dead man." He threat, as he hurried over to Cedric. He grabbed the diadem and went out from the room, faster than Cedric could react.

Tom ran fast through the hallways, so he could get out to the forest and find the others. He had the diadem, which was one of the important things. He know what it was, and he know what he shall do with it. The Slytherin prince had just gotten in the forest, he tried to see where the others had gone. He knelt down at the ground, hand trace over the horse print at the ground.

"Can't be too far." He mumbled, as he stood where he then started to follow the trace.

It didn't took him look time, before he heard voices speaking nearby. If Tom know them well, they do be arguing.

"I think we should go back after him! It's been to long time!" Harry said upset and worried, as he was pacing around between the horses.

"Harry mate, calm down. " Ron said, as he placed his hand at Harry's shoulder. "You know Tom, he…he do come out soon. I mean, when don't he return?" Ron asked, as Harry looked at the red haired teen. "Y-You are properly right." Harry mumbled, while he let out a heavy sigh.

"Don't worry Harry, Tom will be here in no time and if not "Hermione said, as she looked at Drain for a time. "Then we do move on and get you home." She finished her sentence.

"Is that so?" Tom asked, while he stepped forward from the trees nearby them.

"Tom!" Harry called, as he ran over to the Slytherin prince and wrap his arms around Tom's waist where he hugged him close. "Why did you go back!?" Harry asked in a upset voice, as he felt Tom's arms hold tight around him. Tom had ran his hand through Harry's hair, hushing him softly while he rest his head on top at Harry's.

"I do ask the same question Tom." Hermione said, as she stepped a bit forward so she stood in front at the two princes. "Why did you go back in Huffelpuff castle? What were that important?" She asked him, while she fold her arm. Her face just demanded him an answer and she know, that Tom would not try to speak his way out of this.

She notice something hanging out from Tom's bag, a tiara of some sort? "What is that?" She questioned him, her head made a node to the tiara looking thing.

"If people just will calm down, I will explain it to everyone." Tom said calmly, where he sighed right after.

"It's one of my father's Horcruxe's, it keeps him alive for so long. You can call him immortal if you wish, because he will not die unless all his Horcruxe's will be destroyed. "Tom said with a heavy breath. He know he was betraying his father right now, but he didn't wanted to be under Voldemort's mercy any more.

"B-But what is all this about?" Hermione asked Tom with a confused look in her face. She had looked closer to the diadem, when Tom had pulled it out from his bag. He got over to Hermione where he took her bag, as he spoke to her. "Keep this safe, it will be good to keep it hidden till we find a way to destroy it. "

Hermione looked at the tiara, no wait… diadem. The brown-haired princess' eyes wide, where she looked up at Tom. "T-That's my grandmothers lost diadem. " she whispered, as she looked up at the Slytherin prince again. "It is yes, but my father made it to one of his Horcruxe's. As far as I know, he have six of them, if I manage to find them all and destroy them. I believe it means that my father's power and evil plans will not be in the world any longer. "Tom explained, his hand closed Hermione's bag and held it over her shoulder. Tom then made a hand for them to go get the horses, so they could continue the journey to Gryffindor Kingdom.

Drain grabbed the horse that Harry had rode on, when they escaped Huffelpuff kingdom. With the help from Tom who lifted Harry on the horse where Tom himself got up behind him, they had soon gotten on the road again between the oak trees path.

Drain got behind Ron, since he didn't had the little pony anymore. It was a bit sad that he couldn't ride on his own more, he had really love to do that little thing.

Harry had rest himself back against Tom, his head right under the Slytherin prince's chin. He could hear Tom's heartbeat, how calm and easy it was right now. He couldn't believe Tom went back in there to get one of Voldemort's Horcruxe's. Should he tell Tom what he know too? Maybe he would just be mad at him, or won't even speak with him anymore. The thoughts roamed around in his head, he could feel a light headache getting up.

Harry slowly closed his eyes, as he felt Tom's arm wrapped around his waist. The elder male hugged Harry close to his body. He knew Tom tried to comfort him, and it was helping a bit.

"You didn't need to worry about me Harry, I told you already that I can take care of myself" Tom exclaimed, as he watch Hermione, Ron and Drain at the front clearly speaking with each other. He could almost make out what they were speaking about, since he thought he saw they mention 'diadem' a lot in their sentence.

"But Diggory… he…he" Harry started, as he tried to forget the memory of Cedric who tried to take adventure of Tom. "He is cursed Harry, a lot of people nearby is cursed." Tom cut in Harry's sentence, while he looked down at his young raven-haired love.

Tom smiled a bit, before he placed a soft kiss at Harry's neck. He could feel the young prince shiver at the light kiss.

"Im fine Harry really, it happened earlier in my life. When you live around the kingdoms, the first wrong step you take can end terrible." He explained, before he looked ahead for him.

"Guys! Hold on!" The Slytherin prince called out for them, as he stopped his and Harry's horse.

Hermione, Ron and Drain stopped too, where they turned and looked at the two of them.

"What is it Tom?" Ron asked, as he keep his horse steady. "Let's search for a place we can rest at, get some food in our stomachs. We will need it, since we shall travel a long way tomorrow. "The Slytherin prince said, as he got down from his horse and helped Harry down too.

"Search for anything eatable. " He told them, while he held Harry over to a rock nearby and sat him down. Beside it, a bush with strawberries were. Tom held his hand at the bush, where he plugged a few of them and placed them in Harry's hand.

"Here… "Tom whispered, as he smiled up at Harry. "Strawberries, they are sweet and delicious." He said with a kind smile, while he stroked his thumb over Harry's cheek. "I promise Harry, we will get you home soon. We just need to collect the energy, so we can travel far tomorrow." Tom whispered as he saw Harry's cheek blushing up.

Harry smiled a bit, as he felt his cheeks heat up again. He know they was getting red, and that Tom easily could see it. He had slowly held a strawberry to his mouth, where he took a small bite. Tom was right! They was sweet and they do taste so delicious!

"Drain, be nice and look after him. I do not want him to be out of sight. " Tom demanded, where he stood and looked over at Ron and Hermione.

"Hermione, get some wood for a fireplace. Ronald, go with me and let's see if we can caught a deer or anything like that." He said, as Ron nodded a bit before he looked at Hermione.

"Alright, let's be quick before dawn is over us." Tom called out, while he and Ron went in the forest. It was going to be some hard hours, but they would always manage no matter what. Tom know that they needed to get energy fast as possible.

That was chapter 14 readers. I hope that you do enjoy it. Remember I do like to get a review. I do not like to get in a writer block again, so it would be nice to know from your readers out there what you would wish to happen. Shall it turn more darker? What shall they meet on their way to Gryffindor Kingdom? Or do people want me to jump over to the Gryffindor Kingdom? Hope to hear from you all!

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