The Lost Prince

The story are going into four Kingdoms. Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Slytherin. The King and Queen from Gryffindor wanted a son so badly and have tried in many years to get on. A stranger got past their Kingdom and give them a thing where they got a son. What Will happened? Read and find out.

Warning: Slash. MalexMale pairings. Smut chapters. Don't like Don't read. This is a story for people there is over 16 years old.

Beta Reader/Edit: Gurren-on-Kyoto.


5. The New Friends

Tom’s instincts told him not to listen to a mere stranger but his actions did the opposite. He halted his strike in time and instead with a swish, he illuminated the tip of his wand to reveal a couple. One was a bushy haired witch and behind her was fiery red haired wizard though he could tell it was a servant by a quick assessment.

“One moment…” panted the tall fiery-haired boy, clutching his knees as he tried to catch his breathe.

“Who are you two?” inquired Tom, not yet quite lowering his guard and eyeing the two with much alertness and keeping Harry at his back.

The witch spoke and Tom turned to her way. Now that he took a good look of her, this one was more royal in nature even though she was wearing casual attire. She was eyeing Harry with interest and Tom did not trust nor like it.

“I’m Hermione Granger and this is Ron Weasley,” she introduced herself first before beckoning a hand to the boy behind her, now standing to his full height. “And you two are…?” she asked with a raised brow.

Tom’s expression grew grim. “Tell me more about yourself first, Miss Granger. I do not yield much trust on strangers.”

Hermione pursed her lips but then sighed and said, “As I have said, young mister, I’m Hermione Granger and the Ravenclaw Princess.” she laid a hand on the shoulder of the tall boy behind her. “And this is my father’s servant, also my best friend – Ronald Weasley.”

Tom’s demeanour changed, it gave off a chivalrous aura. “It’s rather thrilling to meet such a runaway princess. May I know what led you and your servant astray your kingdom?” he asked in a formal tone. Harry blinked up at Tom, looking confused.
Hermione’s lips twitched in a faint smile but then as she began to explain herself, her expression once again became neutral. “Believe it or not,” she said, “but we were escaping. My father found out that I have broken such a royal family’s rules.” She drifted her gaze to Ronald’s way which was returned kindly, “I was meant to marry the prince from Hufflepuff kingdom but I couldn’t do that because… I’m in love with Ronald.” She bit her lip. “Ronald’s a servant and as expected, my father would never allow me to be married with a wizard of lower position.”

Ron did not look quite comfortable talking about this especially to strangers. He stalked his eyes to the two boys before him but his gaze lingered on the shorter dark haired one. His eyes grew wide as dawning comprehension struck him.

“Wait a moment!” he exclaimed, startling both Harry and Hermione. Tom rose a daring brow, seeing as how the red haired servant was eyeing Harry with much fascination. Harry shied back imperceptibly, goggling Ronald warily.

What caught the young servant’s interest was the birthmark carved on Harry’s forehead. “Bloody hell!” he uttered out and stepped forward towards Harry but was blocked by Tom’s imposing form and sword that was directed near his throat.

“Stay back, young serf.” warned Tom, his ever amiable blue eyes turning into slits, “One more step and I sweat I will cut you into millions of pieces.”

A warm fair hand lay gently on Tom’s shoulder, calming the Slytherin prince. “Tom, let him.” said Harry, softly. “He doesn’t carry any weapons on him.”

Ronald seemed to naïve of Tom’s threat from his utter bewilderment. “It’s… it couldn’t be – it’s Harry Potter, the lost prince of Gryffindor kingdom!” he gaped as his eyes now found Tom’s. “And you – you are the Slytherin prince,”

Harry’s head jerked up, once again he was startled at Ronald’s cry. “How did you…?” Then he noticed where Ronald’s scrutiny was directed at, “Oh, so that’s why.” he mumbled, mussing his hair even more to cover his birthmark.

“You are alive, then.” breathed out the Ravenclaw princess Hermione, standing next to Ronald. “Where have you been all those years?” she asked nicely.

“He was captured by an unknown man who held him captive and hid him in a desolated tower.” Tom supplied in, still standing guard for Harry like he had promised. “I found him and I will take him back to his homeland.”

Harry mustered up enough courage to show and reveal more of himself to the two newcomers and he stood out from the Tom’s shadow.

“Your father, King James, is indeed very worried about you. I have met him, Harry.” she spoke kindly, giving a sympathetic smile, “We had a bit of a discussion when I went to visit the Gryffindor kingdom to help the generous king with some orders and replacements he needed to do with the castle.” She looked from Harry to Tom and back again, “King James had this very huge portrait of you that was hung by the wall behind his throne. You were no older than four in that image, I would say.”

Harry felt a strange fleeting feeling in his chest. Though he had spoken to Tom about his fathers, they were all basics and nothing personal like what Hermione had told him just now. He smiled softly. “How else is he doing?” Harry asked enthusiastically and was about to leap forward when Tom halted him and shoved him back behind him. Harry could only pout inwardly in disappointment.

“I still need to be sure about you two,” Tom said mistrustfully, which only made the two feel the need to gain the Slytherin prince’s confidence.

“We wouldn’t want to do any harm, especially not against two princes!” uttered Ronald, looking almost harassed. A hand smacked his arm. “Ow, Mione!”

Hermione gave him a warning look, but refused to point out that he had forgotten to address her again with her proper entitlement. “Keep your temper at bay, Ronald!” She rolled her eyes.

Harry couldn’t help but to grin at the couple, the way they behave towards each other. “I can see why you two are a perfect match,” he said, smiling slyly. “Tom, I think we could trust them. As I’ve said… they don’t have any harmful weapons with them.” he noted, gesturing towards the couple’s way. It was true; both were unarmed and wandless.

Tom glared speculatively at the both of them, “How come none of you have a single weapon – a wand or a sword?” he inquired.

Hermione sighed, folding her arms over her chest. “My father took my wand and Ronald isn’t allowed to wield one in our kingdom.” she explained, “Besides, we had had no time left to even grab weaponries. We just escaped… but I have this bag with me,” The brown-haired princess drew out a tiny beaded bag from behind her and held it up.

“How convenient… that petite little bag?” asked Tom with a mocking raised brow.

Hermione looked defensive, clutching the small bag to her chest. “This is charmed! You just take a look…” She said pompously, and dug her whole arm into the opening of the said bag till it reached her shoulder.

“Wow!” exclaimed Harry, fascinated. “That is…”

“Clever,” Tom filled in, nodding in agreement. “Very clever, Ms. Granger. If I may know, what have you got in that bag of yours?” He asked whilst sheathing his sword back to its case.

Hermione’s lips formed into an accomplished smile as he took her arm back out of the bag and zipping it again. “Food, all food. A lot of it and this bag is magically enchanted for them not to get rotten.”

Tom regarded the both of them; Ron and Hermione, impassively as though he was considering something. At length, he decided. “Very well then, I think it’s only reasonable that you two travel with us. We could offer you our magical tent along with my royal steed and in return, you must share us an appropriate amount of your belongings.”

“Seems fair,” Hermione said, smiling prettily, “We could get to know the Gryffindor prince more and know the story behind him.”

Harry blinked timidly and then gave a charming shy smile. “It’s not really like what you think of it.”

The young adventurers, led by the Slytherin prince, trudged back inside the tent. Ron immediately found a plushed comfortable chair and plopped himself onto it with a sigh. “How lovely…” he breathed out, “This is far better than being out there in the cold night.”

Hermione herself sat next to her lover and prepared out some tea with the help of Tom who laid four cups on the tabletop. Harry was sitting from across Ron and next to Tom, smiling. He somehow found the redhead interesting. The tall servant seemed to have noticed his gaze and he sat properly.

“So, Harry,” Ron said, clearing his throat and readjusting his jacket, “Have you played a game called Chess?” He began to pull out a rectangular cardboard from the depths of Hermione’s bag.

“Chess…?” repeated Harry, obviously ignorant about what Ron was talking about.

“Oh! You’ve not heard of it, eh? Not even played it before?” he smiled, his eyes glinting with excitement whenever it comes to this topics. “I will teach you a bit of it. And while we’re at it, you can also begin telling us your tale, of course, only if you want to.” he offered, now setting the pieces on the proper blocks on the chessboard.

Hermione noticed Ron’s enthusiasm and rolled her eyes. “Honestly, no matter what, he always makes the first stranger he meets to play with him a stupid game of chess.”

“Hey! Chess isn’t even remotely stupid!” he rebutted, frowning, “It’s more worth to play than you think!”

“Whatever, Ronald.” said Hermione, folding her arms over her chest and Harry chuckled at the both of them.

Ron proceeded with explaining Harry the basic concepts and rules regarding playing the game and at length, they began the game. Tom and Hermione watched to their sides as well while Tom talked about Harry’s story but careful enough not to bother Ron and Harry. “So it was when we ran into the both of you.” he said last, sipping from his cup of tea.

Hermione nodded her head, eyes focused on the chessboard and hands holding her own cup of tea. “I understand it better now. Harry didn’t run away nor did he want it in the first place. There was simple someone who took and stole him away. The story had been told numerous times that the facts have been twisted in a way.”

Tom whispered some encouragements to Harry and nodded his head towards Hermione’s way in recognition. “Yes, indeed. People tried to make the story more interesting to listen to as well,” He glanced up at Hermione, leaning back against the sofa. “Like… there was this one about the lost prince being kidnapped by a monstrous one-eyed dragon.”

“Dragon?” asked Hermione, incredulously.

“You wouldn’t get pass that trap, buddy.” Ron said, grinning mischievously and rubbing his palms together, eyes transfixed at the bored. Harry looked a little stressed.

“That’s the version of the story at the Hufflepuff Kingdom,” said Tom, addressing Hermione but eyeing Harry concernedly. The young boy seemed to not be aware of it for his focus only was on the game.

“I’m so good at this game!” Ron cheered for himself, “I’ve won and won each-”
His sentence was cut off by an unexpected tactic Harry’s. His king was trapped and Harry had it attacked.
“Not this time, it seems. Checkmate,” said Harry triumphantly, placing the last piece for the match. The beginner won against the expert.

“It… this couldn’t be…” Ron stammered in utter horror. “You… you… how did you do that?” he blurted out, gaping at Harry. Harry just smiled and gave a soft shrug of his shoulders. “You were just distracted, that’s all.” he said humbly, gesturing to the white king of Ron’s, “See… you blocked all your king’s exits so I took the chance.”

“First game I’ve lost in my chess career.” said Ron, defeated and incredulous at the same time, shaking his head. Then he pouted and crossed his arms, still eyes trained on the chess pieces.

Hermione bit back a giggle and whispered to Harry and Tom, “It’s true…” Ron’s head perked up and glanced to the trio’s direction, having heard the mocking tone from Hermione. “Shut it, Mione.” he grumbled.

“Oh, Ronald.” said Hermione fondly, leaning in and placing a hand on his shoulder to support herself as she pressed a kiss on Ron’s cheek. Ron’s face became redder than his hair. “And you still get all flustered whenever I do that.” She laughed quietly but with a warning look from Ron, she smiled and stopped.

The four youngsters discussed and talked about various subjects for an hour or two and realizing how late it was, they all retired to the bedroom. Hermione and Ron occupied another room to share while Tom and Harry returned to their own that they left earlier.

This time, it was Tom who had drifted off to sleep first and Harry, who was lying in a bed beside Tom’s bunk, stared at the handsome face of the Slytherin prince. There was something about the young man that he found himself attached into. Was it his surprising soft side? Was it his good deed of guarding Harry back to the safety of his own true homeland? Maybe it was because of those all? He wasn’t sure for now. Although he knew it was odd to feel this way, Harry could not stop but to think that he consider Tom more than just a friend. With a sigh, he squeezed his eyes shut and let himself be claimed by sleep.

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