The Lost Prince

The story are going into four Kingdoms. Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Slytherin. The King and Queen from Gryffindor wanted a son so badly and have tried in many years to get on. A stranger got past their Kingdom and give them a thing where they got a son. What Will happened? Read and find out.

Warning: Slash. MalexMale pairings. Smut chapters. Don't like Don't read. This is a story for people there is over 16 years old.

Beta Reader/Edit: Gurren-on-Kyoto.


3. The Mysterious Prince’s Revelations.

The Slytherin Prince frowned. He took step backwards and examined the overall magnificent structure of the tower. He could sense ancient sorcery used upon it to provide protection. He had come across this very tower only once and that was last week. He had pointed to his troop of guards about it but none of them seemed to have any interest on it or at least that’s how he took it. They would always just apologize for not knowing what he had been telling them and usher him out of the structure’s sight. Now that he had been up close to it, he could tell why that had been. There was something threateningly defensive around the high building. For some reason, Tom knew he was the only one experiencing this. Others would give no thought to this tower or either their attention will be drawn away from it. That thought gave Tom another reason why he should pursue the matter with this boy of oddity.

“Then, how are you able to leave your tower?” At Harry’s silence and hesitation, Tom added, “Harry-?”

“I’m not allowed to leave my tower.”

Tom paused at this; he knew he was getting to a certain conclusion with this. There was something oddly conspicuous about this young boy. He maintained an impassive expression as he continued to inquire.

“I see. It’s quite a shame you wouldn’t be able to see the wonders of the outside world. One of them was that of a magnificently beautiful set of fireworks being fired up to lit the sky which occurs once a year.” Tom said in a slow regretful voice, looking up at the sky and covering his eyes from the bright sunlight with a hand.

Harry seemed to have recognized this for the young boy piped up, “I know that. I’ve seen that. It’s that colorful display that explodes over a faraway kingdom. It always occurs during my birthday.”

Tom sucked a deep breath. He looked the uttermost befuddled as suddenly everything clicked into place and the missing piece to the puzzle was found. The very point of it all. He had found the lost prince.

Through the wild complicating thoughts that were running in his head, Tom tried to regain his composure and cleared his throat. His face must have given in some of his surprise and shock for he saw Harry’s confused look. Tom stared back up into the emerald green eyes impassively and Harry only gave the slightest of shrugs to himself.

“That was exactly what I was referring to,” Tom gave the most charming smile he could muster. Harry blinked down at him a few times and Tom thought he saw a faint blush bloom on the pale cheeks but then he might have just been imagining it. Tom went on, “There must be some way one could get up there to you…” He let his voice trail off thoughtfully.

Harry nodded his head lightly; his face still had the same emotionless expression on it. “There’s a silver rope my father uses to climb his way up here but like I said, it’s only my father who uses it.”

“Well then,” said Tom, pulling out his wand, “I’ll go up there on my own.”

Harry’s eyes grew large with curiosity and disbelief, eyeing the stick Tom Riddle was holding. “Y-You’re a… wizard?” He asked, stunned.

“Every single face on this land is either a wizard or a witch, Harry.” replied Tom calmly. He targeted the tip of his wand to a Nightshade plant and out from it shot an amber-colored light. The said plant grew bigger and wider till it reached the bottom of the windowsill. It formed a set of steps and became a staircase.

Tom climbed the leafy steps and at the top of the staircase, he stepped through the window to get into Harry’s room. Harry leapt backward from the trespasser, looking awed. “That was amazing.” He said with sparkling emerald eyes. The sight made Tom’s heart lurch. The boy look seemed so bewilderingly ignorant of everything around him. Then, Harry’s demeanor and expression changed into one of fear, like a lost helpless child.

“Are you the person who wants to hurt me? To kill me?”

Tom arched a daring brow. Never in his life had he been thought of some ballistic murderer that would harm an innocent boy. Never had he, a one fine young man, been addressed that way. But something about this strange boy kept his anger at bay. The boy seemed genuinely fearful.

“Fine way to put it, young boy.” said Tom, dully. “I’m definitely not a person to harm people, Harry. Unless they deserve it,” He added ruthlessly.

Tom saw out of the corners of his eyes how Harry’s Adam’s apple bobbed up and down uneasily.

“Then… then why are you here? Why did you come so far as to go into my room?” asked Harry, putting as much distance from Tom as possible.

“I’m here because I’m fairly certain I know who you truly are.” Tom responded, calmly, eyeing the room. It was far from what he had been living in since birth. “And I know your supposed father, Lucius.” He added, now meeting Harry’s eyes.

Harry stopped dead. He stared at Tom, bewildered and the Slytherin prince grasped the moment to go on further. “He has only one son; a blonde boy and his name is Draco. He has a beautiful lady for a wife. They’re all living in my father’s kingdom which will soon be mine.”

“I’ve always wondered why he would vanish from time to time to nowhere.” Tom gave Harry a pointed look, eyed him through his heavy black lashes, his head tipped low as though examining the boy through invisible spectacles. “Now I know why.” He said tonelessly. “He comes here often to make sure you will never leave and stay under his mercy.”

“YOU’RE LYING!” Harry bellowed, shaking his head and covering his ears. “Papa only has me! He tells that to me everytime! Mama died when she gave birth to me and we lived out here because people wanted to get me and kill me!” Harry’s fists were balled and shaking and there were tears threatening to escape his eyes now.

Tom sighed deeply. He knew what he was saying was too difficult to take in all at once but he never expected this behavior towards him.

“Why is it then, Harry, that you do not look like your… ‘Papa’?” asked Tom, bluntly. “You have charcoal deep black hair whereas Lucius, and his own true son have blonde golden ones.” He nodded his chin towards Harry’s way, looking at his dark raven hair. “And your eyes… they were the deepest greens. Opposed to your supposed father that were smoky greys. To top it all off, you do not resemble Lucius in any way.”

“It’s because I’m cursed.” Harry answered abruptly. “It’s natural for me to look different because a stranger cursed me before Papa could even get to me from our enemies!”

Tom sauntered forward, his lengthy dark robe billowing behind him and saw Harry freeze. The taller boy once again raised his wand.

“What are you doing?” demanded Harry, terrified, his hands flying up to cover himself.

“Scanning you.” intoned Tom, matter-of-factly as he ran the end of his wand over Harry’s figure gracefully with easiness.

Tom whipped his wand towards the nearby mirror’s direction and directed the spell to it. Instead of the surroundings’ reflection, it showed a series of lines that formed different entangled cords till it became a whole new image. The record of Harry’s family ancestry.

“See here, Harry.” Tom directed, stepping up to stand beside the mirror. “This is the recorded data of your family background. Starting from you down to your ancestors. You belong to the…” The wand tip was pointed and trailed down to the flashing letters in the mirror. “Potter Family.”

“James Potter, the king of Gryffindor kingdom, is married to Lily Potter, the previous queen of Gryffindor kingdom and a mother to a healthy son, the royal couple’s prince; Harry Potter.”

“What?” Harry blurted out, dumbfounded. He couldn’t even begin to form proper thoughts by all this mind-numbing revelations being presented to him all at once.

“You, Harry, are the lost prince.” said Tom.


Harry’s mind was a complete mess, his thoughts running wildly. He couldn’t even fathom how to begin his questions. He was a lost prince to a king and queen from some kingdom called Gryffindor? A couple that for the love of him, Harry hadn’t even heard of. And he wasn’t Lucius’ true father. In vice versa, he wasn’t Lucius’ true son. The thought made Harry upset and guilty. Surely, he wasn’t glad about that information?

He was snapped out of his stupor as long slender fingers brushed hairs of his forehead, revealing the mark he had always had there. He looked into Tom Riddle’s clear azure eyes and found himself beguiled by them although they were not looking at his direction but studying his birthmark.

“Harry Potter…” said Tom in a whisper, tracing his fingertip on Harry’s lightning-bolt-shaped birthmark which made the boy feel tingly. “Even your birthmark tells it. You truly are him,”

Harry averted his eyes away and looked out into a distance, suddenly feeling empty. Tears welled up in his eyes and he heard the concern in Tom’s voice as the self-proclaimed Slytherin prince asked, “Alright?”

Harry only shook his head and back away till his back bumped against the wall. He slid down to the floor, clutching his knees near his chest.

He wasn’t aware that the tall stranger had come over to him and crouched beside him, examining him cautiously.

“Harry…” Tom called, softly.

“I’m here because I got stolen right?” Harry asked in a small strangled voice.

Tom nodded his head in confirmation.

“Why?” sniffled Harry.

Tom shuffled his shoulders uneasily. It could be seen that he was not really that good at dealing boys his age.

“It’s a rather hard question you’re asking, Harry. I’m not sure I can answer that for you.”

Harry sat quiet for a moment, contemplating about things. Then he asked out of the blue, “Why do you start to even care?” He peeked up through glassy eyes at Tom. “You don’t know me personally and I don’t know you, so why would you care?”

Tom looked taken aback. He wasn’t sure how Harry came into the conclusion that he was caring for him personally whatsoever. But he had grown to be a gentleman, even boys like him.

“Why I care? Well, you have a father who has been searching for you all your life, Harry!” He swept up to his feet and looked down upon Harry. “He is worried sick about you. The king hoped that somehow, you lived. His people kept setting off those magical fireworks in hope you would get to see them and return to your home, the Gryffindor kingdom. To your father!”

Harry looked up at Tom, startled. Even though he had only known him for just an hour, the taller boy and probably older, had always shown and wield such a composed collected demeanor in him. It was quite surprising to see him so upset over such a personal thing, and what more, about him, Harry.

“You have a choice, Harry. It’s either you stay here with the person who surely from the start wanted to harm you or go with me so I could lead you back to the Gryffindor kingdom.” Tom went on and a mirthless tight smile spread on his wonderfully amiable lips. “Yes, I know Lucius inflicts pain upon you, Harry.”

Harry opened his mouth to speak only to shut them once more. He looked over at the window, shedding his tears with his hands. “I’ve always wanted to be free and to get out of the solidarity of my tower.” Harry said, emotionlessly but there was a twinge of hope swelling in his chest.

“I once snuck out and I met this girl, her name was Anne.” He took a deep breathe. “We played a little… but, Papa caught and saw us.” Harry’s expression became blank and grim, his throat constricting. “There… there was a flash of green light and it… it hit her, it hit Anne. He said she was only in a deep unconsciousness who knows how long. But I wasn’t fooled,” His voice shook slightly, “I knew he killed her.” He whispered. “He said she would have harmed me if he hadn’t done it.”

Tom was silent for a long time. Then he sighed and knelt again on one knee in front of Harry. The wizard’s hand came up as Harry made a sign to speak. Tom reached down to his belt where a sheath was attached to. Tom pulled it out from its case and showed it to Harry; the blade shining and glittering against the light from the window.

“This, Harry, is a magical sword. Stronger than anything else and could cut through stones and even a whole mountain. There’s nothing I haven’t been through that my sword had not been unable to give me immense help.” Tom explained with much pride, sheathing the magical sword back to its case. Then, he withdrew his wand out and from his inner pocket. “And I have my wand as well, Harry, along with a huge knowledge about Magic.” For some reason, Tom’s eyes found his arm.
“You’re hurt.” Tom stated and Harry hadn’t had the time to react for another hand held his arm and lifted it up a bit. He rolled the sleeve up to reveal the fresh cuts that had been there from the last night.

His eyes glistened with fresh tears and Tom asked, “Did Lucius do this to you?” Harry only nodded in response silently.

Tom glanced up to see Harry once again teary and he stroked a thumb across the arm he was holding comfortably. “Shh, Harry.” whispered Tom. “Look here,” He cooed softly, and muttered a spell.
Harry looked down in time to see the deep lacerations vanishing out of sight to be replaced by new layers of pale skin. “Wow,” He breathed out, touching and fingering the part where there had been painful marks before. “It doesn’t hurt anymore.”

Tom smiled, releasing his grip of Harry’s arm. “Of course not. It was a healing spell, Harry.”

Harry nodded and then said solemnly, “I’m not allowed to use my own magic.” But his expression softened as he looked up at Tom, grateful. “Thank you.”

“It wasn’t that bad.” Tom said whilst ruffling his hair slightly in a friendly gesture. “But… what do you choose, Harry?” asked Tom, suddenly in an almost business-like manner. “Would you go back to your true father with me? To King James? Or stay here, locked up in this tower forever?”

Harry stared up into Tom’s eyes for a split second before holding his hand over Tom’s, accepting his proffered hand. “I want to get out from here, Tom.” He decided. “Will you help me?”

“I will be your guardian until we reached the Gryffindor kingdom, Harry. Your true father’s kingdom.” said Tom as he pulled Harry up to his feet.

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