The Lost Prince

The story are going into four Kingdoms. Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Slytherin. The King and Queen from Gryffindor wanted a son so badly and have tried in many years to get on. A stranger got past their Kingdom and give them a thing where they got a son. What Will happened? Read and find out.

Warning: Slash. MalexMale pairings. Smut chapters. Don't like Don't read. This is a story for people there is over 16 years old.

Beta Reader/Edit: Gurren-on-Kyoto.


11. The Love and Journey.

Harry smiled while he had held the locket in his palm and watched it for some time. It was extremely beautiful in fact. He had attained it near the dungeons where he bumped into a taller person than he, but he felt an arm around his waist as soon as they made contact.

"You need to watch where you're walking, Harry." A silky and gentle voice whispered down into his ear.

"S-Sorry Tom… "Harry said as he hugged Tom close to him right after.

"Are you alright Harry?" Tom asked as he stroked his hand through Harry's hair and kept Harry close to him. "I am…I just think that I am tired…" Harry whispered when he felt Tom's arms curve under his legs where Tom lifted Harry bridal style.

"Then we need to get you into bed." Tom insisted as he walked down the stairs to the dungeons. Harry nuzzled his head into the crook of Tom's neck where he held onto Tom the whole time.

Harry sat down into the soft, silky bed that belonged to Tom and without letting go; Tom had gotten down beside Harry and held him tightly. He stroked Harry's hair softly to make him sooth and calm down.

"Are you sure that you are alright Harry?" Tom asked him kindly as he stroked his knots along Harry's cheek. "I'm alright Tom." Harry leaned into Tom's touch where he sighed softly and fluttered his eyes closed a bit. "Tom…will you…will you please…" Harry tried to say, but he didn't know how to say such a thing.

Tom had stroked Harry's cheek for a long while as he watched the small prince trying to tell him something. He leaned softly down to Harry and cupped his cheeks where he kissed him on his lips. Soft. Gentle and so tender. Harry closed his eyes fully and relaxed into Tom's kiss as he kissed him back again, more deeply and hungrily than before. Tom had slowly lowered Harry down onto the bed as he got on top of Harry, but not once did he break the kiss. He massaged his tongue against the younger males as a small moan escaped Harry's throat and lips. Tom couldn't help himself as he traced Harry's lips with his tongue and slightly bit it, but not enough to draw blood. Then dove back into the raven's mouth yet again, sucking and licking it.

Tom slowly held back after a time so they both could get their breaths. A trail of saliva connected between the two of them and both had very lusty looks, Harry a bit more dazed than Tom. Harry opened his eyes as he looked up at the deep sea blue eyes and made a small teary smile at Tom. Tom smiled softly down at Harry when he stroked Harry's cheek once again so gentle and softly.

"I have tried to say it again and again, Harry." He whispered as he rested his forehead against Harrys. "I think I have fallen for you Harry." He stroked Harry's cheek even more. "I think that I love you Harry. You mean a lot to me and I…I don't want you to be with someone else…" He looked into Harry's eyes as Harry held his arms around Tom's neck and hugged him close. "Don't let me go…" Harry said teary as he rested his forehead against Toms. "I love you too Tom…Please don't let me go." Tears silently fell down his cheeks while he held onto Tom the whole time.

Tom lifted Harry a bit from the bed as he sat down into the bed. He placed Harry on his lap where he held onto Harry and stroked his back.

"I won't let you go Harry…" Tom whispered as he stroked the back of Harry's head.

"Never will I let you go again." The other raven said sternly and kissed Harry at his neck. "I love you Harry. So much." He whispered.

Harry sniffed as he hugged Tom more tightly.

"I love you too Tom."

Tom flipped Harry onto his back where he kissed him deeply once again on his lips. Harry moaned for the soft and tender kisses while he stroked his hand at Tom's chest. He was happy. Happy about being with Tom. The elder raven trailed his tongue to the younger's neck and chose a sensitive spot to suck on. Harry arched a bit and ran his fingers through Tom's silky, black hair and encouraged him to keep going. Tom nipped lightly at the spot causing Harry to gasp. "A-ah! T-tom…" The deviant to cause such pleasure smirked into the little Gryffindor's neck. The Slytherin prince sucked and licked down Harry's collarbone until he came to Harry's shirt and pulled it off in one swoop. "There, not much a bother anymore.." He continued his ministrations until he came upon the small raven's right nipple. He licked the pink bud playfully before biting down gently and sucking on it. Harry hissed.

"O-oh Merlin! F-fuck…" He whimpered. Tom chuckled and looked up. "Anything wrong?"

"N..No…I just…um…didn't expect it to feel so…."


Harry blushed and looked away. "Y-yeah…" Tom just gave a Cheshire cat grin and looked into those avada kedavra eyes. "You're too cute when you're embarrassed, you know…" Harry's face looked like a tomato and puffed out his lip in a pout. Tom just smiled and kissed those puffy tempting lips before attacking the left pink bud and latching to it.

Another moan escaped Harry's lips as Tom had slid his hand down into his pants and gripped Harry's now hard, weeping cock. The naughty Slytherin slid his hand along the underside of Harry's cock and traced the sensitive vein, then slid his hand up and took his thumb, rubbing in circles all around the head of Harry's penis making sure to dip into the responsive hole that was there and defenseless against him. Pre-come was leaking all over Tom's hand as he continued to stroke and twist the cute cock, making it weep more.

Harry mewled and gasped under Tom's touch as he felt the pleasure from his grab and bucked against the delicious friction enthusiastically. Tom placed his other hand on Harry's sac and massaged them gently. Harry was being driven crazy at this point, so much pleasure to be had and he only wanted more from his Slytherin prince. Sure Lucius had done this before to him, but he didn't know that he felt that wrong on that time. This...this was even better.

"Tell me Harry, if you want it. I do not want to hurt you in any way by this." Tom's soft and whispering voice was heard beside him.

"I do Tom, please…" Harry begged as he held his arms around Tom's neck. "I want you and only you." He whimpered.

"Mine…" Tom growled and smiled a bit as he kissed Harry down at his neck to his shoulder blade. Slowly, Tom had slowly removed Harry's pants and threw them down to the ground as he looked at Harry's beautiful skin. He kissed each inch he could as he just enjoyed the noises that his young lover could make. Even though, he could tell that this was Harry's very first time with someone. It was lucky that Lucius not had used his Harry this way.

Harry had held his hands down at the bed sheets where he made a small moaned for each kiss that Tom made on him. Each of them was more delightful than the next. Each of them made him feel like he was in heaven. And only Tom could make him feel this way, so horny and hungry for more. Why? Because he wanted Tom. No one other than Tom.

"P-Please Tom…" Harry mewled and began begging. "Patience my dear~ " Tom whispered into Harry's ear when he nipped it a bit. "You shall not rush through it because it's a thing you should enjoy." He said as he stroked his hand on Harry's stomach down on his bellybutton and to his hips. "B-But I want you Tom..!" Harry whined as he tried to reach for Tom to do more, but Harry's wrist was held down against the bed once again. "Don't be impatient my Love." Tom smirked and kissed Harry on his lips. Harry couldn't handle it. He just wanted Tom and he really needed him. He felt the need for him. Hungrily, Harry kissed Tom back where he held his mouth opened a bit.

Tom had held Harry's chin upwards where he kissed Harry more deeply. As he noticed, the young prince opened his mouth, and took the opportunity to dive his tongue into Harry's mouth to taste the boy. So sweet and yet so bitter. Tom never really expected so much over it, but goodness! The boy was more than whatever he could wish for.

The kiss broke once as Tom had begun to suck and nibble Harry down at his neck and chest. The noises that he made were delicious and all his to hear! The whimpers, Whines and begging Harry would give.

Tom had removed his own shirt after Harry had pulled it, wanting it off. His chest was full with old scars, but yet so beautiful to look at. "W-What happened to you Tom?" Harry asked sounding a bit worried. He stroked a finger along one of the scars. "When you are born into the Royal family, Harry, you are taught from the age of six to learn to use swords. As Punishment, if you are to make a mistake in defending yourself, you were struck. They take no safety precautions when teaching you." Tom explained to him as he kissed Harry at his shoulder once again where Harry moaned a bit.

"Is what they do in each kingdom?" Harry managed to ask while Tom took the rest of his left over clothing off. "I do not know about the others, but in the Slytherin Kingdom, that's how they do it." Tom said as he stroked his hand softly down on Harry's bellybutton.

Harry arched his back a bit when the pleasure shot through his body for each kiss and stroke Tom had made. "T-Tom" Harry moaned. "P-Please more Tom!" He begged him as Tom had kissed Harry at his neck. "Patience, my love…" He smirked while he teased Harry's cock with his thumb and forefinger around the head, rubbing the forefinger repeatedly into the leaking hole.

"Spread your legs a bit..." Tom asked the little raven as he nodded quickly and spread his legs a little wider so Tom could see the beautiful pink little pucker perfectly.

Tom kissed Harry all the way down his chest while he slowly made his way to Harry's weeping erection. Harry had never felt so hard in his life, but then again, he had never done this before. Tom experimentally licked the head of Harry's cock and swirled his tongue around the foreskin, then dipping into the urethra.

"Nyah-ha! O-oh so g-good..!" Harry moaned and bucked a little. He wanted Tom to do more... He wanted Tom inside him badly. "T-Tom… "Harry moaned softly when he reached a hand to Tom's shoulder.

"Relax, Harry." Tom whispered when he nibbled to Harry's ear for a little while. "I'll will try and make it feel good as I can for you." He said as he let go of Harry's length where he slid his hand softly down Harry's arse. "Will you turn over, love?" He asked Harry softly and kind when Harry made a small nod as he turned over and laid down on his stomach.

Tom held Harry's butt a bit up at the air where he spread Harry's legs apart so he was on his knees. "You look so beautiful Harry…" Tom caressed the crack between the two cheeks playfully.

Harry blushed red a bit on his cheeks when he rested his head aside on the bed and had his fist fold softly beside his head. "Thank you, Tom." He mumbled, but squeaked a bit when he felt something warm at his entrance.

"T-tom?! What are you d-doing…?" Harry felt something lick his pucker sending shivers up his spine. "Oo-oohh, w-what was THAT?" Harry moaned. "Wait for it, it gets even better…" Tom smirked mischievously and lowered his face to the other raven's crevice and pushed in a wet muscle into the opening, having circled his tongue into the hole. "F-fuck…a-ahhh..Ooo.." Harry's eyes rolled into the back of his head as he panted. Holy Merlin, this felt incredible! The Gryffindor prince twisted and bucked or at least tried to if Tom wasn't holding his hips. The sensation was driving him crazy; the wet tongue licking the top of the tunneled entrance, twitching for much bigger things. The Slytherin prince then stopped and withdrew his sinful tongue as Harry whined in disappointment and leaned over into the bedside stand for something Harry could not see. There was a pop! And the sound of twisting metal. Tom coated his fingers into the mysterious gel and inserted them into Harry causing him to jump.

"What was that?!" He asked.

"Lube." Tom said as he stroked it softly at Harry's entrance.

"It's coooooold…!" Harry whined a bit.

"If you want the pleasure Harry, take the cold for now." Tom laughed as he Kissed Harry down his back when he twisted a finger inside Harry. A soft and weak moan escape from Harry's mouth right after when he flutter his eyes closed again and laid his head down on the bed.

Tom moved his finger in and outside of Harry at a moderate pace while he kissed Harry down at his shoulder once again.

"Does it feel good, Love?"

"U-u-un…ahh…m-more..deeper.." Harry mewled desperately, pushing his body backwards trying to fuck himself on those heavenly fingers.

Tom slowly added the second finger and moved them around a bit more, sliding deeper into Harry's sphincter. Tom smiled when Harry moaned a bit more loudly as he tried to hold him back against Tom's fingers. "You are so impatient, Harry!" Tom chuckled.

"But I want you T-Tom..!" Harry said into a moaned when he grabbed the sheet a bit more firmly."P-Please…!"

"Patience is a virtue…" Tom chuckled as he kissed Harry down at his back once again as he added the third finger and moved them in and out from Harry.

Harry held his mouth a bit open into an "O" shape as he let another moan escape his mouth. He gasped as Tom had hit something there made him go into more pleasure than before. "I think I hit your spot, Harry…" Tom whispered down to Harry's ear where he kissed gently behind it. "T-Tom please…." Harry moaned as he looked a bit up at Tom. "I-I want you…please" He begged.

"As you wish then, Harry" Tom said as he slid his fingers out right after. "Turn over my Gryffindor Prince. I want to see you while we make love." Harry held himself on his back and spread his legs out for Tom (He sure does a lot of that, doesn't he? –Beta).

"What a beautiful sight…" Tom whispered with a smile down at Harry as he stroked his hand over Harry's beautiful slightly toned stomach. Harry couldn't wish for anything more in the whole world at this moment. Just he and Tom.

Tom shifted in between Harry's legs as he held them a bit more apart. "It will hurt at first, Harry, but I promise you it will get so much better." Harry felt something thick and definitely above average probe Harry's anus. Harry just made a small needy moan for that something and ground his arse against Tom's penis. "Go on Tom…" He said as Tom slowly had lube them both and entered Harry slowly, where he pushed into him all the way to his hilt with a groan.

"G-gods you are tight Harry!" Tom groaned when Harry had moaned and grabbed the bed sheets a bit more tight for the pain and pleasure he received.

Tom sat quietly and waited for Harry to adjust then kissed Harry on his neck and jaw to comfort him and distract a bit from the pain.

"It's alright, Harry. I'll wait for you to adjust to my size." He whispered as Harry made a small nod and took in some small breaths.

"M-Move tom…" Harry begged as Tom held his hand on Harry's hip for a moment. "Tell me if I hurt you Harry…." Tom whispered sensually as he slid a bit out and moved gently inside Harry again. A moan escape Harry's lips once again; Harry was grabbing the bed sheets for his life. "T-Tom it…feels so good!" Harry moaned as he tried to rock himself backwards onto Tom's cock.

Tom breathed picked up and heaved a little faster as he picked up his pace and pounded quicker in Harry's little hole. "'re..s-so hot..Harry. S-so delicious.." He kissed down Harry's chest. Harry just moaned under Tom's movement as he held his arms around Tom's neck after a while. Tom thrusted his cock into Harry's tight heat and groaned so satisfied by the velvety heat consuming him. Harry contracted his muscles around Tom's sea cucumber. Harry moaned for each movement Tom pounded into him and he couldn't feel more happy right now. To feel Tom. To love and be with him. Harry's moans were starting to turn into gasps and panting, feeling his insides be rubbed up against so delightfully. Tom withdrew himself from Harry's pucker, then slammed back in causing Harry to scream in pleasure.

"Oo-oh, god!" Tom snickered. "I didn't think that I was held up that highly in your eyes.." Harry reached back and playfully smacked him. "Your ego sure as hell doesn't need that boost." Harry backed his arse onto Tom's member impatiently and squeezed his arse muscles. "A-ah..!" Tom gasped as his eyes rolled back. Tom regained sense and smacked Harry's butt cheek causing him to giggle, then went back to thrusting.

"You are so adorable Harry…" Tom whispered between his groans and panting. "I'm here Harry….Tell me if you want me to come inside you." He said as he held Harry up against his chest and wrapped his arms around him where he kissed Harry at his shoulder.

"P-Please Tom…" Harry moaned as he rested his head back against Tom's shoulder. "D-Do whatever you wish. I still l-love you so much." he panted as his fingers intertwined with Tom's. "Come with me, love…" Tom's hand wandered down between Harry's legs and grabbed the Gryffindor's length and stroked him teasingly. Harry cried out into the pleasure as he bucked his back a bit. Tom's thrusts become deeper and faster inside Harry, hitting the other boy's prostate with astonishing accuracy every time. Harry's eyes rolled to the back of his head as white-blinding pleasure overcame his senses and his moans became extremely loud as the sounds of balls rapidly slapping skin increased. Harry couldn't take it anymore, his hole being abused and loving every moment of it. "T-tom..! I-I'm gonna-!" Harry arched his back into Tom's chest and pulled the Slytherin prince into a passionate kiss; tongues aggressive licking and mouths sucking each other. Harry gave a final mewl into Tom's mouth and spurted thick white ropes all over Tom's hand and all over the sheets as Tom filled the young raven's caverns with his own essence, over-filling and spilling out down Harry's legs.

Breathing fast and heavily, Tom laid Harry down onto the bed with Harry on top and entangled their limbs together.

"So amazing…" He whispered as he held his hand into Harry's hair and stroked him softly "Are you alright..?" Harry nodded as he tried to catch his breath again. Tom slid out of Harry and laid him down beside his own body where he mumbled a cleaning spell on them both and the bed, getting rid of all evidence of the activity that just took place.

Harry cuddled up to Tom and placed his head on his shoulder. "W-Was I good?" Harry asked nervously, looking down away from Tom. Tom looked at Harry for some time then held his hand under Harry's chin and lifted it to his eye level so Harry could face him. "You were amazing and wonderful, Harry." He said softly and kindly as he stroked Harry's chin a bit with his thumb. "Don't worry about that. You were simply good and very sweet." Harry made a small smile as he his cheeks turned a bright pink.

"Thanks….I…I really enjoyed it…I'm so glad my first time was with you Tom…" Harry whispered as he rested his head on Tom's neck right after. "Don't leave me Tom." He clung to Tom a bit tightly. "Harry…." Tom whined as he sat up and lifted Harry into his arms. "Where would you get the idea from that I would leave you? I won't do that and I could never do that." He stroked Harry's arm softly while he pressing his lips at Harry's temple. "I care for you…" He whispered the comforting reassuring words as he rubbed Harry's arm gently.

"I-I just want to be sure…." Harry closed his eyes leaned his head against Tom's chest. "I just don't want you to leave me." He felt a blanket fall over his shoulders right after. Harry opened his eyes slightly where he looked at Tom's chest. From the corner of his eye, he saw that Tom covered them both up with the blanket as he keep Harry close to his chest. "I could never leave you Harry. That is a promise." Tom stroked Harry's hair softly. Tom laid them both down onto the bed where he kept his arms around Harry and made sure he was calmed. "Get some sleep Harry. We have a long Journey tomorrow." The Slytherin prince whispered as he hummed a bit for Harry, lulling him into slumber.

Harry had nodded as he slowly closed his eyes and enjoyed the humming his elder lover made. He blew out a soft sigh and was absorbed into the tunes of the soft humming. In a way, Tom had an effect on him. The soft humming dragged him into a soothing dreamland, where his happiness would continue to pursue.

The following day, Hermione, Ron, Drain, Tom and Harry had gotten a few horses from the kingdom that they would use to go out on their journey; they also had numerous bags with food settled on the horses from the generous king himself. Harry was still afraid to ride a horse alone so He was lucky enough to get on the same horse that Tom was on. Drain was small enough to get a pony since his size did not match to a horse.

Before they were due to leave, they had a last lunch with the Slytherin king. All of them were in the throne room, where a wide and long table had been placed with tons of food on it; everything from minced meat pies to chocolate treacle tarts, even luxurious foods such as roasted lamb. The Slytherin King did not waste an opportunity to show off his extravagant luxuries, but was subtle about it as a Slytherin should be.

Tom sat beside Harry where he entangled hand with Harry's under the table to cool him down a little. Harry was still kind of afraid of Tom's father, Lord Voldemort. There was an eerie silence in the throne room where they mostly just ate, but Voldemort looked over to where Harry and Tom were sitting and decided to break the ice. "So Thomas…" Voldemort folded his hands and placed them on the table."I want to know when to expect you to be home again." He said. "I would not like to worry about you out there. You are sure you do not want any of the Knights to accompany you and your….friends?" He asked with a small pause between the words 'your' and 'friends'.

Tom had looked up at his father."I do prefer to get there alone with them, Father. You know what your 'knights' do at times and I do not like their behavior." Tom explained rather gently than usual. "Even If I insist?" Voldemort asked him. "The answer would still be no." Tom sipped from his goblet and placed it down again, his lips in a thin line.

"At least take the mirror with you so I can watch out for you." Voldemort said rather calmly and gently into his tone. "If I agree to that, would you stop telling me what to do?" Tom asked him in a demanding tone. "It is my pleasure to do that, Thomas." Voldemort raised his golden crusted and jeweled goblet in a toast. "For your journey….let it be well and let no harm come to all of you." He declared as he sipped from his goblet. Hermione and Ron had looked back and forth between Tom and Voldemort.

For some reason, Hermione could see something between them wasn't right, but she couldn't put her finger on it. "Well, let's get moving then." Tom stood up abruptly with Harry, but has released his hand.

"If I may Thomas, I would like to have a word with Mr. Potter…alone." Voldemort's aura went cold as Harry tensed, nervous about what the king had wanted and looked over at Tom with reprieve. "I will be outside the room. Although I warn you, if you scare him, I cannot promise that I will not harm my own father. "Tom glared as he made a small pat on Harry's arm.

"Trust me; I will not harm young Mr. Potter." Voldemort chuckled as Tom signaled for Ron, Hermione, and Drain to follow him out. Harry stood aback where he looked at his friends and lovers back as the door closed behind them. "Silencio!" Voldemort raised his arm and a magical vibration filled the air, cancelling out any outside noise, but also preventing anyone from hearing within as well. Red, slit-shaped eyes bore into Harry as the young raven gulped.

"I've noticed what you have around your neck, Mr. Potter." Voldemort's tone changed completely and in a frightening sense as Harry found out the hard way. Voldemort looked down at Harry in a furious manner and held his hand out."Hand the locket over" Harry tilted his head, confused at Voldemort. "What? No!" He said as he held his hand at his chest to protect the locket. "It is mine Potter. It is a horcrux and I do not know how in Morgana's name you got your hands on it!" He hissed.

"Hand. It. Over. Now." He growled as Harry clear his throat a bit. He sighed as he reached reluctantly under his shirt and took the locket off. It made a ticking noise. "Drain gave it to me as a present…." Harry said as he looked at the locket curiously. "That little hobbit-rabbit creature?" Voldemort asked him. "Y-yeah." Harry shuttered and raised his head and green emerald eyes met the cold red bloody ones.

"H-He told me that he…found a cave…and that he…found this locket in it…." Harry explained nervously. "I….Please don't harm him…" He took the locket off and handed it over to Voldemort. "I'm sorry…" He took a deep, shaky breath. "Just…don't harm him, alright? He is nice and didn't know any better…" Harry said worried for Drain's well-being.

Voldemort held the locket in his palm where he tightly balled his fist around it as he stared into Harry's avada kedavra green eyes. "I will not harm him, but if this locket were to fall into the wrong hands, I would be very furious over it and maybe….make a 'mistake' in which one certain creature or human would vanish from this world." He placed the locket into his pocket as he kept his eyes on Harry the whole time. "Although, torture is another alternative I could use; or I could let my best servant, Bellatrix Lestrange, do it for me. Her love and talent for using sharp knives creatively is so….rare to see." He smiled cruelly. "P-Please don't…" Harry whimpered with a tad of fear caught in his voice. "I won't….just keep your promise, Potter. No talking about this and do not fail the mission we spoke about." Voldemort waved his arm into the air and released the silent charm from the room. "You may go." He said as he turned and walked to his throne. "Y-Yes sir… "Harry quickly left the throne room in relief and was out again.

Harry took a few minutes to calm himself down before he went to meet up with Tom and the others. He stepped outside and walked over to where Tom and his horse were. "Are you alright, Harry?" Tom caressed Harry's cheek for comfort. "Yeah…shall we get moving now?" Harry managed a small smile at Tom. "Sure… here let me help you up…" Tom wrapped an arm around Harry's middle and lifted the little raven's leg into the saddle step so he could boost him over the horse. Tom himself settled down behind Harry where he held his arms around Harry's waist to make sure the Gryffindor prince wouldn't fall down.

"Let's get out of here now and get on the way to Gryffindor Kingdom!" Tom called out as Ron, Hermione, and Drain had got on their horses…and pony.

Soon, they were making their distance from Slytherin King with new determination in hand. Harry looked back and up at the windows where he saw Voldemort standing there, looking down at them from the tall, looming, and dark window. "Soon, the kingdom of Gryffindor will be mine as well…" A chilling laugh echoed throughout the castle hauntingly as lightning filled the sky and thunder clapped continually. Harry shivered as he felt a tickle, almost painful feeling in his scar. He looked forward to distract away from the feeling and to feel better from the creepiness behind him. Harry sighed and leaned his head on Tom's shoulder.

Tom stroked Harry's stomach as he rested his head down onto Harry's. "You sure you are alright?" He asked him after they had ridden for a while. "Yeah, I just think I'm still tired." Harry mumbled as he fought against his eyes, trying to keep them open. He wanted to sleep, but he didn't want to be a burden for Tom while was riding. "We can slow down a bit and you can sleep for a while Harry. No one is going to make you stay awake." Tom slowed down their horse. "Is there something wrong, Tom?" Hermione asked as she pulled up beside the two. "No, we just need to take it a bit slow. Harry feels tired and I think he needs the rest." The Slytherin prince pulled his dark stallion over in a shaded area between the trees next to a stream."I think it will be alright." Tom looked behind their party and sighed, a little annoyed. "Drain needs to catch up anyway. He is not too much behind, but no one complains." Hermione shrugged and smiled at them both.

"Thanks Mione!" Harry said with a tired smile. He rested his head once more against Tom's shoulder, but also this time into his neck as well. "Just get some sleep mate." Ron yawned and stretched his arms into the sky as he rode on the other side of them. "We'll take it slow and not rush with things. Besides, I would like to have a game of chess when we get the tents up again." The red head grinned. "I'd…love to." Harry mumbled and nodded in agreement before he had fallen asleep on Tom.

Tom smiled in an endearing manner while he stroked Harry's stomach to calm him down into his sleep. "At times, I wonder why you two are that close to each other…" Ron scratched the back of his head and shrugged, turning away. Hermione just groaned and shook her head at his obliviousness and muttered something about 'being thick headed'. Drain had managed to catch up shortly after with his pony and strode beside Hermione as he looked up at Harry. "Aww! Look how cute the little prince looks when he's sleeping!" He commented with a grin.

"Some people can look adorable as they are sleeping, and then there's Ronald." Hermione sighed and shook her head as she crossed her arms. "None the less, his snoring sounds so sweet." She giggled as Ron's face turned red as a tomato. "Mione…!" He whined and puffed his cheeks. "Oh please, Ronald." Tom snorted and looked down at Ron, obviously disagreeing with Hermione's sweet statement."I had room down into the dungeons and even I could hear your loud snoring!" Hermione and Drain burst out laughing. "Hey! Are all you guys just gonna do is mock me about my snoring all day?! Geez. Give a guy a break!" He huffed as the others laughed turned into small snickers. Tom just gave Ron a cocky grin. "Well, someone had to set the facts straight between the differences of you and Harry sleeping."

Soon, they were on their way again setting farther apart from the Slytherin Kingdom, no longer in view, Harry still quietly asleep on Tom. Drain was riding in the front this time to show them a new way that might be faster to the Gryffindor Kingdom. He pulled out a flute from his small, but magically enchanted expanded bag. He was into a good mood and played a soft melody, then sang an old folk song from the times of old from his people.

There's a road calling you to stray

Step by step, pulling you away

Under moon and star, take the road no matter how far

Where it leads no one ever knows

Don't look back, follow where it goes

Far beyond the sun, take the road wherever it runs

The road goes on

Ever, ever on

Hill by hill

Mile by mile

Field by field

Stile by stile

The road goes on, ever, ever on

Ron grinned and leaned over to Drain as he pulled beside him on his horse."I know that song! My mother used to sing it to me as a babe. I remember the next part too!" Drain gave Ron the go ahead and started playing the flute to complete the song as a whole once more.

One more mile

Then it's time to eat

Pick some pears succulent and sweet

To the farthest shore

Take the roads a hundred miles more

Sweet pink trout

Tickled form a stream

Milk a goat chum it into cream

Far beyond the sun

Take the road wherever it runs

The Road goes on

Ever, ever on

Hill by hill

Mile by mile

Field by field

Stile by stile

Road goes on

Ever, ever on

Ron and Drain grinned at each other while Drain played the flute. "Lovely! At least Ronald and Drain get along with each other now! "Hermione giggled and looked kindly at Tom.

"Well, I can always see why those two are fighting, but Drain to can be too much at times, so I understand." Tom sighed and looked at the bunny-hobbit hybrid creature playing his flute masterfully. "It's kind of catchy, I guess."He shrugged and looked at the night sky above, then smiled a bit while he kept his arm around Harry's waist. "You could sing along too, Tommy!" Drain yelled over at the eldest prince with a chuckle and grin. "I do not sing! And my name is Tom, not 'Tommy'!" Tom scowled and glared at the white-haired creature, obviously not approving of the nickname."Oh, come on!" Drain made a frown and pointed at it with his fingers at Tom, almost mockingly."One single line is that so bad?!" He stuck his tongue out. "I will not do it and that's final!" Tom growled as Hermione giggled. "I take it then!" She called over at Drain when she had ridden over to them. Drain started playing his flute again as Ron hummed along and Hermione started singing.

See the road flows past your doorstep

Calling for your feet to stray

Like a deep and rolling river

It will sweep them far away

Just beyond the far horizon

Lies a waiting world unknown

Like the dawn, its beauty beckons

With a wonder all its own

The Road goes on

Ever, ever on

Hill by hill

Mile by mile

Field by field

Stile by stile

The road goes on

Ever, ever on

She smiled as Drain played his flute for her and clapped after she sang her part. "Wonderful!" He grinned giddily as Hermione chuckled and placed her finger on her lips thoughtfully. "Well, I do remember that one of the knights had sung that for me once when I was smaller."

"Well, it was beautiful, as always." Drain was hanging off his pony playfully and swinging back and forth, reminding Hermione of a little monkey from some book she had read long ago. Tom just shook his head at them as he rode behind them. He stroked Harry's stomach as he looked down at him.

"You really are such a sleeping beauty." He whispered into Harry's ear, and then kissed the sleeping raven lightly on his temple. Harry just let out a soft sigh where he nuzzled his head more into Tom's chest. He knew that this was going to be a long journey.

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