The Lost Prince

The story are going into four Kingdoms. Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Slytherin. The King and Queen from Gryffindor wanted a son so badly and have tried in many years to get on. A stranger got past their Kingdom and give them a thing where they got a son. What Will happened? Read and find out.

Warning: Slash. MalexMale pairings. Smut chapters. Don't like Don't read. This is a story for people there is over 16 years old.

Beta Reader/Edit: Gurren-on-Kyoto.


12. The Huffelpuff Kingdom.

A week had gone by as the two princes travelled along with their three fellow friends and continued their journey to get the lost prince back to his home. Their luck with the weather had been unfortunate though; it had started to rain on the third day, when they had been travelling along the Hungarian Horntail Forest and they had to make a stop for the night. Sopping wet, they had all set tents up to avoid getting ill from the rain and the cold. As far Tom knew, Harry and the others had a tendency to get sick easily, especially catching colds. The tents were pretty luxurious, magically endowed with expansion charms and a fireplace, where everyone, except Tom, were sitting all around. Where was Tom? He was out hunting in the dark of the forest with great caution of his surroundings. This place wasn't called the Hungarian Horntail forest for nothing.

The last thing he needed was a dragon on his arse. He managed to catch a doe off guard and silently pull his bow back, arrow loaded, and then whish! Bathump! The arrow struck the deer right through the neck; it fell to the ground, instantly dead. Tom smiled victoriously as he knew he had much confidence in his archery skills. He walked quickly and quietly over to the forest creature and threw it over his shoulder, looking around to make sure he was clear before making his way back to the tents. He had to get out of there quickly unless he wanted a nearby Horntail dragon to pick up the scent of the blood and investigate, which was the last thing he needed. When he made it back to the tent, he cut it into pieces and used its skin to make some warm blankets. He knew it would be a lovely present for Harry and the others. Roars were heard nearby and everyone looked up, fear evidently appearing in their eyes.

"We must leave first thing in the morning away from this cursed place…I don't want to get tangled up with unnecessary trouble." Tom huffed and everyone nodded in agreement.

They left the following morning, taking a longer route than where they were originally going because dragons were travelling on that path. A long time had passed, from days to nights, rains and strong winds, but none of them ever bucked under the pressure of the weather. At times, Harry for some reason was so tired and slept most of the time on Tom's chest while they were riding along the river.

The not so short, shortcut had brought them near the Ravenclaw Kingdom. The castle was clear and had blue and silver flags all over the place; the walls shone with pure white almost marble-like stone. The garden surrounding it has blue roses everywhere, even on vines that were climbing the walls. It was such a gorgeous sight to behold. "It's…nice to see the castle still is in one piece. "Hermione sighed where she stared at the castle for a moment, reminiscing.

Tom looked back at the brunette princess. "Was it not you two who tried to escape from there? If I am not mistaken, wasn't it you who escaped because of the forbidden love you two had…? "Tom rubbed his chin in thought as Hermione nodded as a confirmation and grabbed Ron's hand when he strode next to her. "We did. My father did not wish for us to be with each other. He wanted me to marry another, someone from your kingdom, Prince Tom." She sounded very crestfallen at the memory, maybe more so at her father's rejection and ill intent towards her choice. Tom stopped for a moment and glared back at her with a scowl on his face. "Would you please stop with the 'Prince Tom' rubbish?" He hissed at her, a bit frustrated. "S-Sorry, Tom…." Hermione drew back and whimpered from the scolding.

Ron placed his hand on Hermione's shoulder soothingly. "Tom, you shouldn't be so harsh towards her! You are a prince, so don't take that tone with Hermione! She was only trying to be respectful." Ron sharply retorted.

Tom rolled his eyes as he looked at Ron. "It's annoying that she calls me 'Prince'. I know I am one, but don't remind me of it. My father already does enough of that." He pulled the reins on his horse to make it go forward again. He suddenly stopped dead in his tracks as it went drearily quiet. Something wasn't right; there should have been the sounds of animals at least. That's when it hit Tom. His eyes widened.

"Get away quick!" He shouted. Before anyone realized what he meant, soldiers jumped down from the trees and surrounded them and more in the trees threw giant nets that covered all of the party and their horses. The horses bucked their owners off of them and onto the ground; they were released and taken into custody by the strangers and left in the net. Harry struggled as they had taken him away from under the net and Tom.

"TOM!" Harry reached for Tom's hand, eyes filled with fear and Tom, his safe haven, only an inch away.

"Harry!" Tom shouted as he tried to get out from under the net that had him contained. "Let me go!" Tom demanded almost desperately as he struggled against the net furiously. Tom observed their attackers; their uniforms were Yellow and Black, so they were Hufflepuff, hm? Tom concluded.

"We caught the rest over here, Captain!" A voice called out from nearby as a tall figure had walked out of the shadows and approached the Slytherin prince. It was a dark-haired male who had an aristocratic face with bright eyes. He wore armor with a badger insignia incrested onto it. Obviously, he was a higher up from the Hufflepuff Kingdom. He looked down at Tom in a condescending way and chuckled. "Well, well, well…Thomas Marvolo Riddle. Slytherin's precious prince..." Cedric Diggory bent down to Tom's level to mock him. "How come the little Slytherin Prince is so far away from his home?"

Tom growled. "Let us go Diggory! We are just passing through, so gently hand over the raven haired boy!" Tom tried to lunge forward, but was held back by the net.

"Easy now, Thomas, my friend." He taunted, waving a finger at Tom.

"I am NOT your friend!" Tom snarled at the word, 'friend', disgusted by its use in this case. As soon as the net was removed, the other knights pinned the elder raven down to the ground.

"You are with two people from Ravenclaw along with a creature that is classified as dangerous." Cedric ignored Tom's little outburst and continued to talk as he looked over at Hermione and Ron. Drain pulled and tried chewing through the net that he was contained under.

"For me, it seems like a trick or some plot from the Slytherin Kingdom." His eyes landed on Tom again. "And why should that small boy be so important? " He asked.

"He just is. We are taking him home where he belongs." Tom explained, still glaring at the model captain.

Cedric smiled as he looked back where they had captured Harry and placed him on Cedric's horse. "Take them back to Helga's Castle!" Cedric called out as the Knights tied Tom's wrists together behind his back. They did the same to Ron, Hermione, and Drain as well.

The knights threw them into a farmer's cart where they started riding towards Hufflepuff Kingdom. All while Harry still stood with the two Knights at Cedric's horse.

Cedric had walked over to him right after as he held a hand under Harry's chin and made him face him. "Who are you lad?" he asked him as Harry looked at Cedric for a while as he tried to struggle a bit "Dosen't matter!" Harry shouted when he got out from Cedric's grab.

Cedric growls a bit as he grabbed Harry's throat and heard a whimp from Harry while he held harry against a tree "You shall learn not to shout into a prince face." Cedric told cold when he Keep Harry pinned to the tree. Harry sniffed a bit when he really was scared right now. He wish Tom was here. He wish that this 'captain' not would hurt him. "P-Please let us go" Harry whined.

Cedric looked at the small raven haired boy for a time as he slowly let go at his throat "You be nice and then I be nice" He told him as he grabbed Harry around his waist and got him over to his horse. He got Harry on it where Cedric got behind him as he keep his arm around Harry's waist "Try to get off and your friends will get hurt" cedric told him as Harry shakes a bit. He was use to that Tom did this not someone else. He slowly and shakly nodded when he hold onto the horse for a time. Cedric started to get the horse in motion where they got toward Huffelpuff Kingdom there was around a few hours away from Ravenclaw.

Harry keep him silence under the whole trip but he shakes a bit when Cedric keep a tight grab around his waist so he didn't tried to run away or something else. His eyes was toward the ground the whole time. He didn't wanted this. He felt it was his fault that they ended like this. How bad would Tom and his new friends have it? Harry held his eyes shut as he didn't wanted to think that much about it. He wished that the knight Cedric would just leave him alone.

As they had rid for a few hours they arrive to Huffelpuff castle. The prisoners expect Harry was taken to the dungeons where they got chained to the wall till Cedric could choose what they should end to. Cedric thought had got Harry down from the horse as he keep Harry into a grab so he couldn't escape. He lead Harry into a room there was nothing more than Dark. The only light there was into the room was from the small fireplace. The shadows dance around the place as the fire blew around into the fireplace.

Harry clear his throat as Cedric had placed him into the bed "I shall see what I can use you to…" Cedric told when he got his huge armor of his body where his chest and arms was showed more proper again. He looked like he were strong. Very strong in fact. His muscles was big.

"Please…don't hurt them or me…" Harry pleading as he keep his eyes down at the floor for a time. Cedric turned as he made a small smirk at Harry for a time." Oh we see what there will happened…" Cedric said as he slowly stepped over to Harry and bend down in front at him. "I ask again and I expect a answer…" He told straight out where he held his hand firmly on Harry's chin so he made Harry face him "Who are you and what was it you all should do?" He asked him as Harry whimped a bit as he tried to get back "Answer me now!" Cedric told mad. "Just leave me alone!" Harry shouted when he backed away from Cedric. "I told you I expected an answer! So you better give me one!" Cedric roar as he pushed Harry down into the bed and made his hands above his head for a time. "LET ME GO!" Harry shouted while he struggled under Cedrics grab.

Cedric growls as he held his wand out from his pocket. He made ropes out from the tip of his wand and they tied Harry's hands above his head and against the headboard "I can do what I want to. Special to get an answer." Cedric told into a hard voice. Harry tried to struggle against him but Cedric had been a lot more stronger than he was. "let me go please!" Harry cried.

"Even you answer me right now or we can go more far than we already are" Cedric told him when he held a hand over Harry's chest. "Who are you and what where you doing with Prince Thomas?" He asked Harry once again. Harry sobs a bit as he shakes into his whole body "H-Harry Potter…A-And Prince Thomas was helping me… get back to Gryffindor Kingdom…." Harry said between his sobs

Cedric smiled triumph down at Harry right after "So Harry Potter….." he whispered as he made "The Prine of Gryffindor…Rather told The Lost Prince….what a precious moment…" he told as he held a hand under Harry's chin. "What I could get out from your father for return you back…his half kindom…" He told "P-Please…." Harry whispered teary "L-Let me go…let us all go…." He pleading.

"And why should I do that?" Cedric asked when he stroked his hand at Harry's neck "Such a young….handsome….boy like you…." He started as Harry shiver for the words and touch "You could be the perfect boy for me….and I bet to that you maybe are tight as well " he told "P-Please!" harry pleaded. "I just want to get home! If you are a prince then please! Show it!" Harry told him loud "Show you area more than that!" he cried out.

Cedric looked down at Harry for a while. He saw the fearing he had. It was showed all over the place on his face. "Fear…." He whispered as he slowly let go at harry's hands. "Is it that you wish for….to be free with those people….you did know that Slytherins are only trying to please themselves where i…a Huffelpuff….could please both " He told as he got away from harry right after..

"I..don't care…I just want to get home…..I want Tom here.." He whispered "hmm…if that's so " Cedric said as he made a snap with his fingers where a person got got in "yes?" he asked with a bow "get the Slytherin prince but make sure he is tied with his hands at his back" Cedric told as the person bow at him "Of course my prince.." He told and left right after "Sit up" cedric told as Harry slowly got up and sat on the bed where he hold his arms around himself

"Lets see how much we can get out from him if he is such a precious thing for you " He told as he got over to a table where he held some whine up into a goblet. The door got opened soon after where Tom got in with two guardians there hold him. "Harry!" He told as he tried to get to him but the guardians hold him back. "TOM!" Harry called as he ran toward him but cedric got a hand on him and throw him back against the bed "I told sit!" He commanded as Harry shakes a bit for a moment "let him go Cedric!" Tom hissed while cedric just grinned a bit as he drank from his goblet.

"Lets see about it now Thomas my friend" cedric said with a small laugh while his eyes was over at Harry.

Cedric turned his attention to Tom now. The smile that Cedric gave him was not one Tom wanted to see, ever. Tom knew that smile; it was the smile of a predator. The look in which he knew oh so well. The Hufflepuff prince gave Tom a lustful look and tugged off Tom's cloak. "Mm, not that you need this or anything…" He mumbled, silently throwing it into the corner of the room, forgotten. The lust-filled prince slowly unbuttoned Tom's shirt as it was shoved aside. Harry watched in horror as he lover was being stripped down for all to see.

Tom struggled a bit to try and get to Cedric so he didn't hurt his Harry. All while into his pocket was his mirror from his father. It glow for a moment and suddenly. BOOM!

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