The Lost Prince

The story are going into four Kingdoms. Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Slytherin. The King and Queen from Gryffindor wanted a son so badly and have tried in many years to get on. A stranger got past their Kingdom and give them a thing where they got a son. What Will happened? Read and find out.

Warning: Slash. MalexMale pairings. Smut chapters. Don't like Don't read. This is a story for people there is over 16 years old.

Beta Reader/Edit: Gurren-on-Kyoto.


13. The Diadem.

A/N: Well Readers! I suddenly got my writing skills back, and with a help from a program I got from my school. I wrote this chapter on my own without help from my Beta Reader.

I hope that people can understand what I wrote, I really tried hard to make it understandable as much that I could do. I am still learning a few "Bigger" words so it can get more interesting.

The Lost Prince Isn't dead anymore! I hope I can publish chapter 14 in next week or when I have the time to adjust it!

Chapter 13: The Diadem

Tom's pocket had exploded, as a spell had shot out from his pocket and hit Cedric where he fainted. His body fell to the ground, where it made a loud noise. The guards had been knocked at the same time, so it were only Harry and Tom who were left, full awake and unharmed.

Tom used the chance to get free from the guards and Cedric's body, as he got up and went over to Harry.

"Come here " He said, as he held Harry in his arms.

"T-Tom g-get a r-r-robe over you. " Harry stuttered, while he manage to get a blanket from the bed to get over Tom's body.

Harry cling him to Tom's chest, as soon Tom held his arms around Harry. It had been too much for Harry, watching his love getting such a treatment.

"Lets get out Tom, I don't like to be here anymore. " Harry mumbled, while he hid his face against Tom's neck.

Tom slowly stroked his hand along Harry's back, as he kissed the raven-haired teen's forehead.

"Let's go and get the others too Harry. " Tom whispered, when he held his hand into Harry's hand.

Tom took a moment to kneel down over Cedric's body, he notice the wand which stock out from Cedric's pocket. Tom took the wand and reach his hand over to the sword, which one of the guards had carried before.

Tom and Harry then ran out from the room, Tom then turned and shot a spell against the doorframe. In case that Cedric woke up along with the two guards, he did not wanted them to follow them.

They had soon reach the dungeon, where Tom waved the wand against the cell door who he saw Hermione, Ron and Drain was inside.

"Out now and get what you can take of food, weapons, tools and your belongs from before. " Tom ordered at them. He ran up at the stairs again along with the others.

They quickly took what they needed, and they found their belongs too. While Ron, Hermione and Drain was on the way out, Harry and Tom heard a guard shout out.


Tom raised his wand and shot a new spell against the guard, which made the guard knocked out.

"Get the horses now!" Tom called to the others, as he grabbed Harry's arm and got outside with him. Ron had been the first one to get to the stables, where he released their horses. Hermione grabbed around Drain, and lifted him on the brown horse. There was no way they was going to leave him behind.

While Harry got to a black horse, he just felt Tom lifted him on the black horse. The teen notice that Tom didn't got up behind him, but instead stepped back.

"Tom! What abou-"

"It's not time for you to speak now Harry, ride with them" Tom demanded him, as he made the horse ride with the others.

"I will meet you out there!" Tom shouted toward his young love, as he watch them ride out from Huffelpuff Kingdom.

As soon he could not see or hear them anymore, Tom turned and ran inside the castle again. He found the dressing room, where he grabbed a few set clothes. While he just got a shirt over his chest, a guard had surprised him.

Luckily Tom had a weapon on him, he draw the sword just in time before the guard could had hurted him badly. They fought against each other, until the guard manage to back Tom inside the throne room, which had been nearby the dressing room.

Tom's attention when he dodge another attack from the guard was on a glass cabinet. He saw a blue shining diadem, with a symbol of a raven. The guard got him against a wall, where he pressed all his weight against Tom.

Tom let out a small groan, while he felt his chest got heavy. He could almost not get air down in his lungs, because of the heavy pressure the guard forced on his chest.

Tom with all his strengths manage to knock down the guard and with a quick wave of his wand, the guard was knocked out.

Tom then ran over to the glass cabinet, he ripped a piece of the fabric from his shirt and wrapped it around his hand. With a deep breath, Tom smashed the glass with his hand. He took the broken pieces out, so he could get his hand through the hole.

Tom grabbed the diadem and held it out from the cabinet; he got over to a few boxes where he searched for a bag.

He didn't searched that long, as a strong spell pulled the diadem out from his hand. Tom turned and looked over at the doorway, where he saw Cedric was standing against the doorframe with a smirk against his face. He hold the diadem in his hand, where he laughed a bit.

"Leaving so soon?" Cedric asked with a chuckle, as he waved the diadem lazily around.

"Sadly yes." Tom said, as he just hided his wand behind him so Cedric didn't saw it.

"But we was not finish with our little game, was we now?" Cedric asked as he stepped closer toward Tom.

Tom knew if he did not thought fast, he would not be able to get out with the diadem and himself unharmed.


So that was chapter 13. I know its small but at least you got a good part of it ^^ Remember to Review and like my story so I might get more ideas to The Lost Prince.

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