The Lost Prince

The story are going into four Kingdoms. Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Slytherin. The King and Queen from Gryffindor wanted a son so badly and have tried in many years to get on. A stranger got past their Kingdom and give them a thing where they got a son. What Will happened? Read and find out.

Warning: Slash. MalexMale pairings. Smut chapters. Don't like Don't read. This is a story for people there is over 16 years old.

Beta Reader/Edit: Gurren-on-Kyoto.


6. The Creatures

The following morning, Tom woke up the earliest once again. He immediately busied himself into packing and preparing the things they would need. For about an hour, the Slytherin prince worked alone silently knowing his fellow young travelers needed as much energy as they could get from resting.

“You two, get up now. We’re leaving in ten minutes,” Tom announced upon entering Hermione and Ron’s room, a little while later.

The two were huddled up together in a narrow bed and cuddling with each other as if they were stuck together. With such alertness, Ron sat bolt upright and looked around in embarrassment as he caught sight of Tom at seeing them in such a state. Tom did not even cast a glance towards their direction and merely spelled a few of their belongings back to their respective trunks.

“W-Why so bloody early in the morning?” Ron asked in complaint, hiding his still flustered expression and scratching the back of his head.

Hermione had awoken now as well though not looking as flustered as his red-haired lover. Instead, she yawned fancily whilst covering her mouth and slipped off the bed. “Because,” she said almost matter-of-factly, brushing her hair with a comb, “it’s best to start things early.”

She glanced towards Tom’s way who was about to retreat and said, “Thank you for lending us the luxury to sleep here.” To which Tom replied, “You’re welcome. Besides, it’s been agreed we would be sharing things to each other.”
Tom stepped out of the room and walked back to the bedroom upstairs which was the one he and Harry shared. Upon entering, he caught sight once again of the beautiful face of the young prince as he slumbered peacefully, facing the doorway. He couldn’t help but let the smile tugged on thin lips as he sauntered forward, bent down to Harry’s level and brushed a few locks of hair out his forehead. A strange feeling welled up inside him but before he could so much as dwell on them, Harry moved imperceptibly.

“Harry – Harry, wake up.” called Tom, softly, lightly shaking the other boy’s shoulder.

Harry turned in the bed, now lying on his back. “Do I have to…?” he asked, almost in the same whining tone Ron made though his was more pleasant as though a a small child.

Tom chuckled smoothly. “Unfortunately, yes.” he said, sympathetically, adding in his head, ‘But the good part is that I will be able to see your green eyes once more.’

Without waiting for hesitation as though he had always done this, Tom heaved Harry up into a sitting position and the other boy rubbed sleep from his heavy-lidded eyes. “One moment,” he paused to retrieve a vial with purple swirling contents in it from his pocket and handed it to Harry. “This will awaken your senses.”

Harry leaned close to the vial’s opening and sniffed. The moment he did, his face crumpled up in disapproval. “It smells awful!” he exclaimed, seeming like the smell itself had roused him enough without tasting it but he drank the potion nonetheless. Shivering, he mumbled, “It’s awful in every way.”

“Sure it does, but it gives the satisfactory benefit.” He reached out and ruffled Harry’s ever so messy hair and the Gryffindor ducked his head low, squeezing his eyes shut in an adorable manner.


Since Tom was the only one wielding a wand, he was also the one who mostly did the preparation and big tasks such as removing any traces they could have left behind. Sure that everyone was out of the tent, Tom swung his wand and turned the nipa hut-sized tent into a flattened paper and then handed it towards Hermione so she could store it into her beaded bag.

“Everything packed and ready?” asked Ron, arms crossed at the back of his head and looking around.

“Positive. Except of course for your pretty little chessboard which had been chucked out the luggage.” Tom said nonchalantly with a straight face.

“C-Chucked… WHAT?!” The red-haired bellow incredulously, throwing his hands down with force. “You---” he stopped himself just in time from mentioning any profanities or vulgarity with all his might at the Slytherin prince. Tom could barely hide his smirk which only enraged Ron all the more. “So that was why I was bothered, I knew something important was missing!”

In all truth, the chessboard wasn’t at all damaged, let alone missing. And Tom only wanted nothing but to amuse himself by further annoying the young serf but then he caught Harry’s eyes. He saw something in a semblance of disappointment in them which made him feel the slightest guilty. Just slightly.

Tom averted his gaze from the Gryffindor boy and instead casually pulled out the chessboard from where it was securely hidden behind a large rock. “Kidding,” he chuckled, “I wanted to see how much worth this piece of little thing was for you.”

“That’s not bloody funny at all,” scoffed Ron but then stooped over to retrieve the board. He didn’t know how he could maintain politeness with the cunning son of King Slytherin.

All jokes aside, the four youngsters began their journey once more. They wore convenient casual clothes thanks to Tom who transfigured rocks into and Harry rode the horse while Hermione and Ron walked. They reached a hilled top where Tom stopped and peeked over the horizon, chin rested on one of Harry’s shoulders.

“It seems like we should go left. That’ll be the fastest way to Slytherin kingdom.” Tom called out through the noise of the breeze.

“Aren’t we supposed to lead Harry back home? To the Gryffindor kingdom?” Ron aasked, confused.

“I figured we might as well dropped by my own kingdom first since it’s on the way. I have to let my people their prince is safe.” Tom pulled the reins, urging the horse to move and with Ron and Hermione following them behind, they entered into a dark forest.

“This isn’t good, Hermione.” muttered Ron.

And indeed it wasn’t. The forest was dimly-lit and there weren’t any life around there. Anywhere they look was either rotten or withering. All dead. Tom felt Harry tightening his hold on the horse for their arms were close each other and his back leaning more against his chest as though seeking for reassurance that there was another living thing there other than him, Harry.

“I don’t like this place…” whispered Harry. “It feels so dead and… unwelcoming.”

Tom had slowed down their pace and began trotting mindlessly as he examined their surroundings. He clamped a hand on Harry’s shoulder and squeezed it gently, reassuringly, “It’s been a thousand year since there has been an activity here. If something will happen, I’ll be sure to protect you, Harry.”

Harry sighed but not of regret, more of realization. “Maybe…” he hesitated, “Maybe Lucius had been right,” he glanced up at Tom over his shoulder and then back again ahead of him. “The outside world is scary.”

“Listen, Harry,” he lowered his voice so it was only heard by the two of them, but his tone was firm, “Lucius had been brainwashing you for a great part of your life and it was a mistake. He had been molding you into the person you shouldn’t have been. Not all people are hopeless, not all of them are meant to murder.” He gestured a hand towards Hermione’s and Ron’s way. The two had been practically glued together since entering the mysterious forest.

“Thos stranger who aren’t anymore to us, have they hurt you? Have they even attempted on hurting you, Harry?” Tom asked.

Harry focused on the back of a bushy but silky brown locks and a flock of red hairs and after a moment, he shook his head, whispering out, “No…” And Tom knew he had Harry’s confidence once more.

“What’s that, Tom?” asked Harry, suddenly, his attention drawn to the giant dark obstacle ahead their path. It was a huge spider. A huge moving spider, crossing their way. There was a strangled desperate yelp from behind of them and Tom knew it was from Ron. “Bloody hell! That thing’s huge!” Ron shuddered.

Tom, feeling Harry’s fear once more for the boy had his eyes squeezed shut, whispered soothingly though he knew it was futile, “It’s just a giant spider, Harry. It has its own prey so it won’t attack us.”

Hermione and Ron had started backing away then and Tom halted the horse, pulling it reins back to urge it backward. “Easy and slowly. Step backwards carefully,” he said.

The giant Acromantula’s stance changed into an attacking position and as it was about to lunge forward, golden strings coiled around its large sharp fangs. There was a childish laugh from above, one of victory.

“Got you!~” it said.

Unbelievably, the golden ropes entrapped the giant spider until it was hanging mid-air with the end of the strings to the branch of a tree. A small figure jumped off from the top of the tree and landed on his feet next to the spider. He secured the enormous ghastly creature into the tree and had his back to Harry and the others. As he was working, his tiny wings wriggled side to side and his wooden clothes clanged noisily.

“This time, I really got you! And no one can ever say that I’m no good of a spider hunter now, ha-ha!~” sang the boy.

There was a discreet throat clearing from behind and a deep voice asked, “Excuse us.” Tom drawled, now standing on the ground beside Harry, the horse busy stooping low for anything that could be eaten from the soil. “But… who are you, fine creature?”

The boy with golden hair whirled around to face the speaker. He eyed Tom for a while, head tilted to the sided. “Oh, strangers in the forest.” He nodded his head.

“My name’s Drain.” He introduced himself, “Drain the Searcher.” He smiled as though he just said the greatest accomplishment of his life. Dumbstruck, all four young travelers looked blankly at this boy named Drain. Drain only skipped his way closer to the four, but particularly towards Hermione.

“And you, young sirs…? And miss,” He added, spotting the brown-haired princess. He licked a finger and then ran it through Hermione’s hair in a friendly gesture. Hermione giggled, seeing Drain winking at her. “How are you, miss?”

Ron’s ears went pink. “Oi! Hands off of my princess!” he warned, narrowing his eyes. “Stop flirting around,”

Drain stared wide-eyed at Ron and then began sniffling. Hermione smacked Ron’s forearm, “Oh, Ronald. Just let him, he’s doing no harm!”


Drain had busied himself again with something and when he came back, he was holding a tiny fragrant flower. He handed it towards Hermione. “For you, young beauty.”

“Thank you, Drain. That was kind of you.” Hermione said fondly, smelling the flower and smiling.


“What a true enigma,” Tom said thoughtfully, his brows knitted together, watching the scene.

Harry reached out, spotting Drain’s tail and then touched it. Drain’s head perked up and he slapped the hand away, earning him a scowl from Tom though Drain seemed to have missed it.

“Not the tail! No one can touch it, it’s mine!” He said, hugging it to him.

“Sorry…” Harry said apologetically, raising his palms up. Then out of curiosity, he asked, “What kind of… creature are you?” He eyed the strange extra appendages on Drain.

“What am I?” Drain rephrased, “I am a searching creature. And I’m good at combats as well but hunting is my special. That guy over there,” he pointed towards the giant Acromantula, “I’ve been hunting for him for days because he stole my fish!”

“You know, you could come with us.” suggested Hermione, much to Ron’s dismay. “You could be a help to us, Drain. If you’d like, you can come travel with us.”

Drain didn’t think twice and he instantly and eagerly replied, “Oh! Like, like, like!”

Harry tuned out of the conversation made his way to the trapped spider to examine it closely. It was his first seeing such a huge creature despite having been raised in the woods.

“Yes, I think that would be reasonable,” Tom was saying, “although Princess Hermione already has enough food kept in her beaded bag, it’s still nice to have freshly hunted foods.
“Oh, well… I’ll gladly be of help.” Drain grinned and then fished something out of his own bag, tossing different things from it. “Not this, nor this, not this,” he said in between pulling out things, and then, “Right, there we go!” He exclaimed, holding a small dagger out of the bag. “I just need to…” he trailed his eyes around him but then noticed Harry who was dangerously close to the Acromantula.

“Oi, you! Not that near to him!” Drain called out.

Harry turned his head towards the others’ way, raising a brow. “Why not? He’s trapped securely, right? Ow!” He suddenly whined and turning his attention back on the trapped creature, he saw that the spider had once again reawakened and attacked him. His head spun in a blur and distant voices were heard and followed by rushed footsteps.


He heard a loud clinking slash from behind him and a grunt which told him idly that the Acromantula had been killed but it was too late. It had poisoned him already and he could feel it running through his very veins. He felt arms around him and everything went pitch black.

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