The Lost Prince

The story are going into four Kingdoms. Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Slytherin. The King and Queen from Gryffindor wanted a son so badly and have tried in many years to get on. A stranger got past their Kingdom and give them a thing where they got a son. What Will happened? Read and find out.

Warning: Slash. MalexMale pairings. Smut chapters. Don't like Don't read. This is a story for people there is over 16 years old.

Beta Reader/Edit: Gurren-on-Kyoto.


15. The Bravery

Hey readers. Yes this has been a long time ago since I updated this one, to be honest with you all. I lost my document with aaaaalllll what I wrote to Lost prince, I thought it was gone forever! But then I remembered here the other day, I had a email with the document on, so I went straight on and checked it and BAM! Here I got it!

So now there is an Update :3 Enjoy people!


Chapter 15. The Bravery

Harry looked after the Slytherin prince, as he watched him leave with Ron.

"What is he doing, Harry?" Drain asked, while he sat down in front of Harry and took a few berries from the bush.

"I think he wants to see what he can get, a deer or anything like that." Harry answered. His eyes were on Drain for a time before he let out a sigh.

Drain shrugged his shoulders, while he was eating the strawberries from the bush. His golden eyes looked at Harry for a time, but then he noticed something at Harry's neck. Where was the locket?

"Where is your locket, Harry?" he asked him, while Drain pointed at Harry's neck.

"I-I… "Harry stuttered, he couldn't tell Drain that Lord Voldemort took it from him back at Slytherin's castle. It would break the little rabbit-human's heart.

"The Huffelpuff prince took it from me." Harry said sadly, as he looked at Drain. "I-I'm sorry I…I really like that locket." Harry said softly to Drain.

"Don't be sorry, Harry, you couldn't handle it." Drain said, as he patted Harry's arm softly.

Hermione had soon returned to Harry and Drain with branches and tree pieces that they could burn in the fireplace. Drain and Hermione started to set up the wood, so the fireplace would be ready. With a few branches and twists settled high, the fireplace was build and they got fire in the wood. It took maybe a bit over an hour, before Ron and Tom had returned with a whole deer that they carried. The Slytherin Prince placed the deer near the fireplace, as he then got his dagger out so he could cut in the animal.

"Ronald get some more wood with Hermione, Drain could you find some huge leaves and some rope too?" Tom asked with an exhausted voice, while he slice the dagger down along the deer's stomach.

Ron and Hermione had left with each other to get some more woods, where Drain search around them after some huge leaves.

"What about me?" The Gryffindor prince asked, while his green eyes looked at Tom nearby him.

"You stay there so I can have a talk with you." Tom said low, while he cut off pieces from the deer and placed it beside him.

Tom looked over at Drain, who had sat his bag down near the small pond they had camped at for now. He know the human-rabbit had a good hearing, so he wouldn't speak to loud, he hoped.

"S-So?" Harry asked carefully, as he watched Tom cutting the deer into pieces. The blood flowed out from it, and it got on Tom's hands and robes too.

"I need to figure out, how to destroy the Horcruxe's Harry. You and I will first, be truly safe from my father after they are gone. "Tom mumbled, as he got the skin of the deer and placed it aside.

"T-Tom are you saying th-that you will-"

"Will make sure my father's downfall will come true? Yes" Tom answered honestly, as he pause while he looked at Harry for a time.

"My father is an evil man Harry, if you just know what he did when I was younger. You wouldn't see him as a kind. "Tom whispered low enough for Harry so he could hear it. Tom then returned back to cut the deer's meat out in pieces.

"I-I really..." Harry mumbled, but he could not figure out how to place his words proper.

"Don't say anything Harry, I know it is not a good thing, however I don't wish my father to control you nor your family. " Tom said, as he had cut the deer's head free and threw it over into a bush. In case none of them should look at it, so they didn't lost their appetite.

Harry cleared his throat, as he stood from the rock and walked over to Tom. He knelt down beside him, and looked at how Tom was preparing the deer. "Yo-…Your father told me to quest for my father…a marriage toward you Tom." Harry whispered, as he saw Tom's hands stopped at the deer's leg. Tom then looked at Harry right after, this was a thing, which was a huge shock for him.

"Marriage!?" Tom suddenly asked aloud, seeing Harry's cheeks turned red. At the same moment both of them saw, that Drain had turned at his spot and looked at them both.

"OH HELL NO!" Drain shouted out, as he took his rope out from his back. He made a lasso faster than Tom or Harry ever had seen someone make on, Drain then casted the lasso toward Tom where he got Tom's hand in the lasso's middle.

Drain then pulled on the lasso, where Tom got forward and landed on the ground with his chest first. His hands was tied together.

"DRAIN YOUR LITTLE MIDGET! LET ME GO!" Tom shouted, as he tried to untie the ropes around his hands.

"You are not going to marry Prince Harry!" Drain said with a very upset voice, as he pulled Tom along the ground so he dragged him over the dirt.

"Drain!" Harry called loud, when he got in front at Drain and stopped him.

"Drain stop!" He begged the young searching Rabbit. "Please, don't do more to him."

"I don't like you to get married with him!" Drain whined. "I thought you liked me." Drain said with a pout and sadness in his voice. His rabbit ears hang down at the side of his head, while he kept a tight hold on the rope.

Tom grinned a bit, as he watched Drain. "Harry? Liking you? Oh please, don't make me laugh!" Tom mocked, as he laughed as if it was a joke.

Drain growled, he swung the rope up over a branch in a tree. When he got a hold on it again, he pulled so Tom suddenly hang up from the tree, hands above him and his feet barely touched the ground.

"Don't ya mess with a Searching Rabbit?" Drain warned him, as his golden eyes looked up at Tom.

"What would a rabbit like you, maybe do to a powerful wizard, eh?" Tom asked with a snicker voice.

"WILL YOU TWO STOP IT NOW" Harry shouted at the top of his lungs, it was almost a commanding than a question.

The Slytherin Prince and the searching rabbit looked at Harry, when he had shouted out like that. They both looked shocked over Harry's commanding voice.

"Put. Tom. Down. Now." Harry demanded, as he looked at Drain with hard eyes. Without another thought, Drain let go at the rope, which cursed Tom fell down on his ass and let out a groaned noise.

"Could you at least had told him to do it gently, Harry?" Tom asked, when he held his hands to the side of his pocket and got a small dagger out. He flipped it between his hands and cut the rope loose, so he could be free from the ropes again.

"Listen, both of you." Harry said, as he looked at the Slytherin Prince to the searching Rabbit.

"I'm flattered, Drain, that you like me. However, I don't have feelings toward you like you have for me." Harry explained calm and soft, he could see the pain and sorrow in Drain's golden eyes.

"O-Oh….I see." The searching Rabbit said, as he rubbed his arm a bit in awkwardness.

"Drain, I'm glad that you are a close friend to me. You don't know how much that means to me, because it does a lot." Harry said with a small smile.

"And Tom, "The Gryffindor prince said, as he looked up at Tom. "I really don'w know how to handle this, but we need help. A lot of it, so don't fight with Drain, Ron or Hermione." He told him softly, as he got over to Tom and held his hand softly into his own.

"For me?" he asked him, while he looked into Tom's soft blue eyes.

"As long you don't get in danger, if one of them brings you in danger Harry. I will do my duty to protect you, even if it means I shall get through one of them." Tom said, as he held Harry close to his chest. "I will keep my promise by that." The elder boy said, as he ran his hand through Harry's hair.

"Thank you." Harry said, as he smiled a bit at Tom before he pulled back again from him.

"Give each other a handshake, that's a good deal after all." Harry told them, he only got two glaring returned by them.

"I mean it." Harry said with a firmly voice, as he fold his arms. He could wait all day if he needed to, even make them wait if so.

The prince and the searching rabbit let out a groaned, without any of them thought more about it, they shook hands.

"That's good" Harry said with a smile at them both. "Let's get the fireplace done and let's get something into our stomachs, then we will sleep a few hours and move on in the morning." Tom said, as he returned to the deer nearby.

The rest of the day went on, they got the fireplace they needed and food in their stomachs. They had all been talking together, since they needed to plan out where they should go tomorrow.

When the night had been over them, they all went to bed. That night was even more special for Harry, he got closer to Tom, who had been sleeping underneath a tree. Harry had snuggled close to him, where he rested his head against Tom's chest. In Tom's sleep he had wrapped an protecting arm around Harry, he would always make sure his Gryffindor Prince would get a proper sleep.

Within the last few minutes, Harry had fallen asleep against Tom's warming body. Tomorrow would be a long day, so will the next upcoming days too.

At the Huffelpuff castle, Cedric had sent out owls to the towns and kingdoms around the Gryffindor kingdom. The news about the Gryffindor Prince spread out, even a few wanting posters got out on the trees doing the night.

Harry Potter…. Was now the most wanted person in Huffelpuff kingdom.


End of chapter 15, what do people think? :3

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