The Lost Prince

The story are going into four Kingdoms. Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Slytherin. The King and Queen from Gryffindor wanted a son so badly and have tried in many years to get on. A stranger got past their Kingdom and give them a thing where they got a son. What Will happened? Read and find out.

Warning: Slash. MalexMale pairings. Smut chapters. Don't like Don't read. This is a story for people there is over 16 years old.

Beta Reader/Edit: Gurren-on-Kyoto.


8. Slytherin Kingdom.

Tom straightened back up the moment the door budged open. It was Hermione who had poked her head into the room and her eyes scanned the scene before her. Her hazel eyes settled upon Harry and a bright smile crept up to her face. "Finally," she said. She shuffled across the room and went to the other side of the bed to hug Harry, flinging her arms around him in a friendly gesture.

"We've all been worried, Harry. Few of us thought that the poison had been too much for you."

"No need to worry now, really. I'm safe and awake," said Harry, embracing the princess rather awkwardly.

"I'm just glad you're fine again, Harry." Hermione earnestly said, releasing her hold around Harry who immediately fell back down in the bed. She diverted her eyes from Harry with a soft smile and looked over at Tom who was standing by the fireplace, staring at the crackling fire unseeingly. "I just came to tell that we're almost there, Tom." she politely said, looking from Harry to Tom and back again. "Another hour of walk and we'll be there."

Upon noticing Harry's confused expression, she supplied in, "While you have been… resting, Harry, we have carried you with us to continue the journey. Tom kept you safe on his horse to avoid causing you much more pain."

"How long have I been out?" asked Harry, cutting in suddenly.

"Five days." It was Tom who answered.

"Oh," Harry bit the inside of his cheek, staring down at his lap. He must have been so much of a burden, having had to be carried with them during the long tiring journey.

"None of us is upset with you, Harry." Hermione said kindly, placing a hand on one of Harry's shoulders as though guessing his worries. "We understood how… well, curious you must have been. After being confined in such an isolated place for a long time…" She let her voice trail off and Harry nodded his head slowly.

"I'll be leaving for now and take the first watch." Tom announced in a firm voice and strode purposefully for the door, closing it behind him.

Harry watched as Tom's figure was blocked by the wooden door and sighed. His train of thoughts drifted back to what they had been doing, he and Tom, before that same particular door opened. For some inexplicable reason for Harry, his cheeks flamed.

"Er… Hermione," he began, trying to control the sudden flow of blood to his face, "I think I'll just have a bit of rest for now. Thank you very much for taking care of me."

"Oh, it was nothing, Harry. Just have all the rest you can get before we go," With a genuine soft smile, she walked out of the room as well. She must have mistaken Harry's flushed face for his being ill.

Watching her leave, Harry remained his glazed over eyes trained on the door blindly as Tom's words from earlier swam through his mind.

'I couldn't tell it when the others are just here, Harry, but I…'

What was he about to say? Harry wonderedidly, furrowing his brows lightly. But before long, he soon after fell asleep once again.

The next morning, Harry awoke of his own accord, his body fully and well rested. He slipped off the bed, took a jacket from the rack behind the door and went out of his room. Noticing that he was alone and everyone's still asleep, Harry figured it was a convenient time to have a small refreshing walk outside. He left a single and simple note that he would be outside but not for long and made his way out of the tent.

Harry strolled in the forest till he reached a lake. He crouched down on both knees and stared at the glittering blue water across then dipped a hand underwater to splash out some of it which bubbled out a series of chuckles out of him. Anyone near enough around him would be able to sense his presence.

It was sometime later that he became aware of the figure close to him. He had been so fascinated at watching the small fish playing along the surface of the water that he lost track of his surroundings.

Harry felt himself suddenly holding his breath as he knelt on the ground rigidly. The rustles stopped and he felt eyes boring at the back of his head. "So," the voice of a man said, and Harry gasped aloud though dared not to turn around and look at the blonde fraud, Lucius Malfoy. He knew his voice too well. "you have finally left the tower and decided to leave…?"

Harry inhaled sharply once more, his fisted balls shaking so badly. Maybe Lucius had been this cold and distant towards him before, but this was new. There was something deeper and more profound to the way his hostile manner was evoked. Harry felt a cold sweat drop from his forehead down the side of his face. He rose to his feet quickly and whipped around, deciding now to face treacherous man. Dead cold grey eyes locked on his and Harry felt so entrapped, standing by the edge of the lake and with nowhere to escape. Lucius had come so close now that Harry felt his very inner soul was being seen and dug by the tall blonde wizard who was leaning on his walking stick.

"Y-You're not even supposed to be near me," Harry said, stuttering and failing on his attempt to sound braver than he felt. Still, he pursued, "You took me away from my family. You stole me from them!" The last part came out as a raspy shout.

"But I did take care of you, Harry…" Lucius breathed out, his lips curling up lopsidedly, advancing another step forward.

"Stay away from me!" warned Harry, but before he could wriggled out of the tiny space between them, Lucius grabbed hold of his arm and pressed him forward swiftly, against his chest. Harry hissed through gritted teeth and as he felt the other man's face near his ear, his heart beat peaked.

"Your father, Harry… is a foul swine," Lucius rasped out contemptuously, "He wanted nothing but to sell you to someone else so he could get rid of you. He wanted to abuse you, boy, more than you could ever imagine."

"How did you find us…?" asked Harry in a low quiet voice, anger boiling up within him.

"Oh, that was easy," replied Lucius amusedly, and moved again in a fluid manner. Harry found himself torn between bafflement and fury at how fast and languidly the other man can maneuver him around as he was pressed against a tree, facing it. Lucius pressed back against him, the other man's chest hard, firm and controlling.

"I had a trace on you, Harry…" continued Lucius, bringing a hand up, his long pale fingers now caressing his block messy hair. Harry flinched at the almost intimate contact. "You truly thought I would let you be alone without me having a way on how to locate you again?"

Harry's heart drummed madly against his chest; Lucius' hand was roaming around his body revoltingly. It settled on the side of his hip.

"Please…" The word came out his lips in desperation, almost a sob. "S…stop this…" Whatever Lucius was trying to do, and Harry prayed it wasn't the one he was dreading to think about, he disliked it. The hand slid forward, reaching the front of his slacks, and his crotch. He couldn't fight off the man, part from the tiniest bit of respect towards him and considering how big and much stronger the other was, it would be a futile effort.

"I know you want it, Harry…" Lucius whispered in a low voice and a different manner Harry hadn't heard from him before. "You've always begged for me to touch you."

"I don't… I don't want it!" Harry said convincingly, breathing hitched still, now trying with all his strength and might to fight off the other but his wrists were seized and firmly held above his head. Now, Lucius was supporting all his weight upon Harry for his walking stick had clanged down onto the ground.

"Don't… don't touch me, don't do this!" Harry continued, angry tears threatening to escape his eyes. He cried out against his will as Lucius' hand neared his sensitive place, the calloused palm stroking across it through the clothe.

"You've so wanted it before, Harry… or maybe, you need some reminding?" Lucius growled into his ear. Harry squeezed his eyes shut, embarrassment and other mixed emotions engulfing him as he felt his body… reacting. He willed for himself to think of something else. Lucius' voice once again resounded, "You like it, Harry… You want it, see? Even your body's responding to it… Do not deny it-"

"Stop it…" Harry sobbed weakly.


That voice-

Relief washed over Harry as all the weight and heavy feeling left him. He sank down to the ground in a heap of humiliation and weakness, holding his arms around himself protectively, his body trembling.

Tom rushed towards Harry's front, blocking his view from Lucius, sword at ready and pointed at the blonde. "Never set your disgusting filthy hands from him, ever again!" he said dangerously, wrath clear in his eyes.

Lucius took a moment to regain his composure, now depending upon his wooden walking stick once again. He elicited a cold high evil laugh. "Long time no see, Prince Tom." he drawled, sneeringly.

Tom narrowed his eyes warningly. "You better get out of my sight and never to come near us again, Malfoy. I swear, this will be the end of you if you ever attempt coming near Potter, again."

"You are a fool, Riddle." Lucius hissed scornfully, "If you take him back, he will sure to suffer far more than he had with me!"

"Potter is going back to where he belongs. You've hurt and used him – for what?" demanded Tom, sharply.

"You will see…" smiled Lucius, cruelly. He swung and waved his walking stick and vanished from the scene.

Tom gazed lethally at the spot where Lucius disappeared and sure the other was gone, he whirled around and bent down to Harry. "Harry, it's alright now. He's gone." Tom coaxed, pulling Harry into his arms and calming the other prince.

Harry blankly nodded his head, and instead of being pulled up to his feet, was lifted up and carried by Tom back to their safety tent. They walked in silence but never reached the tent. Hermione, Ron and Drain appeared from their side, having set the tent down earlier when the two princes were gone.

"What happened to Harry?" asked Drain, concern etched in his voice as he neared Tom, Hermione and Ron following up behind him.

"The person who had captured Harry was here just a few moments ago. It's best we don't talk about it just yet." Tom said, giving Harry a worried look and then stopped by his horse which was awaiting him by a tree. He placed Harry on its back and followed him up there and Harry clung to him once again. The trio; Hermione, Ron and Drain, thought better of it than to ask any further.

"I suppose we shall move now," Tom announced, "In an hour… we will be at my own kingdom."

Their adventurous trek continued on for predicted time of an hour. The sight of silvery green flags sashaying with the wind above the towers of the castle came into view.

"Over there!" said Tom.

"I can't believe we're soon there." Harry said, peering through eyelashes over his shoulder for he was facing Tom and smiling a little. "How are your people there, Tom?" he asked curiously.

"They're… themselves," answered Tom nonchalantly. Ron who was eavesdropping from behind them snorted.

"They're snobs," Ron snickered and added from the look Tom gave him, "Err… well, maybe not all of them." The Slytherin prince merely cocked an eyebrow and looked ahead of him again to continue forward.

"So, Miss Granger…" drawled Drain from beside Hermione. They were at least three feet behind the others so they were out of earshot, but still, Drain lowered his voice.

"You know someone gets upset whenever you're near me." Hermione said, though she was smiling. "What is it?"

Drain gave a grin in return. "Why are you with him, anyway? If I'm allowed to ask such a question…" He added politely.

"Because I love him." said Hermione simply, on autopilot. "I like him very much, Drain."

Drain nodded his head, chewing on his cherry bottom lip. "Do you think… that I have a chance with the prince?" he asked suddenly.

"Which one, Drain?" asked Hermione. "There are two of them – a Slytherin and a Gryffindor prince."

"I meant Harry actually." nodded Drain, smiling a lopsided mischievous one. Hermione glanced back towards Harry's way, who was laughing probably from a joke Ron said, judging by the redhead's expression. Tom even smiled and ruffled the other prince's hair a little bit.

"To be honest, Drain…" Hermione began, looking back at Drain. "You can always take a chance and ask. It never hurts unless you set high hopes for the answer you expect."

Drain once again bobbed his head up and down in a nod, and then said, "Hang on a moment – not this… nor this…" Drain started to scramble through the contents of his bag in search of something. "Aha!" he exclaimed, pulling out a golden locket with an emblazoned 'S' on it, resembling a snake. "I wonder if he likes things such as this?" he asked to no one in particular.

"I heard that he liked snakes," he continued, handing it over to Hermione and placing it on her opened palm. "And he can… sort of speak to them."

"It's very nice and well made." agreed Hermione kindly, nodding. She tilted her head, having felt something from it; a small ticking noise. She shook her head though that didn't shake of her curiosity. Still, she handed back the locket to Drain. "You can always try, Drain." She persisted.

Drain smiled back and pocketed the golden locket. They had reached the kingdom in time. Tom halted the horse's track as they were met by a flock of knights.

"Prince Tom," one of them greeted, the one leading the group and the others behind him all made gestures of respect. "We thought you were missing. A search team had been sent out to look for you," he reported kindly, giving Hermione and the others, especially Harry a suspicious look.

"As you can see, I'm more than well. I need to speak to my father alone," Tom said, firmly and business-like. "Or rather… along with him." He beckoned a hand towards Harry.

"As you desire, our prince. What about the rest of your… companions, sir?" asked one of the knights.

"Prepare them something to eat in the Diner Wing." Tom said in order which was answered by unison bows from his guardians. With their goodbyes said, Hermione, Ron and Drain all went to the said place.

As Tom and Harry were walking through the high-canvassed corridors, to the other direction, Harry asked, "Why do you want me to meet your father, Tom?"

"It's only important that I tell him about my return but then that I would be leaving so I could lead you back to the Gryffindor kingdom." answered Tom.

They stopped by an old but clearly neatly polished wooden double door that led to the great hall. Perched upon his throne, was the Slytherin king. His appearance was not of usual; his ivory skin clothed elegantly by the silky satin of blackness and as the king glanced their way, his serpentine features focused upon them, those red inexpressive eyes, boring and tantalizing.

Harry took a hard swallow, standing behind Tom with half his body blocked by the taller prince. "Is he… your father?" he asked.

"Unfortunately…" Tom frowned and reached out to pat Harry's arm. "He may look dangerous at first, but he isn't. At least not to those who doesn't deserve being treated that way-"

Tom walked forward and knelt on one knee, bowing his head low. Harry followed in small measured steps behind.

"Father." said Tom, "I have returned home."

"Rise, Thomas." Lord Voldemort urged with a simple wave of his bony hand. His eyes settled upon Harry, transfixed on the newcomer. "And who do you have with you this time?" he inquired.

Tom rose to his feet swiftly and placed a palm on Harry's shoulder. "The lost prince of King Gryffindor, father. I found him in the middle of nowhere, hidden in a tower. It's a place no one had dared to search into." he explained.

"Interesting…" The king drawled, seeming out of words, hands folded together behind his back as he swept up to his full height. "So, you are the lost prince, I see - named as Harry Potter."

Harry nodded shakily, unable to tear his gaze from those penetrating fiery red eyes. The Slytherin king raised his pale hand and moved strands of hair from his forehead to reveal his birthmark in its lightning-bolt shape.

"Interesting…" repeated Lord Voldemort, now stroking his slender fingertip across the reddish flesh on Harry's forehead. It sent a tingly feeling through the Gryffindor prince.

"Father…" Tom warned, gazing at them intently.

Lord Voldemort turned his attention to his son. "To what reason would you return home with the lost prince along you, Thomas?" The king said, sounding accusing, even. "You know full well how I told this young boy's father I wouldn't be involved in this."

"Do not lay another hand upon him," Tom rebuked firmly, holding Harry to his back, "Maybe you are my father, but I wouldn't let you do anything to Harry. Especially because he had been just through a humiliating encounter earlier." hissed Tom, angrily, all the while Harry remained close to the young Slytherin.

The Slytherin king looked at his son in brief astonishment. "Only my own son is allowed to speak in such a cold threatening manner towards Lord Voldemort," he spoke amusedly.

"At the very least, stay for a few days to rest and be prepared for another… trip." Lord Voldemort went on, sitting himself back in his throne. "It will be a week or more to travel that far to the other kingdom."

Tom huffed out a sigh held Harry's hand. "Harry will stay in my room. If you need anything, just send someone to call for us." He turned around and dragged Harry by his hand out of the great hall to walk into his own chamber.

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