Harry Potter - Snily (Snape, Lily)

The never ending love of Severus Snape


1. The end of a friendship

Snape's perspective:

Why did I say that? I am so stupid! But I also think she is dragging it out. She got so angry. I dont understand that a bloody word can make someone that angry for so many years. And she just couldnt understand that I didnt mean to say it. I just got so angry, because of that arse to Potter. And I didnt want to lose my face, in front of everyone. I wished so badly that she would understand. And I thought she knew. She knew I wouldnt say it. It just… Blured out of my mouth. I couldnt do anything. I loved her. I love her. I will always love her. She is my best friend. Or, was my best friend. I lost her. My only true friend, the only true love of my life. She turned the back to me and ended up with that idiot to Potter. He just have to ruin everything for me. I hate him so much. 

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