Harry Potter - Snily (Snape, Lily)

The never ending love of Severus Snape


5. New group

Lily's perspective:

When we had potionclass, Severus was always the first to be in the classroom and last to be leave again. Or… Lucius was there too. The two of them began to hang together, also with Narcissa, from the year under them, and her sister, Bellatrix. And sometimes Narcissa and Bella's middle sister, Andromeda, too, eventhough she wasnt really a part of the group, she was just there. It was weird for me to see him with them, he was so… Changed, so… Grown up, all of a sudden. But he actually didnt seem that happy, but I guess he was happy enough. His life went on, he couldnt wait for me anymore, and I understood him, actually. I was with James and trying to build up my courage to speak with him again. I was so nervous, we hadnt talked together for about a year now. I didnt know what to say to him.

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