Harry Potter - Snily (Snape, Lily)

The never ending love of Severus Snape


2. "Go away"

Writers perspective:

"James, stop it! Bloody idiot!" Lily sneered. "Go away, Lily, this is between me and Snivellus!", James answered. "Just stop it, what did he do to you?!" she muttered. "Aww, see Snivellus? You're girlfriend is standing up for you! How sweet..", James smirked. "I dont need help from a mudblood! And she's not my girlfriend!", Severus yelled. But from that moment on, he wished he hadnt said that. Lily got tears in her eyes and James dropped Severus on the ground. "Severus…?" Lily stammed. She couldnt believe what she had just heard. Severus stood up and walked over to her. "I… Im sorry…. Lily. I… I didn't mean that..!" Severus stammed. "I… Im so sorry, Lily, you know me… Y.." But Lily cut him off. "JUST FORGET IT, SEVERUS! Sorry that I stood up for you, like a true friend!" She then ran off, crying. "Now, look what you did, Snivellus. You made Evans cry. You're just like all the other Slytherins. Cant even stand up for the only friend you had" James smirked. Severus ignored him and turned away to run after Lily, but James stoped him, by wrapping an arm around his neck. "Leave her alone, Snivellus. She doesnt deserve to be hurt more by you, and to be honest I dont believe she wants to talk to you." James snapped. Severus wrecked out of James' grip and began to walk. "Just leave me alone, Potter." he snared. 

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