Harry Potter - Snily (Snape, Lily)

The never ending love of Severus Snape


4. Change..

Writers perspective:

When they got back from summer, Severus had changed. He was more alone, didnt talk to anyone. Didnt even try to talk to Lily anymore. His eyes was darker and he was thinner whan he used to be. Lily could feel that he was different, just from looking at him. She still wasnt able to talk to him. And she didnt want to ruin her relationship with James on trying on it. It made Lily even more sad that she couldnt do anything for him anymore. He didnt contact her all summer and didnt try to communicate in school. She actually prayed for him to do it again, just one more time, so she could accept it and be his friend. She was afraid of doing it herself. But then she began to think about what he said about her. It made her forget to be his friend again. Of course it was weird that she couldnt forgive him 100 % for it. But it was just a word she wouldnt believe came out of his mouth. 

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