The Edge's Serenade

It was that breakup.... between the two people who loved each other too much to let go of.


1. Her.

Sidney stormed out of the house and into the rain as it drizzled down from the grey clouds. The droplets hit her face, her tears joining into the fat raindrops. Satisfaction aroused inside her as she slammed the door shut. Maybe it would help to let him know that she was angry. But she wasn't angry. She was hurt.

No, she was angry.

no, she was hurt.





She didn't know. She was so confused as to what she felt. Only one thing was certain; the love she had for him. Landon. She had just stormed out of his house in a mad fury, and now she had no idea where to go. Already, she missed his dirty blonde hair, flicked over to the side. She missed his icy blue eyes staring into her dark brown ones, simply because she knew she wouldn't see them again. He was gone. Out of her life. He didn't want her anymore. Even though she would give everything for him.

In a mess of confusion, Sidney sat by the roadside and cried. She was lost in her thoughts, wondering what will happen and how on Earth she will be able to move on from such a perfection.

As cars drove past, she wondered how obvious it was that she was crying. She didn't like to cry in front of people, especially strangers. But as the minutes ticked by, she realised that she didn't care. She didn't care how many people were looking at her. She didn't care what a mess she looked like. She just didn't care.

She gathered her strength and took one last look at the house. She was tempted to run back inside and grab her jacket as she heard the splash of water as cars drove past her on the roads flowing with water. But she didn't. She ran away from the house and into street. She didn't stop. She kept going. No turning back. She refused to give in to him. She had made a decision.

She had decided that maybe he should started chasing her.

For once.

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