Summer Love

Louis Tomlinson had it all. The fame, the fortune, everything. One thing he didn't have was the perfect girl. He met her at a night club. They had a fling, it didn't last. A year later Harry has found his perfect girl. The girl Louis met at the night club. How will Louis cope seeing Harry being with her? Will there be jealousy? Will tentions arise between the two friends?

A story about love and friendship.


6. Unforgettable

"You want to throw a party at my house?" Harry asked Louis. Louis wondered why it was necessary for Harry to ask him questions about the party. Of course Louis wanted to throw a party. It was an excuse to talk to Selina alone without Harry being suspicious. "It'll be lots of fun. We can invite our closest friends." Louis said.

It didn't take long for Harry to agree into having a party at his house. The other boys were in the living room watching some television when Louis had pulled Harry away to have a talk about the party. "Hey babe, do you have a brush or a comb I could borrow? I left mine at home." Selina went downstairs, stopping on the bottom step. "Sure, I'll get you one." Harry said, leaving the room.

"Oh, hey Louis." Selina smiled at Louis.

Louis looked to see that she was only wearing a bathrobe that showed off her body. "Hey Selina." he smiled, trying to act all casual when deep down inside, he wanted to kiss her lips and take her upstairs. Harry came back with a comb in his hand. "Here you go." he smiled.

Selina took the comb from Harry and kissed his lips. "Thanks babe." She turned around and headed back upstairs. "When will this party be?" Harry asked Louis. "Saturday. You can pick the time." Louis said.


That Saturday, the party was held out Harry's house. As Louis drove up to the house, he could hear music from down the street. He got out of his car and went inside. First he spotted Harry and Selina. He saw Harry's arm was firmly wrapped around Selina's waist and Louis knew there was no way Harry was going to let go of her. Not yet anyway.

He grabbed himself a bottle of beer and took a sip as he made his way over to Harry. "Great party Louis." Harry said over the music. "Thanks." Louis said back even though the party was being held at Harry's house.

"Harry, can you get me a drink?" Selina asked. Harry nodded, then walked away. He left Louis alone with Selina. "I thought he was never going to leave." she smiled.

"I thought so too." Louis smiled.

"Let's go back to your place, shall we?" she asked. Louis glanced towards Harry's direction and heard her say, "Don't worry about him. He's occupied right now." Shortly after, he saw Liam and Niall go talk to Harry while Zayn was busy being "DJ Malik."


Louis and Selina got in his car, driving down the street to his house. They got out and went inside as Louis closed the door behind him. "Thanks for getting me out of there." Selina smiled, sitting down on the couch. "Harry would never let me out of his sight."

"Are you in love with him?" Louis asked.

"Love? No, it's complicated than that. He refuses to see my parents. I asked him when you guys were on tour in the States, but he said you guys had plans or something. I'm not in love with him." she said.

"Why not?"

"At first, I thought that I love him but to tell you the truth, I'm in love with someone else." She looked at him with her brown eyes. Louis felt drawn to them and found himself leaning in. Within minutes, their lips touched and they both didn't pull away. Louis missed her kiss, the feel of her lips against his. He reached up and caressed her cheek while they kissed.

Selina leaned back, lying down on the couch as Louis got on top of her. He continued kissing her lips. He pulled away for only a moment to ask, "Who are you in love with?" She just smiled and pulled him in again to kiss him.


The next morning, Louis woke up and found himself in his bed. There was an empty space next to him and looked around to see where Selina had gone. He put on his underwear and some flannel pants, then headed downstairs. He entered the kitchen to see Selina cooking. He walked up behind her, gently brushed her hair away and kissed her neck.

"Good morning to you too." She giggled, then turned off the stove and put the cooked meal on two separate plates. "You didn't have to cook." he said as she handed a plate to him. "I want to Louis." she smiled, grabbing her plate and sat down at the table.

He sat down across from her and immediately the front door opened. "Where is she?" He heard Harry's voice and the sound of the door slamming. Louis and Selina exchanged looks as they both stood up, then entered the living room. As soon as she appeared, Harry softened a little. He went up and hugged her. "You scared me." he said.

"I'm sorry baby." She looked up at him. "Do you forgive me?"

"Yes I forgive you love." he smiled and kissed her lips as she threw her arms around him. Louis left the room and took the plates into the kitchen. "Thanks for watching out for her Lou." Harry entered the kitchen as Louis washed the dishes. "No problem." Louis answered and put the plates in the dishwasher for them to dry.

"Do you want to join us for dinner later?" Harry asked.

"No, I have something to do tonight." Louis said, looking at Harry and then at Selina. He saw it in her eyes that she was sad, but he knew that it was for the best. "Her parents and her brother are in town, so I figured that you could show them around the city for a bit and bring them to the restaurant." Harry said.

"That's all you wanted me to do?" Louis asked. Harry nodded, "Yeah, pretty much."

"Harry, how about you show her parents and her brother around while I spend time getting to know your girlfriend? It'd only be fair that her parents get to know you better." Louis suggested.


That evening at dinner, Louis drove Selina to the restaurant and parked in the parking lot. "You have to join us Louis. My parents would be happy to see you again." Selina smiled. "I don't think Harry would approve." Louis said.

"Dinner was my idea Louis. I want you to come. If you don't join us, well..." She looked away as he reached up to turn her head towards him. He leaned in and kissed her on the lips, then pulled away. "I'll join you." he said as a smile spread across her face.

They both got out of the car and entered the restaurant. Selina led while Louis trailed behind her. "Hi daddy!" Selina hugged her father, Ethan. "Hey sweetheart." Ethan smiled. Selina greeted Jennifer and her brother, Luke before introducing Louis. "Dad, you remember Louis." she smiled.

"Yes of course. Are you joining us for dinner?" Ethan asked.

"Yes sir, I am." Louis smiled, taking a seat next to Selina. Harry exchanged looks with Louis, but Louis didn't say anything. "How've you been?" Jennifer asked.

"I've been good. How about you?" Louis asked.

"I'm doing good, thanks for asking." Jennifer smiled.


After dinner, they all went out for some fresh air and to continue talking outside. "I hope you've been keeping an eye on my sister." Luke told Louis while Harry and Selina were talking to her parents. "Why do you say that Luke?" Louis asked.

"She's been hurt by a lot of guys before Harry. Even though you and Sel knew each other for a bit, I could tell that she really liked you." Luke said.

"Harry won't hurt Selina. I'll make sure it won't happen."

"In all honesty, she deserves to be with you."

Louis couldn't believe what he had just heard. The words that had come out of Luke's mouth was a statement that Louis was accepted by Selina's family. Selina pulled Louis aside after he talked with Luke. "Thanks for a great night Louis. I also had a fun time last night too." she smiled.

"You're welcome." Louis smiled.

"I'll never forget that night. I hope to see you again Louis." She pulled him in for a hug and he wasn't reluctant to hug her back. "Me too Selina." Louis said, then pulled away as she joined Harry and her family. Louis went back to his car and sat in the driver's seat for a moment before driving down the street. All he could think about was sharing an unforgettable night with his best friend's girlfriend.

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