Summer Love

Louis Tomlinson had it all. The fame, the fortune, everything. One thing he didn't have was the perfect girl. He met her at a night club. They had a fling, it didn't last. A year later Harry has found his perfect girl. The girl Louis met at the night club. How will Louis cope seeing Harry being with her? Will there be jealousy? Will tentions arise between the two friends?

A story about love and friendship.


1. The Fame, The Fortune - Is It Enough?

Louis Tomlinson thought he had it all. The fame, the fortune, and everything in between. With the support of his family and his dedicated Directioners, he knew he would always be loved. Everywhere he went, he was bound to find away to have fun. "Let's go out for a drink." Zayn suggested and Louis couldn't refuse. "Sure." Louis said. He and Zayn went to the nearest night club that was a few blocks away from their hotel.

They entered the night club, walked to the bar, and ordered their drinks. While sitting at the bar, a few girls and her friends entered. One of the girls caught Louis's eye. She had long brown hair that draped over her shoulders and she wore a short black dress. She was beautiful. Zayn knew Louis was looking at her, but didn't acknowledge her existence while she and her friends walked over to the bar.

"Hey Tony, we like to order something." The girl said. The bartender, Tony gave her a smile. "Selina, drinks are on me." The girl smiled and thanked him as she turned to Louis. "Is this seat taken?" she asked him. "No, go ahead." he motioned towards the seat. She thanked him and sat down on the barstool next to him.

Tony gave the girls their drinks and the girl gave him a $20 tip. "Thanks gorgeous." Tony smiled. "You deserve it." she smiled. Tony walked away to help the other customers waiting at the bar. "I haven't seen you around before. Are you new here?" The girl, Selina asked Louis. At first, Louis looked at Zayn and back at Selina. "I'm just here on tour." he said.

"You and your friend are part of a band?" she asked. "That's so hot." One of her friends leaned over and looked at Zayn with a smile as she waved at him. Zayn gestured back to the girl, making her blush. "I'm Selina. What's your name?" She held out her hand towards Louis. "Louis." He shook her hand.

"Nice to meet you Louis." she smiled, then gulped down her drink. "Say, do you want to dance?" She stood up and Louis agreed. She took his hand and led him out to the dance floor. Louis didn't really care about leaving Zayn with the other girls, but he had a feeling that Zayn would bring back the girls to the hotel.

Louis danced with Selina for what seemed like hours. She was a much better dancer than him. He was completely mesmerized by her body movements. Their bodies were so close to touching each other. Afterwards, Louis and Selina both went to outside to get some fresh air. "Let's go back to my place, shall we?" she asked him, playing with his jacket and smiled.

Louis didn't hesitate and agreed to go with Selina back to her house. She called a cab that drove them to her house. The cab dropped them off at her house. They walked up to her front door and Louis waited for her to open the door. He was tempted to touch her, but he wasn't sure if that was a little too soon.

As soon as she opened the door, Louis pushed his fears aside and kissed her lips. Selina didn't hesitate to kiss him back. They entered her house, not pulling away from each other and Louis kicked the door closed. Louis took off his jacket as she did the same. She wrapped her arms around his neck as he grabbed her by the thighs and carried her towards the direction of her bedroom.


The next morning, Louis awoke in her bedroom and still saw that she was still asleep. Quietly, he got out of bed, got dressed, and walked out of the house. He closed the door behind him, called a cab to take him to the hotel. Once he arrived at the hotel and entered the hotel room which he shared with Liam. "Where have you been?" Liam asked, walking out of the bathroom in just shorts.

"Out." Louis said, not wanting to elaborate on where he was the night before. The other guys were in the room as well. "You look like you had fun." Harry smirked. Louis grabbed a few of his clothes to change in and headed into the bathroom. He took a quick shower and walked out. "Have you seen Zayn?" Niall asked once Louis emerged from the bathroom.

The door to the room opened and closed. "I bought you breakfast." Zayn threw a bag Louis' way. Louis caught the bag, looking inside. "Thanks." Louis said. "What did you two do last night?" Liam asked as Louis sat down at the table to eat his breakfast, while Zayn sat down in one of the chairs near the window.

"Well Louis here left the night club with a girl. Her name was Selina, right?" Zayn asked.

"Selina? That's a beautiful name." Liam said.

"She sounds beautiful." Niall added.

"She is beautiful." Louis said after finishing his breakfast. Though, what Louis wished for - other than the fame he had - was a girl to call his own. Unlike the other guys, he felt as if the fame and fortune wasn't going to be enough. 

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