Summer Love

Louis Tomlinson had it all. The fame, the fortune, everything. One thing he didn't have was the perfect girl. He met her at a night club. They had a fling, it didn't last. A year later Harry has found his perfect girl. The girl Louis met at the night club. How will Louis cope seeing Harry being with her? Will there be jealousy? Will tentions arise between the two friends?

A story about love and friendship.


8. Never Letting Go

Louis had gotten on a flight to California. He was going to do whatever it takes to get Selina back. He was determined to let her be his again once more. He could still remember the time at the night club and the times after when he'd wake up in bed next to her. That's all he's ever wished for. Everyday, he'd wish to open to his eyes and see Selina in bed next to him.

He wanted to see her beautiful face in the early morning light and to see her smile made his whole world light up. Once the plane touched down in the LAX airport, he entered through the terminal and caught her just leaving the airport. He ran through security and out the doors to see her get into a cab.

He called a cab and got in, telling the driver to follow the cab Selina had gotten into. He followed until he got to her street and stepped out of the cab just as she took out her keys. He went up the steps to her front door, then kissed her lips. He didn't care if it surprised her, or if other people on the street was watching them.

He flew thousands of miles to chase down the girl that he loved and he didn't care if anyone tried to stop them. He was going to get to her some how, some way. He pulled away, looking into her eyes. "I love you Selina." he said. "You can deny your love for me. I don't care. I'm always going to love you."

"Did you fly thousands of miles to come after me?" she asked him.

He nodded, "Yes."

She kissed his lips, then pulled away and gently bit her lip. "No one has ever done that for me before." she said.

"Well, let me be the first." he smiled.

"You're crazy, but I love you for doing it." she smiled.

"Come live with me. I know you want to travel the world and you can do that with me. That's all I'm asking." he said.

"You'd do that for me?" she asked.

"I do anything for you." he smiled. He watched a smile spread across her face and she said, "I'll come live with you Louis." He had thought that he would never hear those words being said to him. With the approval from Selina's father, Selina had gone to live with Louis in the UK.

That night at Louis' house, Selina and Louis were getting ready for bed. "I'm glad to be here with you Louis." Selina smiled as she cuddled close to Louis. "Me too Selina." he smiled, kissing the top of her head as he turned out the lights. From this moment and on, he was never going to let her go.


Author's Note: Hey everyone! Sorry about this last chapter being so short :( But I hope you enjoyed reading it! Comment and tell me what you think! Thanks guys!


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