Summer Love

Louis Tomlinson had it all. The fame, the fortune, everything. One thing he didn't have was the perfect girl. He met her at a night club. They had a fling, it didn't last. A year later Harry has found his perfect girl. The girl Louis met at the night club. How will Louis cope seeing Harry being with her? Will there be jealousy? Will tentions arise between the two friends?

A story about love and friendship.


3. Little Black Dress

The phone from the hotel room rang and Liam picked up. "Hello?" he answered. He nodded, "Louis, it's for you." Louis was confused, but took the phone and answered. "Hey, it's Selina. I'd like to thank you for the gift." Her voice came through the phone. Louis smiled, "You're welcome."

"Are you busy today?"

Louis looked at the guys who were nodding their heads. "Are you busy tonight?" he asked her.

"No, my brother and my dad are going out to buy tuxedos for my dad's wedding on Saturday. Maybe we can have dinner tonight." she suggested.

"That sounds great." he smiled.

"I'll meet you at the restaurant, say around seven?" she asked.

"Seven's perfect." The two hung up and the guys were just looking at him. "Got another date with Selina?" Zayn smirked. "I think Louis likes her." Niall said. Of course Louis liked her. He liked everything about her. She had never made him feel this way before.

After spending a whole entire day rehearsing for the concert with the guys, Louis got dressed for his date with Selina. He met her at the restaurant at seven and saw that she was waiting for him at a table. He sat down across from her. "You look beautiful." he smiled as she blushed. "Glad we were able to see each other today. I didn't think I could handle a whole week without seeing you." she smiled.

"Are you available Saturday?" she asked.

"Why?" he asked her.

"Well, I don't know if this is a bit too soon, maybe it is. But it doesn't matter. Would you be my date to my dad's wedding on Saturday? I don't know who else to take since I don't know that many people here and I figured that since you're here in the city, I might as well take you, right?" she smiled.

Honestly, Louis didn't know how to respond. He had only met her a week ago and now she was asking him to be her date to her father's wedding. "Will your father be okay with it?" he asked her. She nodded, "I all ready talked to him about it and his fiancee. They were both okay with you being my date."

"And your brother?"

"Luke doesn't really care who I bring. You don't have to worry about my brother. He has no control over me." she smiled. "So, will you be my date?" Louis agreed to be her date to her father's wedding. Now there's something that he would have to tell the guys. "Thanks Louis. You're the best." she smiled.


Selina drove him back to the hotel. "I had a great time Louis." she smiled. "Me too Selina." Louis smiled as she leaned over and kissed him on the lips. Once they pulled away, "I just have to say something." she said, then looked down. Louis was silent, signaling for her to go on. "I was sad that you left my house."

He couldn't believe that she remembered that. He felt a little guilty for leaving her. She took his hand, caressing it and gave him a soft smile. "I still had fun though." she smiled. That made him feel a little bit better. "I'll make it up to you. I promise." he told her. "You don't have to." she said.

He held her hand and smiled, "I want to." She smiled and kissed his lips again before he got out. He watched her drive down the street and then went back into his hotel.


That Saturday, Selina picked up Louis and they drove to the venue where her father's wedding was being held. It was a beautiful wedding, even if the weather was smoldering hot. Shortly afterwards, the wedding was followed by a reception at the Marriott Hotel. It was much cooler in the hotel.

The best man and the maid of honor both gave speeches to the bride and groom. They were followed by Selina and Luke who gave speeches about their father and their new step-mom. Selina took her seat next to Louis and Luke took a seat next to his sister. "Aren't you Louis Tomlinson from One Direction?" Luke's date, Miranda asked him.

"Yes, I am." Louis said with a smile.

"My little sister is a big fan. She wants to go see you guys in concert, but we can't afford it." Miranda sighed.

"I'll see what I can do." Louis smiled. Miranda stood up and hugged him. "Thank you. That would make my little sister so happy. Oh! I have to tell her. She'll be so happy." She quickly grabbed her phone from her purse and left the room. "You've made a lot of people happy." Selina and Luke's father walked up with his new bride.

"Louis, this is my dad Ethan and his wife Jennifer." Selina motioned to her dad and step-mom. Louis stood up, shaking hands with the both of them. "Pleasure to meet you sir." Louis smiled. "Pleasure is all mine." Ethan smiled. He and his wife took a seat across from them. "How did you and Selina meet?" Jennifer asked.

"We met in California at a restaurant. We really hit it off. He's a really great guy and funny too." Selina answered.

Louis knew what her real answer was and had a feeling her father wouldn't be too happy if he heard that they met in a night club in Los Angeles. "What do you do for a living Louis?" Ethan asked. "I sing.... professionally." Louis answered.

"You're in a band?" Jennifer asked.

"Yes. We're not one of those rock bands. My friends and I sing because we love to. It's our passion."

"If only we had known, we could've asked you to sing for us." Jennifer said.

"Why don't you sing a song for us Louis?" Selina asked.

"Oh I..."

"Yeah, sing for us." Luke said. Selina gave her brother a glare, then turned her attention to Louis. "Will you sing a song for me?" she asked with a smile. Louis looked at her parents and then at Selina. He smiled, "Sure." Miranda came back to the table with a girl who looked like she was sixteen.

"You're Louis from One Direction. Can I have a picture with you?" The teenage girl asked.

"This is my sister Kim." Miranda smiled.

"Sure Kim. Right after I sing, okay?" Louis winked at her and smiled as she nodded. He was handed a microphone and began singing one of his favorite songs by The Fray. When he was done, everyone applauded for him. He took a picture with Kim and said, "I just realized that I have a few extra tickets to my concert next Saturday. You can invite some of your friends to come to. I'll even throw in a VIP pass too."

"Really!? Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" Kim hugged Louis and he hugged her back.


After the reception, Selina and Louis headed up to the hotel rooms. "I know you have to get back to your friends." she said as they stood outside of her room. "I really wanted to show you something." She opened the door and entered the hotel room. "Show me what exactly?" Louis asked her as she smiled, motioning with her finger for him to enter.

He entered her room as she told him to wait on the bed while she changed into something comfortable. He sat down on the bed and waited for her to come out of the bathroom. Once she did, she came out wearing the black dress that he bought her. "So, how do I look?" she asked.

"Sexy." he smiled. He stood up as she walked over to him and they kissed. His hand reached to her back as he unzipped her dress, letting it fall down to her ankles. She pushed him onto the bed and got on top of him, then began kissing him. The next morning, Louis awoke with Selina in his arms. He found himself being naked in bed with her again, but this time, he wasn't going to leave. He smiled to himself. Who know a little black dress could go a long way.

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