Summer Love

Louis Tomlinson had it all. The fame, the fortune, everything. One thing he didn't have was the perfect girl. He met her at a night club. They had a fling, it didn't last. A year later Harry has found his perfect girl. The girl Louis met at the night club. How will Louis cope seeing Harry being with her? Will there be jealousy? Will tentions arise between the two friends?

A story about love and friendship.


5. Harry's Girl

A year had passed and the guys were finally back in the UK. "It's so good to be back." Harry said as they stepped out of the airplane. Louis couldn't agree more. For once in his life, he had never felt better. The air was clean and crisp. The sun was shining. Nothing could ruin that day. Liam hailed a taxi and the four of them got in.

Louis was dropped off at his house last. He entered the empty house and brought his bags inside. What was there to do now? He was tired from the plane ride and so he laid down to take a nap. When he awoke, he hadn't realized that it was all ready night fall. Time had flown by so fast. He took a quick shower and then went to bed.


A few weeks later, Louis received a phone call. He picked up and answered, "Hello?"

"Hey Lou. There's this girl I've been wanting you to meet." Harry said. Louis heard excitement in his friend's voice. He just wondered what all this commotion was about. "Where should we meet?" Louis asked, grabbing his keys and getting in his car. "How about the cafe?" Harry asked. Louis agreed to meet Harry and his mystery girl there.

He hung up his phone and went outside. As he drove down the street, it began raining but it wasn't too bad. He parked in front of the cafe and got out, entering with his hair soaking wet. "I hope I'm not late." Louis said, running a hand through his wet hair. "You're just in time." Harry smiled. "Louis, I'd like you to meet Selina, my girlfriend."

Louis saw the girl stand up as she held out her hand towards him with a smile. He reached out and shook her hand. "Harry has told me so much about you." she smiled. He hasn't told me much about you. Louis kept his thoughts to himself even though he'd be the one to say them aloud. "I bet he has. I'm Louis." he smiled.

"Nice to meet you Louis." They both sat down and began conversing. While they talked, Louis swore that Selina looked familiar. It was as if he has seen her somewhere once before but he couldn't remember. "How are you liking the UK?" Louis asked Selina.

"It's very nice. I've always wanted to travel and see the country side, not so much the city. If only my dad would let me, I would move here." she answered.

"You're welcome to stay at my house." Harry smiled.

"You haven't met my dad yet Harry." she said. Louis felt a little left out while they talked, but he didn't really mind. He just loved hearing the sound of her voice. It comforted him. "Tell me about yourself Selina." Louis said.

"I live in California. I have a dad, a step-mom, and an older brother who is a pain in the ass. He's the worst brother you could possibly imagine having, but I still love him no matter what. I've always wanted to travel the world and see places. I was only allowed to come here for the summer and then I have to go back to the States." she said.


It finally stopped raining and the three of them went outside. "Are you sure you don't want to come with us Louis?" Selina asked. Louis looked at Harry and then at Selina. There was an ache in his heart. He didn't want to leave her and even though he had just met her, it seemed like he had known her before. "You two go on ahead. I'll see you around?" Louis asked her. She smiled, "Of course."

Louis watched her walk away with Harry hand in hand. Once he got in his car and began driving down the street, he remembered that Selina was the same girl he met at the night club. His girl was now Harry's girl. He turned around and headed back in the direction of the museum.


Once Louis arrived at the museum, he saw Harry and Selina walk in. He followed them inside and "ran" into them as they rounded one of the corners. "Oh Louis, I thought you weren't going to join us." Selina said. Louis shrugged, placing his hands into his pockets. "I just realized that I had nothing else to do today. I hope you don't that I join you two." he smiled.

"No, not at all. You don't mind, do you Harry?" Selina turned to Harry.

"Not one bit." Harry said.


As they walked through the different galleries, Harry left to go to the bathroom which left Louis and Selina alone. Finally! Louis thought to himself. Now was his chance to talk to Selina about everything but he didn't know where to begin. "What is your favorite piece of art?" Louis asked as they stopped in front of a painting.

She looked at it for a moment, then looked at him. "I don't really have a particular choice. I like all art really. When I was younger, my mother put me into art classes. I hated them, but when my mother passed away, that's when I really learned to appreciate them." she said, moving on to another painting.

Louis followed her. "I'm sorry to hear about your mom." he said.

She shrugged, "It's okay. I've been through at least four other step-moms before Jennifer. She's a really nice person. She's warm, caring, and she makes my dad happy. I really hope she stays."


They waited outside of the building for Harry who seemed to be taking longer than usual. "If Harry doesn't show up, I can offer you a ride back to his house." Louis said. Selina smiled and said, "That would be great."

"I don't think that's necessary." Harry said, walking out of the building.

"I was only offering Harry. I'll see you around Selina." Louis hugged her good bye, then got in his car and drove down the street. It had been a while since he had a real conversation with a girl. It also had been sometime since he had any real fun. Maybe he could throw a party while Selina was still there. The ache in his heart seemed to grow as he drove further and further away from her. Louis just needed an excuse to see her again.


"Louis, you can't just go after Harry's girl." Zayn said. Louis, Liam, Niall, and Zayn were all at Louis' house. Harry was going to be a little late since he wanted to show Selina around the city. "I saw her first. She's mine." Louis said.

"That was a year ago Lou." Liam told his friend.

Louis knew his friends were right. He had to move on and he tried to. After the last concert in Vegas, he thought he'd never see her again. He always wished for her to see him at a show or even to meet him in a night club or even at the park. For a year, he couldn't get Selina out of his head. For a time, yes but after he saw her with Harry, she was all he could ever think about.

"Maybe you should give Harry a chance." Niall said.

Louis wasn't going to date Selina after she and Harry broke up. He didn't want to be the rebound guy. What he wanted was for her to fall in love with him, the old fashioned way. Even if he was the best friend that she'd fall in love with. He wanted to make it happen. He had to make happen, but how?

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