Overexposed beauty and love

Justin's going on tour with one direction! While jb and 1D are on break, Justin decides to go to Malibu beach. While tanning in the sun he sees the most perfect girl in the whole wide world. Her name is Sarah McDonald.
He tries to impress her but doesn't go as planned... Will Justin chase or is this just faze? Read it An you'll find out.


1. Omaha Mall

Today's just another day working with One direction in the studio. Theyre fun to work with except every time I turn my head Niall is looking at me like he's fan girling in his head. How does this boy eat so much and yet still remain skinny? "Hey Justin time to get back to work" scooter shouts from the other side of the studio. Man all this guy does is yell. But sometimes in the middle of his yelling his voice cracks and it is so fucking funny. We all tease him about how he hasn't hit puberty because if his cracking voice. Haha. " AIGHT BUT NO NEED TO YELL IM RIGHT HERE SCOOTER." I shout back. After signing for a couple hours I asked my mother , Pattie Mallette if I could go to the beach and chill with my buds Ryan and Chaz. Ryan, Chaz and I have been friends since the 2nd grade. Yet they act the same as they did in 2nd grade. It gets annoying but how can I be mad at my two best friends? Back to reality my mom said I could go to the beach if I being my security guard Kenny. AUTHORS NOTE:Haha just imagine Kenny in rubber sucky shorts... Haha ok times over lol back to the story. As we're heading down to Malibu beach in California it's just total silence which is pretty nice for me considering all my screaming fans I hear at concerts. But no one else likes it so Louis Tomlinson suggests we make a funny song while in the car. We called it "Omaha Mall".
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