Don't Tell Anyone...Or Else (A Vamp Girls Short Story)

There are so many secrets surrounding the Saunders’: Illegitimate children, secret affairs, and outrageously saucy flirting. But to add to all this, the Saunders’ are one of the most prestigious families in Vampiric society and in this world reputation means everything.

Elizabeth Saunders is nothing but a good—well, as good as a vampire can get—girl whose only bad side consists of preying on cheap men, refusing to marry, and a out-of-control temper that could sometimes lead her to rip heads open (literally). But her sister is part human—which is considered absolutely abhorrent in Vampire society—But there’s an even bigger secret, a secret so big that it may drag down more than the Saunders’ reputation forever.


1. Out of the Blue

I saw the man walk off stage. He deserves this, I thought. He was the one that was torturing everyone both human and vampire with his horrible cover performance of A-Team seriously only Ed Sheeran can pull of that vocal. I walked up to him. From his fragile human eyes I probably just looked like the average teenage girl, he probably thought I was easy jailbait. He put on a stupid grin and opened his mouth to talk. Ugh, he’s one of those men, I thought to myself.  What happened to chivalry? I mean, I’d honestly rather be hunting in 1913 than 2013. I gazed at his neck and smelt the warm blood pulsing through his veins, and his heart beat the steady thump that caused excess venom to form in my mouth. Oh, this is going to be so worth it.

“Hey,” he said.

“Hi,” I smiled. “You were great up there,” I lied smiling sweetly.

“I know,” he replied, proudly popping his collar. “So can I buy you a drink, or somethin’ sweetheart?”

“No thanks, alcohol really isn’t my thing.”

            He shrugged. From then on, I had to endure his constant self-relish, and for once I didn’t feel all that guilty that I was going to kill him soon. After thirty minutes of listening to him praise himself he asked me.

“Wanna get out of here?” he asked

I nodded. He hopped off the high bar stool and I slid off mine too. He then conspicuously slowly trailed his eyes up and down my body. He whistled, and for some reason he thought that I found this flattering. He quickly chugged the remains of his beer, and led me out of the bar.

 We walked until I saw the lights of a motel; yup I was definitely just a conquest for him. I spotted a dark alley, and my vampire vision told me it was empty. Perfect. The man was only a few paces ahead of me and in one bound I was in front of him.

“Hey babe,” he smiled. Idiot, I thought. He was nothing but a mere human. Easy prey.

I quickly aimed, and pushed him into the alley using my supernatural strength. I heard a loud bang from the impact, probably pushed him into some metal trashcans. I ran over deep into the alley to finish him off.  There I found him, and he was out cold making killing him that much less painful on his behalf, but there was a gash on his cheek. I knelt down to where he had fallen; he stirred and made a strange moaning sound.  

“Easy prey,” I said to myself this time.

My incisors then immediately detected the human blood from the cut and grew to become fangs. I open my mouth and brought his neck up to me. I pressed my teeth into his neck and I bit into his skin, puncturing the flesh with my fangs and ravenously drinking his blood.




“You, my dear are late,” Charlotte, chastised. “What was the hold up?”

“I told you guys I was going hunting,” I argued. She rolled her eyes.

“I doesn’t matter now mother and father await for you in the living room.”

I groaned. I walked down the hall of my family’s gothic styled mansion, and turned to the living room. I lived in the most stereotypical vampire household. The primary colors in my house were black and red, and even if we lived in the twenty-first century. My parents still felt the nostalgia of the 1800’s so the houses’ interior naturally had a Victorian ring to it. My father and mother were conversing in Latin and when my mother spotted me she immediately stopped talking to my father.

“Elizabeth,” she sighed switching languages. “You are late.”

“I was hunting mother,” I countered, giving her the same reply as I’d given Charlotte.

“No matter, we have to talk to you,” my father said. “Sit,” he ordered.

I rested on a sturdy armchair and faced my parents.

“Elizabeth you have reached maturity. So your father and I were concerned about your romantic well being,” she began. Ugh, not this conversation again.

“Mother,” I complained. “I do not wish to seek a companion I am happy as I am.”

“But Elizabeth you are one hundred and fourteen years-old. Do you want to spend the rest of your life as a… spinster?” he said. Wow, dad you’re really playing the spinster card. Nice father, just great.

“Dad, I don’t want to get married. Half of the ‘respected’ vampires Lords are total assholes that are having constant flings with humans, which is in fact a serious taboo and are cheating on their wives. I really don’t see the personal appeal.”

“Elizabeth, it is time. Besides we are getting some suitors and most importantly their families. Your father and I recently went to the imperial ball, the one that was thrown by the Lancaster’s—,” she began.

“The Lancaster’s they’re a generally powerful family, and they are very rich but I think that would make the guys really snobby.” My mother looked at me. Oops I’d interrupted her. “Sorry mother.”

“Thank you, anyway I was speaking to Anne Lancaster. Her son Dane I think would be a fine companion for you,” she said.

“Dane Lancaster,” I said unsurely. “I don’t know.”

“Well, it does not matter because we have arranged a meeting for you two. We are going to hold a dance and there you are obligated to choose a husband whether it’s Dane or not,” my father said.

“Dad!” I exclaimed. I opened my mouth to argue, but my mother beat me to it.

“Elizabeth it’s a done deal. You are going to the dance.”

“Or what,” I retorted.

My mother glared at me with her best don’t-make-me-threaten-you-with-my-fangs look. I did the most immature thing and ran off into my room. I didn’t cry into my pillow or anything like that, but boy was I pissed off.

“Dum, dum, duh, dum,” Charlotte sang as she rudely barged into my room. I raised my head and snapped.

“Haven’t you ever heard of knocking?”

“No, but your getting married.”

“No, I’m not.” I sighed. Charlotte sat on my bed and patted my back.

“Why are you even making a big deal out of this? Just get married to a guy with a good family, make a couple pedigree babies and make mother and father happy.”

“Hey, you’re not the one to tell me to happily run off to the sunset with some vampire asslord. Why aren’t you married? You’re my big sister, why aren’t mother and father constantly on your case?”

Charlotte angrily sighed. A general show that she was not going to have this conversation. I let go of the topic, and things got awkward. Charlotte eventually left with one more reassuring pat on the back. I buried my face back into the pillows.


It was the night of the dance. I combed my golden blonde hair and held it into a high ponytail. I unzipped the garment bag, which my mother had dropped of by my room to reveal a classic black dress that was bound to show off some serious leg action. I fastened the pearl necklace, and sadly I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror, but if I could, I knew I would look crazy hot.

Charlotte had also dressed up, and she was in a simple nude-tone pale gown that elegantly blended with her creamy white skin. Her hair, which was slightly lighter than mine was left to cascade down her shoulders. I met her in the hall and we looked at each other.

“We’re the hottest goddamned creatures I’ve ever seen,” I mumbled. We walked together, until we reached the staircase. I hesitated.

“Come on,” Charlotte urged, and with her we walked down to the ballroom of our gigantic mansion to slowly endure the idiotic vampire dance.

The ballroom, like the rest of the house was styled in Victorian décor. There was an enormous candle lit chandelier, which would, in fact occasionally drip wax onto the guests below. But other than that, I was forced to admit everything was perfect.

“Hey Elizabeth, guess who’s coming your way?” Charlotte asked. And from the corner of my eye, I spotted my mother, my father, an elderly woman who of course was a vampire, but by her side was a strikingly handsome man. He had blue eyes with a slight red hint to his pupils showing that he was a full vampire. He was quite tall, had glossy brown hair, and I couldn’t help but notice he had a better build than your average vampire guy.

“Elizabeth, Charlotte,” my mother began. “This is Anne and Dane Lancaster.”

I smiled politely at the guests, and Dane sent an annoyingly flirty smile back. Ugh, this was going to be a long, long evening.


“Hello Lady Lancaster, Lord Dane,” I nodded.

“Hello Miss Elizabeth, and who might this other lovely lady be?” he asked. Oh, he’s a major flirt, and mother wants him to be my husband, I don’t think so.

“I’m Charlotte.”

“Hey, you want to dance?” he asked.

Charlotte looked down, and I knew if she could blush she would. She nodded and Dane led her to the dance floor. I turned in the opposite direction and headed off to the snack table. As well as blood, vampires also needed food, but obviously not as much as humans. I took a mini ham and cheese sandwich in on a side plate. Then slowly dissected it by carefully taking it apart piece by piece.

“Didn’t your mother ever teach you not to play with your food?” a rich, baritone spoke. I looked up. Great, the last person I wanted to talk to right now. Victor Sanchez, a Mexican vampire that could sense a woman within a five-mile radius.

“Not in the mood, Sanchez,” I snapped.

“Whoa, touchy,” he said in a slight Mexican accent. “What’s up Chica?”

“Well, let’s see. My parents are forcing me to marry some vampire asslord and I really don’t want to.”

“Asslord huh?” he muttered, playing with a lock of my hair. I brushed him off, and he laughed.

“Why not get married to me? Why not Chica?

I quickly assessed him.

“I love you and all, but dude friendship only goes so far,” I said, but Victor was actually pretty good looking, put his arrogance aside. He had neatly cut dark —almost black hair—. He was pretty tall, and through his vampire pale hue, you could almost see his tanned Latino skin.

“Want to dance?” he asked in his irresistible, debonair voice.

“I’m falling into a forced marriage, and possibly into depression and you want to dance?” I asked incredulously. He just looked at me.

“Ah, what the heck! What do I even have to loose?” I muttered as I stood up. Victor took my arm and led me to the dance floor. There I found Dane and Charlotte doing a couple of dances that should be left at the clubs, and not be brought into the formal world. They looked like they were having fun, and a few guests were giving them dirty looks, but hey! Who the heck cared? Suddenly a fast, erotic tango/salsa song came on. I had a strong feeling that this was Victor’s work. He took my arm and began to lead. We were a few steps behind, but we were managing. We spun and dipped and basically we got lost into the fast and funky beat. I actually found myself having fun, occasionally laughing and forgetting all my worries, but it was just for a second.


Next day, I woke up with a serious headache. So this what a hangover feels like, but now for me since my vampire senses were so sensitive it was really one thousand times worse than it should have been. Victor had taken advantage of my euphoric high after dancing and had convinced me to drink. Bad idea. I didn’t even get beverages that were that strong, but on the other hand I don’t even remember how many cocktails and glasses of wine I took down. I went to the bathroom to cool my flushed face, there I found Charlotte bent over the toilet.

“Ugh, I’ve been doing this for one hour straight,” she said finally taking a break from gagging.

“It’s probably because of one alcohol beverage too many. ‘Cause if that’s the case I totally get were your coming from,” I lamented raising a wet washcloth to my pounding forehead. It felt really nice. Charlotte suddenly turned a shade paler than she actually was and bent over the toilet again.  

After an hour or two, the pain had slowly started fading, but it was going away at a painfully sluggish pace. Eventually it left altogether, but when I left my room I heard Charlotte. She was still in the bathroom, which was strange; I went in to check on her. She looked so frail and I had a felling she had stopped vomiting because of the alcohol hours ago.

“Charlotte?” I asked, and with her name I think the are-you-okay question rang through.

“Get mother,” she softly requested. So I did.

“Damn it,” mother cussed after checking Charlotte, Wow, I think this was the first time she had cussed. Well, at least in front of Charlotte and I. “Charlotte go to your room, lie down and the vomiting will cease,” she motioned to one of the near by servants. “Go get her a glass of water.”

The servant set off and mother called to me.

“Elizabeth come here I need to talk to you urgently,” she motioned me to join her in the hallway.

“Is everything okay with Charlotte?”

“Yes, her health is fine…but we have another problem to deal with,” she began. I looked at her anxiously waiting for her to continue. “Elizabeth, Charlotte is pregnant.”

I looked at my mother and my eyes widened. I was generally stunned. My sister Charlotte Saunders was pregnant with an illegitimate child. What! I knew that vampire symptoms of pregnancy came a few hours after the seed was officially planted, but most of the mothers of these illegitimate children were cheap commoners. Not royals, not my sister.

Dane, Dane Lancaster! I am going to kill that stupid, silk-tie-wearing, asslord for knocking up my sister. My mother walked past me while I was still in my state of shock, and entered Charlotte’s room to care for her. I regained my composure and followed her.

“Who is the father?” she asked sullenly.

“Excuse me?” Charlotte replied she had a big glass of water in her hands.

“Charlotte Marie Saunders you are pregnant, and you shall answer this question or in my mind you have officially crossed the road to being a cheap harlot,” my mother said angrily.

“It’s Dane Lancaster, isn’t it?” I asked. Charlotte, whose expression was mixture of incredulity and anger finally whispered.


“Oh no,” mother gasped.

“At least the child will be royal, half Lancaster, half Saunders.”

“No you don’t understand,” mom said shaking her head. “Charlotte isn’t a full Saunders, she’s—she is half human.”

Charlotte gasped. I gasped, and I stared at mother, and my expression was probably one of utter astonishment.

“What…what do you mean?” I finally managed to stutter.

“Charlotte is—illegitimate, it was a stupid affair your father had years ago. That’s why we didn’t want Charlotte to marry…”

“So that your grandchildren can be full vampires and not have even an ounce of human blood,” I finished. Charlotte was staring at the roof, and there were tears in her eyes.

“And when exactly were you planning to tell me this,” she asked our— well, my— mother.

“We thought it would be best if you didn’t know. And besides it was a long time ago. Now you and your sister are respectable members of society and this whole situation was swept under the rug.”

I was in shock, but Charlotte was petrified. I’m not sure it was because of the discovery of the pregnancy, or the fact that she was an illegitimate child. Humans were regarded as nothing but…food. Sleeping with one and bearing a child with one was beyond shameful. Mother reached out to comfort Charlotte, but she wouldn’t have it. She stood up and marched away.

“Charlotte! Elizabeth!” exclaimed my mother.

“No, mom,” I said. Then I left the room, I needed to find Charlotte, and I needed to comfort Charlotte.     

I found her on the patio. It was mid-December so the premises were covered with snow and ice. She was seated on one of the wooden deck chairs. She wasn’t wearing a coat, and I knew she had to be cold. Vampires didn’t get sick at all, but that didn’t mean that the cold wasn’t a minor pain in the ass.

“Freezing?” I asked. She didn’t respond. She was looking straight ahead, not administering eye contact. She finally spoke after ten minutes of total silence.

“Mom is right, I am a whore.”

“No, Charlotte just because you had one crazy night, and there was an unexpected pregnancy doesn’t mean you’re a whore.”

“What does it matter? I’m illegitimate and knocked up. I never want to see Dane again and he will definitely not want anything to do with me. Well, not after I tell him that I’m carrying his child…and oh gosh, if I could turn back the clock I wouldn’t have…” she trailed off, but her speech was muffled by the building tears that suddenly strained her voice.  I immediately hugged her, and then she put her hand over her stomach and rubbed it. She let the tears silently spill over.

“Come on, let’s go inside,” I said. Then she stood and I followed her.

“I don’t even know how I’m going to face Father.”

“After not telling you that you’re a—,” I began, but then I immediately thought of phrasing my words a bit differently. “I mean, not telling you the news. I think he’ll have to let this one slide.” 

Charlotte sighed and held her hand and squeezed it tightly. This was going to be a rough couple of months.    

-END of Chapter ONE-

















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