Don't Tell Anyone...Or Else (A Vamp Girls Short Story)

There are so many secrets surrounding the Saunders’: Illegitimate children, secret affairs, and outrageously saucy flirting. But to add to all this, the Saunders’ are one of the most prestigious families in Vampiric society and in this world reputation means everything.

Elizabeth Saunders is nothing but a good—well, as good as a vampire can get—girl whose only bad side consists of preying on cheap men, refusing to marry, and a out-of-control temper that could sometimes lead her to rip heads open (literally). But her sister is part human—which is considered absolutely abhorrent in Vampire society—But there’s an even bigger secret, a secret so big that it may drag down more than the Saunders’ reputation forever.


2. Dispatch Them



Things couldn’t have gotten any more awkward with Charlotte at home. Her bump was steadily growing, and it seemed the bigger the bump got every week. The more resentment Charlotte felt towards Mother and Father. But the worst part of her pregnancy so far was telling the Lancasters about the baby.

 It was a dark, rainy day, and mother had invited Lady Anne Lancaster and her husband Lord Lancaster to the mansion. Mother specifically asked that Dane came along with them—You know, because he’s the father—. Anne had asked why, but Mother replied that I’d be best if Dane came along. So I was in Charlotte’s room, lying propped up on one arm as she brushed her right hand up and down the bulge that was coming into definition. The bump wasn’t huge or anything, but it was definitely noticeable through close examination.

I was dressed in dress pants and a steady blue button down shirt. It was a bit too formal for lying around the house in, but even I wanted to look presentable for this. Suddenly, Miranda, a lower-class vampire servant that worked for us burst into the room. 

“Charlotte, Elizabeth the Lancasters have arrived,” announced Miranda.

 The little color in Charlotte’s cheeks vanished, and she immediately pulled down her black, loose shirt to hide the bump. She nervously smoothed her tailor-made jeans and she began to slightly hyperventilate. I woke up off her bed and put a hand over her shoulder.

“Everything will be fine, trust me,” I promised. She began to breathe normally, but I could still feel her heart pounding. “Don’t worry,” I reassured her again. I led Charlotte up to her dressing table, and quickly did her makeup. I made sure to use waterproof mascara and I coated her lips with a thin layer of shiny lip-gloss. I did the same for myself and after we were done Miranda led us to Father’s study room.

There I saw Lady Anne Lancaster, Lord Lancaster, Dane, my father and my mother all sitting down on black, sumptuous leather and velvet seats. Charlotte and I sat down, and I saw Dane send Charlotte a saucy grin that she—of course—ignored. I saw the expression on his face. He was looking at my sister like she was a piece of meat, and it pissed me off even more that my sister was nothing but a new notch in his belt. It took all of my self-control not to tackle him to the ground and punch the dick that had knocked up my sister.

I quickly took a deep breath and braced myself for Charlotte to say the words: ‘I’m pregnant’ or to say ‘I’m carrying Dane’s child.’ Or for Charlotte to blurt out the wittiest line my mind could think of: ‘your asslord, dick of a son tricked me into sex when I was drunk, and now I’m carrying his quarter-human child.’ I knew she wasn’t going to say the third one, but I really wanted her to phase her sentence along those lines.

Miranda interrupted my thoughts by offering me tea and other refreshments. But I glared at her with a scowl so ferocious that she immediately backed off, and eventually left the room altogether. The awkward silence still hung heavy. Charlotte sipped her tea and then stood up. Dane and the other Lancasters abruptly jerked their gazes from there beverages and gazed at Charlotte. She looked like she was going to say something, but instead she held the material of her loose black shirt around her, causing it to tighten around her torso. She put emphasis on the bump, but the Lancasters still looked confused. Then one by one they all realized what was going on. They gasped. Then Charlotte spoke before any of them could.

“I just thought that you would like to know that you’re going to be grand-parents,” she said. It took all but a millisecond for Lady and Lord Lancaster to process what Charlotte had said.

More gasps.

Dane stood up and so did I. I took a single step towards him, but Charlotte—who was the one that was closest to me—put her arm on my shoulder. She was telling me to back off, and again with a lot of self-control I slowly did. I sat back down, but Dane slowly sauntered to where Charlotte was. Suddenly, he slapped her. The clap of his palm connecting with her cheek rang throughout the room. Her pale face was then temporarily marked with a pink blotch marking exactly where Dane had hit her.

I stood up again and this time no one could hold me back. I punched Dane in the nose and he also when on offensive by kicking me. We ended up on the ground, and while we were squaring it off on the floor. My parents and the Lancasters were arguing. Charlotte was in tears, probably not sure whether to break up the fight or the argument. And the servants that were lined up against the wall in the room were most probably unsure whether or not to get involved.  

I mean, these were high-class royals they were working for, and if they stepped out of line we could destroy them as easily as we’d made them. So, basically if you were born a vampire, and your kin had prestige and importance in the vampire world you were capable of great things. But if being bitten by a vampire created you (which obviously means you were human to start out with) you were weaker—both physically and socially, and social grace in the vampire world meant everything. It gave you respect and prestige—. The Lancasters were one of the most prestigious families out there (even more powerful than the Saunders’.) So if a scandal like this one came out to the public or even got leaked to the public. You could only imagine the social disgrace this would pose to both of our families. So an illegitimate child — especially one that was part human— being revealed into vampire society was nothing to laugh about.

The Lancasters were still in shock. Lord Lancaster—who was now seated—was lost in deep thought, Lady Anne was sobbing with her face in her palm and once Dane and I were separated he could barely stand it, so he walked out of the room like the immature coward he was. I still felt the burning to choke the life out of him. Charlotte was also sobbing, but unlike Lady Anne she made her tears visible for everyone to see. It was clear that Charlotte was scared, but most importantly she wasn’t ready for a baby. Let alone an illegitimate one that would drag both our families down. My parents and the Lancasters started talking again, but I didn’t hear a thing. Just a few key words: Society Rumors, Power, and Abort. 

Charlotte sprung up after the last word was mentioned. She put her hands protectively on the bulge. But I knew—and she probably did too— it didn’t matter anyway, the baby was far too grown to abort. Charlotte was going to have this child and she was going to be a mother. She had to face the facts. The Lancasters promptly left. I had a strong feeling that they would deny any claims that this baby had anything to do with there family.

“No one is to find out about Charlotte’s partial human child, her affair with Dane Lancaster, or the fact that she is illegitimate. Are we clear?” Father said. He spoke out loud like we were chatting about the weather and not the well being of the family. Charlotte began crying again, so I took that as a yes from her. Mother had a bland, grave expression that looked like it was sculpted on her pale, white face, and muttered of course. I simply nodded. Then new thought came into mind.

“If this is to remain a secret the all the individuals who are not are this family must be disposed of. They know too much and their time is up,” I said. Father nodded agreeing with me.

“Miranda!” he called. Suddenly Miranda burst in and bowed her head. “Take Charlotte and my wife. Elizabeth and I have a bit of work to do,” he simply said.

“Yes, master,” Miranda muttered and led Charlotte and mother out of the room. All the vampire servants in the room that had heard the conversations going on looked frightened. They were told to line up in a single file line and I began disposing from the back while father started up front. Disposing a human-made vampire is easy. Just bite them and eject venom into their system. It’s ironic because the logic that works around the disposing method is: awakened with venom disposed of with venom. So, basically that’s why human-made immortals are so loyal to full-vamps. They know if they step out of line once, the end of their lives are in our hands. And they also stay with us, and work with us because they need us for blood—I’ll get into details later–.               


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