Letters to an Angel

Ava was 5 years old when her mother was killed by her uncle. Here dad told her that mom went away for awhile. Ava asked her dad if he would help her write letters to her mom. Her dad agreed. Seeing no harm.


1. Dear Mommy.

Dear Mommy, 

I miss you so much! Daddy said you went away for a while. How long is awhile? Can you come back please? I miss you reading to me before bed. Do you have a phone? I really want you to come back. Daddy gave me one of your necklaces to wear. He said i look just like you. He almost cried when he saw me. I think he misses you too. I wish I could come see you. Daddy says no. Mommy, daddy can't make food right. He needs a good teacher. When you come back can you teach him?



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