Summer Love

Leah's parents are leaving her for a three month cruise. She's forced to live with her aunt in Wolverhampton for the next three months. the whole summer!!!!!! When she meets someone new. they spend their time together and grow close but soon summer. Leah has to go back home. while he goes back to his tour. After leah and Liam part their ways. her psycho ex-boyfriend comes after her.


5. You want Me?????? (sexual actions)

Leah's POV

 The rest of the car ride was silent. no one said anything. I felt bad for not telling then, but I can't. I would break down.


                                                                                                •A FEW DAYS LATER•

  I wanted to die then and there. I saw LIAM taking off his shirt. Every directioner''s dream, to see one of the boys shirtless personally. Well i wasn't next to him, but I saw it in real life, not in pictures. Umm.... it's now like I'm stalking him or anything. He saw me looking at him, and he just waved. I wanted to die. 

  Liam was just laughing at my reaction he saw, when he found out I was looking at him. I started blushing, and Liam disappeared from where i saw him out the window. Soon I heard my aunt greeting him. OH MY GOD , i felt so embarrassed. He started walking towards the stairs up to me. I was just standing at the top looking at him. "Well Leah I;m gonna be gone for a few days. I'm going to go visit some friends." My aunt yelled. "Okay." I yelled back as she left.

  We both walked into my room. "I saw you checking me out over there." He said with a husky voice. It kinda looked like his eyes were filled with lust. No Leah don't think that. Liam James Payne would never have lust for you, or think of you in any way. "UMM......Uhhh..... Yea sorry about that." I said nervously. "I like it when my mom's neighbor's beautiful niece checks me out." He said. pushing me against the wall with both his arms blocking me. "It turns me on." He whispered in my ear sexually. 

  I gasped. This really isn't happening. "So your aunt is gone, so we have some time." Liam whispered. I was getting wet, knowing that Liam wanted me. I let out a slight moan as Liam touched me. He smirked, and picked me up bridal style. He took me to my bed. He pushed me down lightly. his lips net mine, and started kissing me roughly, but with passion. I moaned and he slipped his tongue in my mouth. Both of our tongues fighting for dominance. I felt his hard on on my thigh, started moaning even more.

  I was the cause of his, little friend down there. Well big friend. We pulled away breathlessly. "Sorry the weirdest things turn me on." Liam said sitting up. "Like pretty girls checking me out. " He said blushing. I just looked at him. Lust took over me. I straddled him. He seemed shock, but went along with it.

  I kissed his jaw, and down to his neck. I heard him let out a moan. I ran my hand over his bulge a couple of times. Then pulled away and climbed off him. He took control, and was on top of  me. "Don't tease me like that." He whined with a husky voice, filled with lust. He kissed my lips a little than around my jaw, down to my neck. I let a moan slip out as he left love bites all over my neck. He left my neck, and looked down to. He looked up at me for approval, if i really wanted to do this with him. 







hhahaha so to be continued, well im back , and forreal this time 


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sorry for any spelling errors, and grammer

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