Summer Love

Leah's parents are leaving her for a three month cruise. She's forced to live with her aunt in Wolverhampton for the next three months. the whole summer!!!!!! When she meets someone new. they spend their time together and grow close but soon summer. Leah has to go back home. while he goes back to his tour. After leah and Liam part their ways. her psycho ex-boyfriend comes after her.


4. You sing?

Leah POV 

          We all grabbed our bags and off to the van we went. Well tried to go. They were everywhere they were yelling and shrieking. I see how the boys feel now. I actually sound like that when I was following them around. Wow, but i don't do that anymore. We finally got to the van. I climbed over the middle compartment and turned up the radio. My favorite song was on. (Gold by Britt Nicole). I started singing forgetting that the boys were in the van. 

 " You were walking on the moon

But now you're feeling low low low

What they said wasn't true 

You're beautiful

Sticks and stones break your bones

I know what you're feeling

Words like those won't steal your glow

You're one in a million"

             I was cut off by the boys clapping. "Oh s**tI forgot you guys were here" I said feeling embarrassed. "You sounded great." everyone said. "Your voice is amazing" they said. "Well thanks, but I don't think it is." I said. 

             I use to sing a lot. I use to perform at all these open mic nights, but that was before "he" happened. i thought to myself. well i thought i was thinking to myself. "Who is this he?" Harry asked. "Oh umm it's uh.. no one." I managed to get out. Why did i keep thinking out loud. I don't want to tell them the story. I only want my family to know. It's not that i don't trust them. I'm just not ready for people to know. 

Liam POV 

What was she hiding form us? Who is this he? I need to know, so i can comfort her. I wanted her to tell me. Why couldn't she tell me?

Harry POV

I wanted Leah so bad. She's so beautiful,nice, and smart. Everything i wanted in a girl. But there's a problem. Niall and Liam both like her too. What do i do?

Niall POV

Her voice is gorgeous. Why had she stop singing? She was thinking out loud again. She's so cute when she does that, but i was wondering who this he was. Did he scar her for life? I was determined to find out. What she's hiding. 



so what is Leah hiding. will she tell them, or will they find out themselves? Find out next time.

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