Summer Love

Leah's parents are leaving her for a three month cruise. She's forced to live with her aunt in Wolverhampton for the next three months. the whole summer!!!!!! When she meets someone new. they spend their time together and grow close but soon summer. Leah has to go back home. while he goes back to his tour. After leah and Liam part their ways. her psycho ex-boyfriend comes after her.


2. Who's this?

"Bye Mom" "Bye Dad" I waved at them as i walked towards the gate. My parents let me go on a plane by myself, but won't let me stay at home alone. That's nice. "The flight from London to Wolverhampton is now leaving" the flight attendant said on the intercom. My parents bought me first class tickets. No point what so ever. I had two hours before I land, great. I shoved my earphones in my ears, and started playing Temple Run to kill some time.


Liam P.O.V.

The boys and I decided to spend this summer with my family in Wolverhampton. We boarded the plane. we went towards our seats. There was this beautiful girl. Niall, Harry, and I wanted to take the two seats next to her. So we settled this the right way. Paper, rock, sissors of course. Niall and I ended up taking the two seats next to her. i gently tapped her shoulder. she looked up. "Umm are these seats taken" i stammered. " No, you can take them" she said smiling at me. She sounded like an angel. Her voice made me melt. Her eyes were a beautiful sea blue. It made me melt inside when she looked up at me. Her long, brown, wavy hair running down her shoulders. She was just so beautiful. "Hello?" I snapped out of my thoughts. Her beautiful voice spoke again. " Oh... Umm.... Sorry" I stammered. Niall was just laughing at me. " are you from One Direction" she asked calmly. " Umm yeah, you a fan?" "Of course " she said smiling I expected her to scream and squeal like other fans that meet us, but she didn't. I like that. "Turn around and look wholes behind you" I told her. She turned around and saw Louis, Zayn, and Harry. She waved at them. Harry was just sitting there staring at her. She gave Niall, and I a hug. "My name is Aleah, but everyone calls me Leah." she said confidently. Her, Niall, and I sat there playing games and talking about things in life.

 Leah P.O.V.

Someone tapped my shoulder. I looked up and there they were. The very Niall Horan and Liam Payne, from one direction, were standing before me right this second. "Are these seats taken?" Liam asked. I acted calm and didn't scream. "No, you can take them." I said as calmly as i could. I had asked them if they were from one direction. Why did i do that? Of course they were from one direction. What other famous Niall Horan and Liam Payne do i know of. He told me to turn and look behind me, and they were the one and only one direction! Niall, Liam ,and I sat and played some games and talk for awhile. Time pasted by pretty fast. We found out that we were headed to the same place in Wolverhampton. Well just that i was next door to his family's house. Maybe staying at my aunt"s won't be so bad. 




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