Summer Love

Leah's parents are leaving her for a three month cruise. She's forced to live with her aunt in Wolverhampton for the next three months. the whole summer!!!!!! When she meets someone new. they spend their time together and grow close but soon summer. Leah has to go back home. while he goes back to his tour. After leah and Liam part their ways. her psycho ex-boyfriend comes after her.


3. LEAH <3

Leah POV

     We all got off the plane together. Liam was extremely close to me, but I liked it. I was glad that we were headed to the same place. Well sorta the same place. "So I heard that Leah here was headed the same direction as us." Zayn said. "Yeah" I said smiling. "Hey you could come with us." Niall suggested. "Yeah" everyone said nodding their heads in  agreement. "Sure why not." I said.

    To be honest, I was excited. I know that the boys were just like any other teenage boy, but they were H-O-T hot. I smiled as i thought to myself. "Whatcha smiling about" Liam whispered in my ear. At first I jumped a little, but settled down once i knew it was Liam. 

    "Oh nothing." I said. "You know the boys and I love you already." "You aren't like other fans." "You think of us like any other teenage boy." He said. "Did i say my thoughts out loud?" I asked embarrassed. "Yep and glad to know that you think the boys and I are H-O-T hot." He said laughing along with the others. I turned bright red. 

      "I'm pretty sure a lot of girls think you guys are hot, so don't be to flattered." I said with a smirk. They stopped laughing. "Well than." Louis said acting hurt. He is such a drama queen. "I am not." Louis protested. (A/N: Lol see what i did there Cx.) Dang I need to stop thinking out loud. "Yeah you seriously do, unless you want us to know all your innermost thoughts about us." Niall said laughing his cute Irish laugh. I loved his laugh. "Haha funny, but not all my thoughts are about you guys." I stated. "Sure they aren't." Harry said teasingly. 

Liam POV

       Leah was so cute when she thought out loud. She thinks the boys and I are H-O-T hot. i chuckled to myself. "What you chuckling about there?" I got startled, but then found out it was, the angel, Leah. "Haha, isn't so nice is it?" She said laughing. "Nope" I said popping the "p" sound.

      I grabbed Leah by the waist and chucked her over my shoulder. She was laughing, punching me, and yelling at me to put her down. We got looks from people around us in the airport, but we didn't care. I finally put her down. I loved her laugh, and i wanted to hear it more often.

     I wanted her to be in my arms. Where I can kiss her plush lips. I wanted to hug her, and squeeze her to death. I just wanted her to be mine already.  Harry and Niall were both glaring over at me. Weird, note to self, remember to talk to them about this later. 

Niall POV

       Why did it bother me so much that Liam was all over Leah. I mean Liam is my best mate ever. We were the closest in the band, so why did it bother me so much. It bothered me that Harry was just staring at her. Do i love Leah?

Harry POV

I was staring at Leah deeply. She was just so beautiful. I wanted her to be mine. I wanted her to be in my arms, where i was holding her tight. I loved her even though we just met. I wanted her to be mine so bad, but how? Both Niall, and Liam liked her too. Isn't it obvious.



So i retyped it so it might not be messed up anymore. and I'm trying the best i can to update as much as i can. Its just that I've been busy doing family stuff for spring break. 

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