1. Promises

Some people break them unashamedly
With no more to say than "it's a weakness in me"
But the absolution does not ring true
And their thinly veiled culpability shines through
Some people say "I meant it at the time"
But a promise for an instant ain't worth a dime
Others will refuse to make them at all
Believing promises set them up for a fall
But people citing such reservation
Reveal their intentions through their hesitation
For they are saying through speaking no words
That they know their relationship is 'for the birds'

I myself oft play a different hand
Learnt back as a teen, when in a far away land
Traveling past in the back of a car
Vowed earnestly, next time I would sleep where they are
Scared of the shantis, I have not returned
From this, the tactical maneuver I have learned
To avoid a situation again
Ensures that there's not a time in the future when
I will be called on to honor my vow
Underhanded it is, but its served me 'til now
A way to exist, albeit absurd
Which negates the guilt of retreating on my word

Promises made, little more than token
Never to be fulfilled, but also not broken
Resulting in my exoneration
Such a simple way to avoid obligation
It inspired me to extrapolate
Other ways of achieving a similar fate
I've learnt to skip situations at all
That, once in effect, would inevitably call
On me, ('less like those above I refuse)
To make promises, for honor come what ensues
Many examples of this you will find
Not married, for one, for fear I might change my mind

No doubt even more means have been contrived
Beyond the ones that I have already described
Tricks that people keep hidden up their sleeve
To circumvent a promise and in concert breathe
A sigh of relief and excuse their self
Allowing their conscience to remain in good health
But the brave will take and retake the road
That requires them to assume the burdensome load
Of making promises, not citing chance
Then, now and ever after, maintaining the stance
For truth lives on, 'neath the rug its been swept
To have love: promises should be both made and kept

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