Can You Keep A Secret?

Spencer labled guys in three categories, players, nerds, and just flat out stupid. When One Direction move next door, she lables them under players. But what if her judgement was wrong? Once she tells them her darkest secrets, things go hectic. Can they keep a scecret, or will it spill all over the place?


25. Thursday

“I need you to get me out of here.” I said as quietly as I could.

“What? Why? How would I do that?” He asked, confused.

“Chase. I have to meet him. I wont be out before Thursday, so I need you to say that you are going to take me shopping or something.” I said as quickly as I could. I saw a nurse walk by and I started panicking. “Niall, just please say yes.”


“Thank you, I have to go, bye.” I said as quickly as possible. I put my phone back to where it was, and ran over to the bed. I grabbed my ‘In Style’ magazine, and started flipping through it. The nurse walked in, and started talking to me, but all I could think about was Thursday.


“Liam, I’ll be fine, Niall’s coming with me.” I said to Liam, while I stroked his hair. I was in his hospital bed, visiting him. He was an over-protective boyfriend.

“If he lays one finger on you, I swear, I will kill him.” He said angrily. I looked him in the eye, and he looked, scared.

“I will be fine, just fine.” I said with a smiled and kissed him on the forehead. He smiled, and looked at me.

“I should be the one comforting you.” He said with a chuckle. I looked down, and he brushed a piece of my hair out of my face. I grabbed his hand and lightly squeezed it.

“I will be fine, I promise. Now, I have to meet Niall downstairs in 5 minutes, OK.” I said with a glowing smile. I kissed him lightly on the lips, and left. I checked out, and ran down the stairs. I saw Niall, waiting for me nervously. He saw me, and he smiled weakly.

“Are you ready?” He asked nervously. I took a deep breath.

“As ready as I will ever be.” I said, and we slowly walked outside. It was dark out, a quite cloudy night. The stars shone, and the weather was chilly. I’m glad that I wore a jacket.

“Do you think that he would see me?” Niall asked, as we got into his car. I shrugged my shoulders, and turned on the car.

“Just lay on the floor, then he won’t see you.” I said while pulling out of the parking lot. I drove down the roads that I used to everyday. The palm trees swayed back and forth in the light wind. I pulled into the Starbucks that I remember so well. Niall laid down on the floor, and I parked the car. I quickly texted my parents, Maria, Stephen, and Liam-

I Love You xoxo


And then turned off my phone. I looked at Niall, then got out. There was a note on the front door.


Doors locked, go through the back door baby gal


A shiver ran down my spine, and I walked to the back door. I pulled the heavy door open, and walked in. It was dark and spooky. I saw a figure behind the counter.

“Chase?” I mumbled.

“Nope.” Said a girls voice. I recognized that voice all to well.



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