Can You Keep A Secret?

Spencer labled guys in three categories, players, nerds, and just flat out stupid. When One Direction move next door, she lables them under players. But what if her judgement was wrong? Once she tells them her darkest secrets, things go hectic. Can they keep a scecret, or will it spill all over the place?


6. She's Gone

I quickly got dressed, and put on my converse. I ran outside to get the mail, and I froze when I saw that Harry guy. He was standing at his mailbox (which was right beside mine). I put my head up high and walked to our mailbox. I felt him staring at me.

“Hey babe.” He said in a flirty voice. I ignored him and continued to get my mail. “Playing hard to get. Ok. Hey, I am having a party tonight at my place, want to come?”

“If I say yes will you stop talking to me?” I asked snottily. He considered it.


“Ok, then yes.” I replied and walked away.  I didn’t want to admit it, but I was actually really excited. I’ve heard that he has wild parties. I stepped into my house and sat the mail on the table, and lazily walked up stairs. I plopped down on my bed. I spotted my old, blue polka dotted diary. I grabbed it from my night stand and started reading it.


Dear Diary,

                   No matter how hard I try, Stephen always beats me. I could win the Nobel Prize, and Stephen would still be the best. I am giving up. I’m tired of being worthless. What should I do?


I let tears fall down my cheeks while I read. I was only 14 when I wrote that entry. My life kept getting even more depressing. I read on and on through my diary. I kept crying while I read. I finally found the entry where I decided not to care.


Dear Diary,

                   I decided that I am going to find the real me. I am not going to be the nerdy loser anymore. That me is gone. I bought contacts today, and I changed up my wardrobe. I feel unbelievably amazing. When I said that I was going to a party, my parents were shocked. I am changing up my attitude. I am not the sensitive girl who would cry when her heart gets broken. I am going to show them what they are missing out on. It’s about time that I changed, and I love it.


I remember that day like it was yesterday. I was 15 years old. It did feel good to change, not care anymore. I buried the pain and moved on. I realized that the party was in 20 minutes, so I quick threw on a hot pink mini dress, with black heels. I curled my dirty blonde hair, and put on my sliver hoop earrings. I am going to have fun tonight. I ran down the stairs and my parents were sitting at the table.

“Where are you going?” My Dad asked.

“I’m going to a party.” I said bluntly.

“Honey it’s a school night. You have—“

“I don’t care.” I said cutting my Mom off. She looked mad at me.

“What happened to the girl who would rather study than go to a party?” My dad asked angrily.

“She’s gone. Now, bye bye!” I said and ran outside.

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