Can You Keep A Secret?

Spencer labled guys in three categories, players, nerds, and just flat out stupid. When One Direction move next door, she lables them under players. But what if her judgement was wrong? Once she tells them her darkest secrets, things go hectic. Can they keep a scecret, or will it spill all over the place?


5. I Like You??

I sat on the couch in my empty house. I checked my Twitter, and I got a tweet from Liam. I rolled my eyes and shut my computer before I could read it. What doesn’t he get about us being a one-time-thing? I mean, I totally understand. Every guy wants to be with me (selfish, much?). I sat my computer down, and got up to take a bath. I grabbed my spa set that I got for my 15th birthday 2 years ago, and I quick made up a mango smoothie. I undressed and turned up the water as hot as I could get it, then slid into the bath tub. The warm water felt amazing on my skin. I put on my sunglasses (because I’m cool like that), and sipped on my mango smoothie. A half an hour passed, then an hour passed. As soon and I was getting out of the tub, the doorbell rang. It must be Crissy.

“IT’S OPEN!” I yelled then I heard the door open. I looked in the mirror. I had a little bit of makeup on, and my hair was in a cute bun. I wrapped a towel around my small body, and ran out into the living room, and instead of Crissy, Liam was standing there. I totally freaked out, and almost screamed.

“Ohmigosh Liam! Turn around! I’m only in a towel!” I yelled and rushed up the stairs. I grabbed my hot pink robe and put it on. I climbed back down the stairs and Liam was standing there, confused.

“Spencer, I want to talk about something.” He sighed. “I like you, like, more than a friend.”

“Liam! I told you! Us, we aren’t real!” I exclaimed. “It was a one-time thing! I am flattered, but seriously! Stop!” He looked hurt. “Liam.” I mumbled. He angrily looked at me and stormed out. I watched him walk over to his house. I put my hand over my mouth, and started crying. I sat down on the floor, and thought about how horrible a person I am. Do I like him? SNAP OUT OF IT SPENCER! He’s one of those stuck-up celebrities who will break your heart. Just like…. DON’T SAY HIS NAME! His name is off limits. All my thoughts are mumbled and jumbled. Could it be true that I might, possibly, like him a tiny bit?


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