Can You Keep A Secret?

Spencer labled guys in three categories, players, nerds, and just flat out stupid. When One Direction move next door, she lables them under players. But what if her judgement was wrong? Once she tells them her darkest secrets, things go hectic. Can they keep a scecret, or will it spill all over the place?


15. Are You Deaf?

“Did you know her?” The police officer asked. We were in an all-white room, with a light beating down on my face. I kept my face blank. The officer was staring at me. He actually was quite good looking. His blonde hair was messy, and his vibrant green eyes stared at me. I looked at my hands.

“No.” I replied bluntly. He just stared at me. He let out a chuckle.

“How come you and your little friends were on her property?” The officer asked. I looked at him.

“What’s your name anyway?” I asked rudely. I looked at his tag that said; OFFICER JACKSON. “Well, Jackson, my friends heard a loud noise, and we ran over there.” I said, and put my feet on the table. I tried not to freak out. Jackson looked at me seriously. He was quite annoyed. Most people would be scared of the police, but not me.

“Let me ask you again, why were you on the property?” He asked louder than he just did.

“I just told you, are you deaf?” I asked rudely. He gave up. The officer game me the evil eyes, and let me out. I walked out calmly, but my heart was pounding. I looked at Jason, Kalynn, Missy, Justin, and Tyler. I gave them a thumbs up, and Missy looked pleased. She told us ‘what happened’, and to twist it so then it sounds more believable. Good thing all of us were good actors. I sat down in-between Missy and Jason. Missy put her hand on my wrist, and looked me in the eye.

“All this will be worth it.” She said sincerely.


“Are you OK Spencer?” Harry asked, snapping me out of my flashback. Was it all worth it? I doubt it. All the lying still haunts me. I nodded my head, and grabbed my phone. I ran down the stairs, Harry was right behind me. One I made it down the stairs, my parents, Maria, and Stephen were staring at me.

“Are you ready?” My mom asked me.

“For what?” I asked. Everyone exchanged glances. My father took a deep breath.

“You are going to meet your brother.” He said, and I about choked on my own saliva. I slowly walked down stairs and sat my suitcase down. I kind of wanted to meet my half-brother. I looked at Harry, and kissed him. I whispered ‘Bye’ to him, and he left. I nodded my head slowly. The car ride there was, quiet. No one said anything. I just thought about how all this time, I had a brother that I never even knew of. We pulled into a nice restaurant, and I got out. I took a deep breath. We all walked inside the palace like building, and sat down. We all waited nervously.

“I see him; I am going to go get him.” My dad said, then got up.

“I have a little brother!” Stephen said in a little girly voice. About less than a minute later, my dad arrived with my brother. His blonde hair and blue eyes looked, kind of like me. One I realized who it was, I about fell out of my seat.

“Guys, this is your brother, Niall.”


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