her last first kiss

this is my first fanfic about harry no hate will update every day at 4 you will have to read to find out what happens ;)


6. unexpected

Bellas p.o.v


i woke up and looked around me and all i could see was me and harry in a ... Hospital room?


"harry ?" i said trying to wake him up "harry" still no reply "HARRY!!" i screamed i scared him so bad he fell off his chair making me burst out laughing .


"its not funny you scared me " he grumbled rubbing his head


" yeah it is but uhh why are we in the hospital may i ask?"


" well basically you were vomiting like a fountain and the you colapesed so i brought you here and the doctor did a check up he'll be back in a minute " he said proudly he got up and slowly walked towards me , he was just about to kiss me when the doctor burst in


"hello my name is doctor- ohh sorry was i inturupting somthing ?" she asked nervously


"noo noo its fine " i said smiling warmly


" so as i was saying  i  am doctor meyers anyway i have some good news and some news that will defintly change your life" 

oh god am i dying do i have cancer  all these thoughts racing through my mind  i started to feel dizzy


"hey you alright babe ?" harry said trying to comfert me

i just nodded


"so the god news is your not dying " she said with a smile i sighed in relief


"and the other news is ... your pregnant congradulations! i will leave you too alone to talk " she said walking out the door.

i looked at harry who was already looking at me>



Harrys P.o.v


i looked at her in shock until a smile creeped up on my face and she mirrored my expression  . i jumped up hugging her and mumbiling into her neck

"were gonna have a baby" i said tears running down my face.



~3 months later~

Bellas p.o.v

me and harry were on our way to the doctors to get an ultrasound for the baby , my bump was getting visably larger as i was 4 months now so that meant we were gonna have to tell the paps .

when we got to the doctors  we were put straight into a room  so peaple didnt notice who we are


"hello again" said  dr. meyers as she walked in .she motioned me to the big chair


"hello to you too" me and harry said together


"so were here to see the sex of the baby arnt we ?"


"yes"i said barely containing my exitment

she smiled and put the gell on my tummy ad puting the senser on top . she pointed to the screen


"so thats the  babys head and it looks like its a boy !" i looked at harry tears welling in his eyes


" oh wait a second " she said  calmly


"WHAT IS HE OKAY WHATS WRONG!!!" harry screamed


"harry calm down " i said getting a bit nervous myself  " so doc whats up?"


" well theres certinally nothing wrong with baby number 1  !" she said grinning


"OMG WERE HAVING TWINS!!!" i said exitedly


"congratulations " she said still grinning 

i looked at harry with shock and exitment on my face. he returned the look.



A/N ohhh well thats enough exitment for one chapter!! BUT im adding a myster charactor in the next chapter will he be good or bad you tell me what you think!

xo Britt

















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