her last first kiss

this is my first fanfic about harry no hate will update every day at 4 you will have to read to find out what happens ;)


1. the meeting

A/N hi im brittany this fanfic was previously posted on perfectionishoran's page but i am the original author i will try to update every day by 4 please no hate this is my first fanfic.thnx xo

bellas pov

moving to england was supposed to be fun and it was at first.now ive lost my job ,im getting evicted and i have no money to get home. i was deep in thought when i was suddenly pushed into a puddle. I looked above to see green eyes and a mop of curly brown hair

he smirked at me "hey im harry"

"well thats great  and all but5 you no what would make this meeting better?" i say he looks confused

"what?" he asked


he just laughed and helped me up.

"do you umm wanna come up and get dry"  he asked casaully 

"umm yeah?"


Harrys pov

she was soo beautiful ive never  seen anyone  like her  before .so i invited her up to  get dry ,butit was strange she wasnt fangirling  .i broke the silence .

"soo...best moment  of your life or what?" i said grinning

she looked at me like i was crazy "umm noo actually  i-i got evicted today ,i lost my job and to  top it off i got pushed into a puddle !" she  said almost crying 

"i-im so sorry i didnt know i just meant cause you met me" i said trying to lighten the mood

"and why is that so life changing?"

OH.MY.GOD she didnt no who i am . well thats a first.

"oh wait your in a band arent you ? one direction ?" she asked quizically 

"yeah" i mumbled  just as the elavator door openend.

we got inside and she just stood there shocked at my apartment . i showed her were the bathroom was . just as she got in there someone knocked at my door i opend it then wished i hadn't.



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