her last first kiss

this is my first fanfic about harry no hate will update every day at 4 you will have to read to find out what happens ;)


4. meeting the boys

Harry's p.o.v 

i woke up to the sound of laughing in the kitchen . i opend my eyes to see that Bella wasn't in bed  .oh shit the boys were here  , i jumped out of bed and ran into the kitchen only to see Bella making pancakes for the boys

 i smiled at her "hi boys " i mumbled 


"hi harry " they all sang i looked at them individually Zayn was fixing his hair niall was eating like a pig Louis was trying  to put a whole pancake in his mouth and Liam was being threatened by Bella with a spoon. 



"harryyyyy" he whined "help me" 


i looked at bella "what he wont eat !" she protested  


i was about to say some thing but he gave up and started to eat.


"soo i take it youve met the boys ?" 


"yup they seem alright " she said laughing  


"ohh im offended" louis said dramaticily  

we all started laughing "damn this girl can cook, better keep her around !!!" niall joked 

i walked up behind her resting my head against her shoulder  , kissing her neck


"dont worry i will" i said smiling. 


A/N do you guys like it so far i hope you do tell me in the comments!!! 











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