her last first kiss

this is my first fanfic about harry no hate will update every day at 4 you will have to read to find out what happens ;)


5. life

Bella's p.o.v

I've been living with harry for about a month so we decided to make it official ,we were on our way to an interview for the boys  so harry was gonna spill the beans about his new girlfriend i  was nervous i saw the amount of hate the other boys girlfriends got  and receiving death threats didn't really appeal to me   .But i loved harry and nothing and no one  was gonna ruin that . i was pulled out of thought by harry mumbling into my neck 



"what did you say babe? " 



" i said  now we don't have to worry about the paparazzi he said smiling  



"mmmhhmmm" i started to feel sick and it was showing on my face .



"baby whats wrong ?" harry asked nervously 



"nothing just feeling a bit ill" i manged to pull a smile on my face 



3 hours later after the interview 



Harry's p.o.v 

we got home and  i could tell something was wrong Bella never acted like this. 


"Bella do you want something to eat" i called from  kitchen 


"yeah i'm starving " she yelled back 

i decided to make some sandwiches . i just finished when she came into the kitchen  looking really pale  but i didn't say anything cause i know what shes like when shes sick. she took a bite and swallowed  getting a strange look on her face . then she ran to the bathroom . she started to vomit violently  when she finally stopped  i tried to help her up but she wouldn't let me  she seemed better so we started to leave the bedroom. when she whispered "harry" i looked over to her only too see her collapse in a heap on the floor. 

"BELLA!!!!" i picked her up bridal style and called an ambulance... 

A/N ohhh what happens to Bella tell me in the comment

xo Britt



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