her last first kiss

this is my first fanfic about harry no hate will update every day at 4 you will have to read to find out what happens ;)


2. decisions

Bella's p.o.v 

as i got out of harry's shower i started to think maybe hes not like the magazines say maybe hes just a guy that falls in love to hard to fast . i walked out into the kitchen only to find him standing there kissing some one or some girl i should say. I'm an idiot i actually thought he was different .  



"wow  i-i actually thought you were different " i said tears welling up in my eyes 

he looked at me in shock "Bella i can explain " 



"explain what that you brought me up here making me think that you actually cared?" 



" i-i do care !" 



"yeah i can see that you care just not about me " i said running towards the elevator


Harry's p.o.v  

i couldn't believe what just happened i stood there in shock for a minute trying to process what just happened . i slowly turned  to face Amy  anger clearly displayed on my face.






"why what?"she said giving me a cheeky grin 




"why come  here after i broke up with you , why ruin my chance with some one that is a helluva lot more sweet and caring than you will ever be!" i said almost screaming 


she smiled at me edging closer and closer "isn't it obvious i still care about you harry" 



"yeah well the feeling is not mutual so please leave before i call the police " i said glaring at her 



" okay ill leave but ill be back "said storming off towards the elevator .

A/N hi guys i had a lot of spare time today so i decided to make 2 chapters  thank you to everyone who's read this 

xo Britt


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