her last first kiss

this is my first fanfic about harry no hate will update every day at 4 you will have to read to find out what happens ;)


3. coincidence

A/N okay just thought that i should warn you it gets dirty in this chapter  

Harrys p.o.v 

one week later 

i was sitting on  the park bench thinking about Bella  it had been a week since i had met her ,and hurt her but i couldn't  get her out of my head . it was strange it had never happened before, i was just about to get up when some one tripped knocking me to the floor . i looked up and couldnt believe my eyes .it  was bella 


"we gotta stop meeting like this i said laughing "


" yeah but why am i the one that always gets wet!" sh said with a groan


i helped her up and sat her on the park bench  . we  sat there staring at each other until she spoke up 


"why am i talking to you ?" she said standing up and starting to leave


"bella wait let me explain" i said pleadingly 

she looked at me and sighed "fine 1 minute no more no less" 


"that girl you saw me was amy my ex girlfreind i opend the door without knowing who it was . then she pushed me into the wall and started to kiss me please  believe me!" i pleaded 


her facial expresion faltered from pissed to embaressed "so-so that wasnt your girlfreind ?" she asked quitly 


"no"i said laughing 


she looked at me and smiled , then all of the sudden she jumped on me and kissed me pashionitly  


i kissed back . when she finnaly pulled away  i smiled and  said "sooo im guessing your coming back to mine ?" she just laughed and nodded .


Bellas p.o.v 

while we were in the elevatotor i couldnt contain it any longer "oh screw it " i turned and jumped on him  kissing him harder than before i started to kiss his neck leaveing love bites down his neck making him moan. the elavator door beeped and we continued down the hall me still on top of him with my legs wrapped around his waist   he opend his door . as we got into his bedroom i felt him go hard against my leg .he through me on the bed fully clothed .that was fixed fast.  he began to lick  and suck my breasts making me groan he entered me making me scream in pleasur  we continued for three hours untill we both fell asleep being really tired .


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