Adopted By Werewolves.

Madeeha has been threw a lot of foster homes and none were good to her some had worse problems then others. But one day after she tries to hurt herself she gets adopted by a nice lady. She knows the womens and families secret and because, well she has the same type of secret which they find out because well its hard to hide it from people who have the same secret. The plus of getting adopted by this family she finds out is that she found her mate. After a feek Weeks she realizes shes still being fallowed and then realizes her finding her mate is going to be what jeopardizes her life the most...


1. Madeeha Lopez.

  Hi my name is Madeeha Lopez, I'm 5'6" I have long curly black and blue hair with turquoise eyes and Carmel colored tan skin and I'm skinny. I've lived everywhere but no where. Ive been the foster system since I has five, somehow they always send me to the abusive places. But between a month to a year of abuse they send me back which sucks, because I just wish I had a home no one seems to want me. I'm sixteen I turn seventeen in about two months. Right now I live in northern Washington. My parents died when I was five by the same people that are after me now. I guess they want to finish what they started. I'm not an ordinary girl I can change into a wolf as I please, I've been able to since I was six, and all I know is my wolf is snow white and both eyes are completely blue and she's huge and runs quick which I like. I also can control the elements like Air, Earth, Fire and Water. Water is my favorite I make it rain a lot. I haven't got the element spirit down yet only because, when I'm close to people ruin it for me. My room isn't all that big, the walls are a nasty brown color, the bed isn't comfortable at all and I had a tiny window and tiny closet.

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