Adopted By Werewolves.

Madeeha has been threw a lot of foster homes and none were good to her some had worse problems then others. But one day after she tries to hurt herself she gets adopted by a nice lady. She knows the womens and families secret and because, well she has the same type of secret which they find out because well its hard to hide it from people who have the same secret. The plus of getting adopted by this family she finds out is that she found her mate. After a feek Weeks she realizes shes still being fallowed and then realizes her finding her mate is going to be what jeopardizes her life the most...


2. Adoption Day.

  I was sitting on my bed wearing my comfy but short dark blue jean shorts and white tank top meditating trying to get a handle on spirit so I can finally try it out, when someone knocked on my door interrupting me.

  "Yes?" I asked in announce.

  "Madeeha there's a family here that wants to meet you because they want to adopt a teenage girl. So hurry up and come on." Karen came in and then ran out excitedly. Karen is five feet three inches tall and shes one of the ladies that works here. I slowly got out of bed put on my soft white fluffy slippers, and put on concealer to cover the cuts from last night and before so no one could see them, then I walked out my room and down the hall to the conference rooms. When I got there I looked for Karen and saw her down at the end of the hall waiting for me, when she saw me she waved for me to hurry so just for her I picked up my speed.

  "Okay go in there you have five minutes to win them over." Karen told then opened the door and pushed me in then shut the door and I hit someone, who wrapped their arms around me, before I looked up I could smell wolves in the room and when I looked up I locked eyes with a guy and my heart started beating faster my pulse raced I got butterflies in my stomach and I could hear his heart quicken his pulse speed up so right then I knew we imprinted.

  "Paul!" A lady kind of yelled and he just turned his head around and looked at the people I couldn't see cause he was blocking them from my sight with his body and his arms were still around me. He's about six feet and six inches tall he has BRIGHT blue eyes, darkish tan skin and he was buff under his shirt and felt strong.

  "Yes?" He said and his voice was mesmerizing and was like silk.

  "Can we see the girl we're adopting." A guy said and he tightened his arms around me a little then reluctantly let go as I felt something vibrate in his pocket.

  "Yeah. Someones calling me anyways." He told and pulled out his phone and pressed answer then walked out.

  "Hi, I'm Marice this is my husband Jefferey our youngest son Mike and the other one was our oldest son Paul." The women said. She looks about five feet four inches, she has light brown hair, hazel eyes, and tan skin. Her husband looked about six feet five inches tall, he has dark brown hair, he looked strong and buff, and he was a little darker then his wife. Their youngest son Mike was about an inch shorter then his dad, green almost neon green eyes, dark tan skin, I could see his muscles.

  "Hi, I'm Madeeha." I told them as they started at me.

  "I don't know if Karen told you but we're adopting you." Marice said.

  "Yeah she said you guys were thinking about it." I told then leaned against the wall which was actually the door which I found out when it opened and the knob hit my back.

  "Owww." I muttered as I moved away from the door.

  "Ops sorry Madeeha." Karen said walking in with Paul fallowing her, "are you guys still wanting to adopt Madeeha?" She asked the family.

  "Yes." Mike and Paul said before their parents could and Paul glared at Mike as their parents shacked their head in agreement.

  "Okay, Madeeha go get packed." She paused nudging me out the room, "here's the paperwork you guys need to fill out." She put the papers down on the table as I walked out to go pack so I can.finally leave. 'Hopefully they don't give this room away, I'll probably be back here soon anyways.' I thought as I walked into my room.

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