"Knock Knock"

The 'gang' meet up in the house. Well this house. Let me just say, they will NEVER EVER forget this night in Mantor's Mantion.


1. Love???

Alexia's POV

"Alex! Come on!" Alexandra whined.

"Please?!?! Drake is waiting for you down stairs." Alexis said all flirty.

I threw the covers over to the floor.

"Fine! Just because you pushed my buttons!" I croaked. Yes, I was crying. Why? Because my boyfriend broke up with me.

"Yeah ay-Kay-ay I want to see Nicole's brother!" Alexira said.


Those are my 3 sisters.




Then there is Alexander... He is the oldest. 25........ He hasn't said a word to make a conversation, he would only say like, hi, hello, bye, yes, and no. That's it.

My mom Alexis, died 2 years ago. My dad Martian, is in jail. So Alexander takes care of us.

I got up and walked over to the stairs.

"Look who woke up!" Juli said. I walked down the stairs and I see our 'gang'. That's what Alexandra calls it.

This is who's in it:














And the beautiful, Lola. (NOT!)

Lola is Jake's girlfriend. Ugh!

"Hey alexia!" Drake said as I walked into the living room. I hated this living room! My mom, died in here.......

"H-hey d-drake..." I whispered as I pushed my glasses back up my nose. I felt a cold vibe brush past me. I quickly ran out of the living room and into the hallway. I hated this hallway too. My dad murdered someone in here.

I pranced into the kitchen.

"Alexia, what's wrong?" Drake chuckled running into me. We fell onto the floor.

I fell on top of him. I laughed nervously.
He brushed the purple hair away from my face. I stared into his piercing green eyes. They flashed from my eyes to my lips. He leaned in. I leaned in. I felt his warm, soft, lips. Now, he is laying on the floor while I'm sitting on him with my knees on ether side of him.

"DRAKE! ALEXIA!" Juli screamed. Oh, did I mention this is her boyfriend, one I'm making out with and two I'm sitting on him?!?!?!?!?!

We pulled off quickly and I stared at Juli's eyes while tears fell from them.

"To think you said you never had feelings for her! Yeah, my ass!" She screamed then ran out. Wow! That was the first time she cursed!

"Y-you don't have feelings for me?!?!" I screamed at drake who is now holding on to my waist and in the sitting position.

"Umm, I actually d-do..." He said quietly while turning a bright pink. Awww!

I pinched his cheeks and he turned a darker red.
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