"Knock Knock"

The 'gang' meet up in the house. Well this house. Let me just say, they will NEVER EVER forget this night in Mantor's Mantion.


2. Bloody Mary

Alexia's POV

"What are we gonna play?" Alexandra asked.

"BLOODY MARY!!!" Doncaster screeched. We all agreed.

(I'm skipping the getting ready part cause I'm awesome like that)

Ok, how do we play this?" Alexira shivered.

"Umm, candles and say her name 3 times looking in the mirror." Drake said.

"DONT FORGET THE LIGHTS OFF!" I screamed from the kitchen.

I heard a slight chuckle. "Yeah!" Drake screamed back with a chuckle.

I walked into the abandoned room.

"GUYS! I found the perfect room!!!!!" I squealed. The rushed in, well except for drake and Doncaster. The pushed my old dresser in that has an old mirror on in. They set it in the middle of the room.

"AHHHHH!" Jake screamed and jumped out at me. He scared the living life out of me! I screeched and fell on the floor.

"JAKE!" I whined. He laughed and helped me up.

"Ok." Alexis sighed. She lit all the candles. There were 5 on the dresser, and there were a lot on the floor around us.

I sat in the chair while the others stood behind me. It suddenly got super dark. It was scary quiet.

"Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, bloody m-" we all said then a gust of wind blew. It was freaky cause there are no windows in this room. The door opened and then slammed closed and it kept repeating. The floor boards shook under us. All the girls were being comforted by the boys as they huddled in the corner.

"Bloody Mary." I kept repeating over and over.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Screamed the mirror. It hurt so much. I fell to the floor and held my hands to my ears suffering from the unpleasant noise. Then I didn't feel like myself. I rose from the floor. The noise was still echoing i the room but it didn't effect me. I glided to the group that was huddled in the corner.

"HAHAHAHA!" I laughed at them as tears fell from there eyes.

"NO!!!!!!!!!!!" Drake and all my sisters screamed. Drake broke down.

"Please! We are so sorry! Just please please please bring her back! PLEASE!" He sobbed. While my sisters were crying uncontrollably. The rest just stood there in shock.

"Shut up peasant!" I screeched. My voice crackled and sounded like 100 people were talking at the same time.
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