One Of The Boys

All Mackenzie wanted was to be your average 17 year old girl, who lived with her parents, had a ton of friends and popularity and happy. What she got instead was her living with her father after the death of her mother and two best friends Sam and Jake. So her life seems to be okay at this point doesn't it? It's not, she is majorly in love with her best friend Sam, who sadly has a girlfriend and acts like he could care less about her. Turning her life upside down. In the end, will she win Sam's heart? Or will she just move on keeping all of her feelings bottled up inside?


4. The truth

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Mackenzie's P.O.V


The next day was hectic, it has been a few days now but I will never forget that day. I just can't...


Like promise, Jake came to see me as soon as he landed and things were....different, but in a good way. We hugged a lot, and were very clingy, I never thought anything about it, to me he was just my good friend who missed me. But to him, it was so much more. I made him breakfast, and he loved it, he admitted that no one had ever cooked for him, I didn't see the big deal in it. We were friends, I was being nice. As the day went on, I noticed that he was being more clingy then I was.

"Jake..." I groaned "Come on, we're watching a do not need to be on top of me" I said pushing him away.


Sure, it was mean, but I no longer liked how close he was. I could tell he was upset about it, he then reached into his pocket for something and then gave it to me. It was a small little box. "I uhm, got this for you while on vacation" He said softly and then I smiled. now this was the Jake I knew, the one who was caring and would do anything to make me smile.


"Thank you" I said softly and took the little box and opened it up. It was beautiful, a small necklace with my name on it, surrounded by a few diamonds. I didn't think they were real, well I sure would hope not since it would have cost him a fortune. I was still looking at it when he started to speak again.


"It's real you know...." He coughed slightly before speaking again "I got it in a small jewelry store....I hope you like it"


At this point, i was speechless. Of course I loved it, but why would he buy this for me, we were just friends...Well, at least I hoped so. By this point in time, I hadn't realized he was talking again.


"....Mac I missed you so much when I was gone. And I didn't know why, until I started thinking about you all the time. And I mean it was great and wonderful" He was just babbling at this point "Where was I going with this? Oh yeah. Mac, I just didn't get this for you for any reason...I mean what I'm trying to say I guess it"


I could tell he was trying to tell me something but it wasn't working. I sighed, it was getting annoying. I was about to stand up when he started to lean in, I wasn't sure if he was trying to kiss me. Or tell me a secret, I watched as he got closer to my lips. Yes, he was about to kiss me.


"JAKE!" We both jumped and turned around to see a very angry Sam standing there. "What are you doing?"

Everything else was such a blur, it happened so fast. Jake got up to defend himself and Sam jumped on him. Yelling at him 'how dare you try to touch her?!' were the words that I heard the most, it confused me. I didn't understand why he would care so much especially when he had a girlfriend. I saw Sam his Jake, and then Jake hit the floor. And didn't get back up...


Which brings us back to the present. A white hospital room and  coma induced Jake. It was true, I hadn't left his side ever since the accident. It was my fault in the first place, he was trying to kiss me and Sam had to walk in on us. Out of all the moments it had to be that one. I still didn't understand why he didn't want Jake and I to kiss. Yeah, I was goign to let him kiss me. Why would he still care with his girlfriend.


Sam had been texting me off the hook, telling me how sorry he was. But I didn't care, he hurt our friend over something stupid. He deserved to get the silent treatment. He hadn't even come visit Jake yet, like there wasn't a point to it. But what he didn't realize was that he could die. 


See, when Sam hit him, Jake bounced back and hit the wall. Causing some serious damage to his skull, it was possible he could suffer from serious brain/memory loss. I took his hand softly and intertwined my fingers with his, the doctors told me that maybe if I talked to him he could wake up.

"Hi's uhm me again. I wonder if you're getting annoyed with me yet" I laughed softly and wiped a tear away "Look, about the kiss we almost had...I still want to have it, but for us to do that you have to wake up...Your parents are so worried about you, they come and visit you everyday and I stay with them. And I hear what your mom says...just this for me"


I let my head lay down as I slowly fell asleep, praying he would wake up


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