One Of The Boys

All Mackenzie wanted was to be your average 17 year old girl, who lived with her parents, had a ton of friends and popularity and happy. What she got instead was her living with her father after the death of her mother and two best friends Sam and Jake. So her life seems to be okay at this point doesn't it? It's not, she is majorly in love with her best friend Sam, who sadly has a girlfriend and acts like he could care less about her. Turning her life upside down. In the end, will she win Sam's heart? Or will she just move on keeping all of her feelings bottled up inside?


3. I'm sorry.

Hey guys! Thank you so much for reading, as you may know in my last post I had talked about a contest. And i'm proud to announce that YOU guys will have the chance to be a character in my story! I will not let you guys know as who, but trust me it will be awesome. And let's just say your character will stir up a whole lot of trouble!


So here's how you enter. Email me at with the following info






I will hand pick one person and together we work at forming the perfect character to reflect them. Oh and by the way, I will only accept applications until early next week, so around March 18th. Thank you and tell your friends about this!



Mackenzie's P.O.V.


I smiled once I heard his voice on the other line, I didn't think he would have picked up. He sounded tired, that's when it hit me that there was a huge time gap between where we lived and between where he was on vacation.


"Oh my Jake. I'm so sorry, I totally forgot that there was a time gap...what time is it where you are?" I started to chew on my lip and sniffle softly, trying not to start crying once again.


I loved Jake's voice, no matter what the situation was, he was one of the only people who could calm me down, him and my mother. I never knew why, he just had that heart melting calm voice that I loved to hear. I listened as he told me it was around 2 am. "I'm so sorry" I said softly as I was about to hang up, but he cut me off and told me that it was okay. He hadn't been sleeping for long. It was quiet for a few seconds.

"So tell me what's wrong" His voice said. I could tell that he was really tired, but I loved how much he cared about me. I often questioned myself why I had fallen for Sam, when Jake was the one who clearly was the better choice. I just had always been too stupid to realize.


"Mac? Are you there?" His soft voice said again.


I laughed softly "Yeah. I am, sorry I was just thinking..." I let my voice trail off. Wow, did I just laugh? I asked myself, it was amazing that I was even laughing in a situation like this. "I just, I wanted to hear your voice...When do you get back again?" I didn't want to bother him with all of my life issues. And I knew he was tired. We talked for a few more minutes as he told me he was coming back in two days, and we just talked about how much fun he was having on vacation. I liked listening to him talk.


"Hey look, I should go now. But i'll see you when I get back home okay? And I got you something, I'm sure you're going to like it" He said in that soft voice of his. We both said goodbye and then hung up the phone. I found myself starting to think about him once again.


Jake's P.O.V.


I had just turned in for the night when I got a phone call. Usually, I would have not answered, but it was Mackenzie, so I did. I had to admit, I had always had a crush on her, she was everything I could ever ask for in a girl. She was down-to-earth, smart, pretty, funny and wasn't superficial like all of the other girls that I knew.


As soon as she picked up I could hear it in her voice that something was wrong, but when I asked, she didn't want to talk to me about it. So I let it go and figure we'd talk about it when I got back, to be honest I did miss her and I had done a little shopping for her while I was here. She deserved it with everything that she had to deal with lately, I wanted her to feel special.


Once we hung up, I didn't go to sleep right away. I started dreaming about her, why was she the only thing I could think about. I wanted her, but I knew she liked Sam, and I also knew that he didn't like her back so maybe this was my chance to tell her how I felt. But I really didn't want to stress her out. After a long time of thinking, I knew what I was going to do and ended up falling asleep.


The next day, I packed my bags and then headed to the airport where I texted her "Hey, I know you're sleeping right now...but by the time you wake up. I'll be back in town"  I smiled to myself and then boarded the plane. This was a new me, I was going to tell her how I really felt, or so I thought.


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