One Of The Boys

All Mackenzie wanted was to be your average 17 year old girl, who lived with her parents, had a ton of friends and popularity and happy. What she got instead was her living with her father after the death of her mother and two best friends Sam and Jake. So her life seems to be okay at this point doesn't it? It's not, she is majorly in love with her best friend Sam, who sadly has a girlfriend and acts like he could care less about her. Turning her life upside down. In the end, will she win Sam's heart? Or will she just move on keeping all of her feelings bottled up inside?


2. Bad News

Hey guys ! Like I promised, I have set up an email where you can message me about the story, or just to say hi. If you want it's and I will be always checking it so don't be afraid to mail me! I love to chat. Anyways, I was thinking about doing a contest soon, so keep your eyes open for that, but please let your friends know about this story since I want the contest to go well!



Sam's P.O.V


Today was going to be the day, or so I told myself. "Come on Sam! Don't be a wimp" I didn't know if I could do it, I mean it would break her heart. But I was happy and that was the only thing that mattered right? I knew that she liked me, well Jake told me. More then once. And I knew she wanted to be with me, deep down, I wanted all the same things she did. But if we ever broke up, I didn't want our friendship to be ruined and that was the only reason why I wouldn't go out with her.


Before going over to her house I picked up flowers, and sat in my car for a bit. This was stupid, so what? She liked me, it was clear I didn't want to be in a relationship and she had to get over that. I only didn't want to seem like a jerk, especially since her mother had just passed away a few months ago. I wanted to text Jake, but he wouldn't be back for another few days, maybe I should have just waited to tell her. But at this time it was too late, I had already texted her letting her know I would be over soon.


After some thinking, I decided that I needed to do the proper thing and let her know. So I slowly made my way over to her house and then knocked on the door a few times, letting them know it was me before opening the door. "Mac! It's me" I smiled and then walked into the kitchen where I saw her eating at the table, her father wasn't around.


"Hey!" She got up quickly and then gave me a hug. I presented her with the flowers and then smiled once again "Hey, look there is something I would really like to tell you. But before, I think you should sit down for this" I kept on smiling, since I didn't want to let her down. I watched as she sat down and forked at her food still eating it, kinda giving me a look to keep on talking. Slowly, I started to pace around the room in front of her "Okay look, I know that you like me. And I mean you're a beautiful girl, and anyone would be lucky to have you...I'm just...not that guy" I sighed once, I think she knew I was going to say that since she didn't seem that upset. "Look Mac, I didn't mean to do this to you...But I have a new girlfriend" That's when i could see the sadness in her eyes, I had never seen her this sad ever since her mother died.


Mackenzie's P.O.V


I was really looking forward for Sam to come over, I hadn't seen him for a few weeks since we didn't go to the same school and only got to hang out on weekends. I hated when people told me that we needed to talk, I just knew that it couldn't be something good. When he started to speak, I tried to let it not get to me since I kinda knew he didn't want to be with me. The second thing he told me was what hurt me most. I dropped my fork and tried to stop the tears for forming in my eyes "Wait? What do you mean you have a girlfriend?" I wanted to say more about how I wanted to be with him, but it was clear he didn't feel the same.


I got up and walked over to the couch, sitting down and Sam followed me. But at the moment in time I could care less about him and his stupid girlfriend. I shook my head in shock, as I heard him calling out my name "Mac...Mac...Mac...please say something". No words were coming out from my mouth, why would he do this to me? Was all I could think about, sure he had every right to go around and date...and he knew I had feelings for him so why wouldn't take that into consideration. "Where did you meet her?" I finally looked up and flashed a small smile. I still had to show him I cared.

I sat there for the next half hour or so, listening to him talking about how perfect this girl was. She was everything he could ever ask for in a girl. Deep down, I was happy, but this girl seemed to be 'too perfect' and I couldn't take it anymore, I looked at my phone and pretended like I got a text from someone "Oh...I have to go do a few errands my dad wants me to do. Uhm...I'll see you later okay?" I sighed once again as he offered to come with me "No...It's fine but uhm I'll call you later?" He let me know he was going to be with his girlfriend and then hugged me once before leaving.


As soon as he left, I tossed out the flowers he got me and started to cry. I took my phone and called our friend Jake who was on vacation, but said I could call him if I needed anything. "Hey..." I heard a voice come on the other line, it made me smile since I missed his voice. I sat down with another smile "When do you come back Jake...?"


Sorry I had to end it on a weird note, I was in a hurry

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